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What is the easiest way to get new clients, customers, readers, subscribers, sales or just about any “action” that is associated with attracting an engaged audience?

Having a pretty clear view of who that ideal audience is……before you go after them.

I’m guilty of this all the time…..as I described in trying to position PASSION as book for personal development junkies…..rather than promoting it to people trying to make momentum with their marketing.

(in other words……even though I knew in my bones I was only loosely describing a process of my own personal transformation through PASSION, rather than describing a series of steps for selling stuff online, I fooled myself into thinking there was enough of a “spiritual story” embedded in those  pixels that I’d find a good cross over audience.

Sort of like when Garth Brooks did that Rap album with P. Diddy. 

It didn’t work.  No one paid attention.

And now he’s stuck with a “thuglife” tattoo on his sternum forever.

If you’ve read anything I’ve written over the last few years about the ideal sequence of steps for launching a new blog or brand from scratch, you already a are pretty familiar with the idea of the 6 “C’s”:

  1. You start with content.
  2. You infuse that content with CHARACTER or a public persona that allows you to engage your audience.  (be it your own natural voice……or a bit of a contrived character that gives you CONFIDENCE……& helps you step up and stand out in the shallow sea of sameness where everywhere else swims)
  3. You use  both your content….and your character, to create a COMMUNITY of fans, friends and followers who will help you build your blog, spread your mission and message and help evangelize for your brand.
  4. Your conversation is the series of follow up messages and the tone and tempo of your communication with your community.
  5. Your CURRICULUM is what you teach, preach and use to monetize your market.  ( a product, a service, a membership site, a series of branded books, etc)
  6. And of course, you need a CONVERSION process to make all of the above work in way that “converts” a small percentage of your community into clients…and cash flow.  (depending on the size of your niche or community and offer….a 3 or 5% conversion can be ALL you need to have an incredibly profitable business doing something you truly love, and in many markets, you can do amazingly well on far less)

If you do NOTHING else – DO know who your ideal audience is. 

Your ideal client or customer.  What do they look like?  What sort of stuff do they buy?  What do they love, where do they “live” and what inspires them to connect, share, and engage?

If you are serious about success……you don’t need to be a data crunching psycographic expert to understand the passion…and the pulse of your profession.

You don’t need to dive deeply into demographics, or understand the “heircarchy of needs” according to Abraham Maslow” to succeed.  (I can’t even spell heirarchy, and that’s one of the shortest words he used)

But you DO need to have a composite character that you know needs what you know.

Here is a pretty good article below on how to create that character…..not YOURS – but instead, the character who you should picture whenever you put what  you love out into the world with the objective of being paid to do it.

Because it’s great to share your passion for free….but in the real world, you serve only a fraction of what you COULD contribute, if you’ve got to do something else for 50 hours a week to pay the bills.

Well worth reading – some good ideas on identifying YOUR audience – especially if you aren’t exactly who they are right now – you can read the whole thing following the short excerpt below. 🙂

# What are their demographics? Specifically, where do they live, what sex are they, how much education do they have, what is their income level, how many people are in their household and what are their needs?# What is their lifestyle? This talks to their income level and how they think about spending their money. Do they buy high priced products for show or are they conservative in their spending such as keeping cars until they no longer function?# What are their interests? What do they like to do in their free time? Are they religious? Do they have special hobbies like birds? Do they like to travel? If so, how and where? Do they participate in sports or follow it on various media outlets?# Who influences their product choices? Are they the primary purchaser for a household? Are they the mother who does most of the shopping? Who do they consult about purchases? influencers can included their spouse or partner, children, parents, friends and other people or groups? Don’t overlook social media influences!# What are their personal goals? Here’s where Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is worth considering and how it applies to your target audience. There are five tiers: self-actualization, esteem, social, safety and physiological.

How to Create Marketing Personas | Heidi Cohen

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