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Q:  What is the easiest way to start coaching?  How can I turn my passion for my niche into a profitable business….without having to spend a ton of money, buy a whole bunch of nonsense or learn a whole hodge podge of new tips, tricks and techniques?  Am I better off trying to begin with a blog….or are there alternative launch strategies which work better?

One of the most common questions and concerns that has come up since announcing “LAUNCHiT” to my list on May 1st, has been burnout.  Blog burnout.  Information overload burnout.

That terrible sense of tired that sets in when you THINK you’ve tried it all….and to no avail.  The sense that you’re super skeptical that there is anything out there at all that is going to be able to give you that gentle nudge in the direction of doing what you love.

The truth is, you CAN launch a coaching business around something you love, and you certainly don’t need LAUNCHit to do it.  (even though I obviously hope you will 🙂

The key is, if you’re stuck like chuck and overhwlemed with information……..to boil the blueprint down to super simple steps.

Chunk it down.  Take baby steps.

  • You need a traffic source.  (I’ve identified 19 of them you can use right here)
  • You need an offer.  (what kind of coaching, teaching, training or information you offer that makes people BETTER, and allows you to do what you love while helping your ideal audience improve their lives in the area you have authorioty, experirence or expertise)
  • You need a list.  ( a community of people who are paying attention….and who resonate with YOU, your marketing…and your message)

That’s really it.

If you have those 3 things, which can be created in a short weekend, you have everything you need to succeed.

Identify your traffic source.

Don’t learn all of them.  Pick a few you’re good at….will enjoy, and just dive in and do it.

Use that traffic source to grow your community.  (by joining your email list)

And then follow up fearlessly with ideas, information, offers & opportunities.

I know it sounds too simple.

But that’s because it truly is.


And then conversion.   (the natural process by which folks who like you, and need what you’re saying or selling, say YES 🙂

That’s all you need.

It can be done largely for free.

If it scares you…..

Pick 2 or 3 traffic sources from the list above that speak to your skills and strengths and just dive in and do it.

Focus on the MATH…and NOT the marketing.

As a coach – let’s say you have a $300 a month phone/skype or one on one consulting offer in the area that you have expertise.

It could be diet, it could be dating, it could be credit, clairvoyance or cooking.

It really matters not.

Your only challenge is traffifc.

You need people to KNOW about what it is that you have to offer though, right?

People who either share your passion but don’t have your expertise…..or have a problem and don’t have your experience to fix it.

Let’s say you start an article marketing campaign that takes drives 100 people directly to your newsletter page everyday……

It takes you 2 hours and change every day to do.

And 1  out of every 4 of those people sign up for your newsletter…….

You are adding 25 people a day to your list.

And if one out of every 25 people (4%) of those people sign UP for what you’re selling, you have a business in a box that’s ready to scale.

It’s really quite simple.

Don’t overcomplicate it.

I still write articles every month.  And they still drive traffic to THIS blog, who sign up for my list,  each and every day.   It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at this for months, years or decades….or just starting today.

The same simple rules….still rule..:-)

Check out LAUNCHiT here to see how we can help you make maximum momentum in minimum time…..OR, as we continue to push this forward, simply ask me anything about YOUR specific situation, and I’m happy to see if i can help.  (whether or not you think you’re a good fit for what we’ve got 🙂


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