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Do you find yourself struggling to come up with the perfect price point to give away your coaching, or sell services that you KNOW in your bones are more valuable than your current community is willing to pay?

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(and start working on attracting an ideal audience who can afford what you are truly worth..;-)

If you are NOT on my email list, here is something I just sent out a few moments ago that I thought would be worth sharing on my blog as well.

If you embrace the idea of urgency and the importance of what you truly value – and apply spirit of creativity in coming up with ways to be compensated by your contribution – not only will your clients win – but you’ll win as well.

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Hey 🙂

Hope everything is well!

I wanted to share a few quick thoughts that I hope you find helpful, maybe a little inspirational if I’m lucky…….and 1 simple “trick” or technique that you can use to quickly earn amazing money as a coach, consultant, teacher or trainer….even by giving your services away.

One of the really common fears that people seem to have online – especially when it comes to teaching or training others in something they LOVE to do and do well – is the assigning of a monetary value to what they have to offer.

In other words – charging people for what you really feel called to do.

In my own business, years ago now –  when I first started “coaching” people in the entrepreneurial niche, even after having a lot of success in the “offline” direct response business as far back as my early 20’s ….I still was still nervous.

I was confident I could crush it as a coach – but yet, still apprehensive about the unknown.

The unknown was…….

I had a growing number of regular readers every day and people really seemed to resonate with my message – 

Yet –

I didn’t know how to properly quantify what I did in a way that would make other people want to pay for it.

So other than a few half hearted, insomnia fueled late night bursts of ideas and inspiration that invariably flamed out fast……

I did nothing with my “craving for contribution” for quite a long while.

I didn’t know how to be affordable enough to be accessible to a general audience, and yet still competitive enough to honor and acknowledge the value I was determined to deliver.

As a result, I wasted a few years swimming in that no mans land between 2 options that were equally unappealing.

(one to my potential clients – and the other to me 🙂

One day, after growing sufficiently bored of making my living selling affiliate products yet again…….I decided to try something a bit different.

Nothing incredibly deep, or insightful or even all that original.

I created a 7 question survey.

I took 30 minutes, wrote a simple sequence of questions and stuck them in a survey, wrote  an email that looked a lot like this one, and asked my subscribers what “must have” tools they planned on buying in the next 90 days, to fuel their business.

 Not guru’s or gadgets or gimmicks that were destined to disappoint.

But rather the REAL products and services that are part and parcel of every online based business.

Some people said hosting.

Others said a certain type of keyword tool, or an autoresponder like Aweber,  or other similar software programs that were popular at the time.

Next, I simply applied to be an affiliate for the most popular programs in that list.

 (some of which I already was and some of which, especially the hosting and continuity based offers, had commission structures over the course of a year that paid MORE than I would have charged for a coaching consultation on my own)

 Then – 

I simply segmented everyone in the list based on their responses….and mailed them a FREE offer that was too good to refuse 🙂

 Basically, I just built a bridge between MY offer, and what they previously told me they needed to buy to thrive.

 These were the things they identified in their own words – in advance – as “must have’s to survive and thrive online”

I simply offered to trade 45 minutes to a few hours of my time – for stocking their shopping cart in my affiliate basket.

 (which I provided in a clean and neat marketing menu and proactively prepared PDF 🙂

I get paid while working for free.

My clients patronize products and programs they empirically need to succeed.

My clients get 100% free coaching – and a new paradigm, or perspective, or point of view that hopefully adds a lot of value to their lives.

Everyone is happy.

The truth is, while super duper simple – this basic idea radically re-invented my coaching business in 2 major ways:

1 – It exponentially expanded my personal exposure to my ideal audience.

And it allowed me to give away complimentary coaching to people who would have never paid for it on a cost basis objection alone.

And ultimately, it has blessed me with the opportunity to create many long lasting relationships with subscribers who took me up on those offers years ago – are still on my list…..and still reading emails like this one right now – 4, 5 and even 6 years after the fact.

(several of which have grown into real friendships as well)

2 – More importantly, it inspired my imagination to come up with creative ways for my CLIENTS to provide similar types of services and find analagous offers in THEIR markets, so that they could overcome the same challenges.

I don’t care how green you are, how unprepared you may feel, or how far away you are from diving in and DOING it…….

If you truly feel a sense of passion and purpose and really want to wake up the world with your work…..

 the time is always NOW.

Next month, next year or your next birthday is one next too late.

Be resourceful.

You can literally jump into the fire…..green and raw – with nothing but hope and a deep desire to help to guide you.

Give it away for free.

Find out what people who love the same things you do – or who want to excel in an area that you have expertise – or have a problem you’ve already overcome on your own – find out what they know they need – what they’re buying right now – what’s on THEIR list of “must have to survive and thrive” and give them the opportunity to get it from you.

 (and in exchange – give them them back your BEST and most passionate advocacy for leap frogging the learning curve and high stepping the challenges that are holding them back)

Not only will these people often become your friends – and your best clients – quite often, they’ll be the first to share the love about YOU.

Several of my recent LAUNCHiT! subscribers are using this strategy to make powerful progress in the direction of their dreams.


One of my favorites is a woman who began using this approach a few months ago in her spiritual life coaching  practice.


She leverages an affiliate offer that pays her $100 + per sign up up – on a well known and reputable service that charges HER clients and customers a fraction of that amount of “trying” them first.

Everybody wins. 

Her clients LOVE it.  (they get an hour of HER spiritual counseling for  free, a low cost spiritual counseling session from one her partners for a deeply discounted rate, and she gets a minimum of $100 to do what she loves for a living for each new person she speaks with.


Others are using the same approach, in other markets with equal amounts of excitement and enthusiasm.

When there is a WILL, there is a way.

The truth is, the world is in such sad shape……we NEED people of passion and purpose and those willing to step up and stand out and go out on a limb, and take the chance to do something remarkable.

I spent hours and hours this week on the phone with LAUNCHiT subscribers – some individually, others in small groups – some of whom I’ve known for a long while….others I’ve just “met” these last few weeks.

But to a person……

It amazes me how people who truly believe in something BIG – and have an idea, or an inspiration, or an illumination that they TRULY believe can change the lives of others for the better…when properly channeled – how electric that energy and excitement can be, and how transformed those of us who hear that enthusiasm become.

 If you feel like you would benefit from LAUNCHiT, I’d love to hear about it.

Let me know how I can help you – what your goals are – what you’d like to accomplish – and where you’d like to be in 30 days – and if I am able, I’ll go out of my way to make it happen.

(we also have a LAUNCHiT lite that will be announced this weekend on my blog….a half priced, hyper condensed, 14 day process that is perfect for aspiring authors who want to write their first book THIS month, or folks who want to have their first coaching product or program completed and for sale by Memorial Day)

If you want the drop and details – simply reply to this email and I’ll fill you in before it’s publicly available to all.

  Most of all,- whether the above applies to you or not, I challenge you to embrace the idea of urgency with everything you love.

I’m constantly reminded how precious time is, and how when it comes to dancing in the direction of your dreams – RIGHT NOW is really the only moment that matters.


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