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Free Blog Marketing Advice You Won’t Find on Kindle

Free Blog Marketing Advice You Won’t Find on Kindle


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I wonder if people find it creepy that I often reply to comments left by spambots?  

My philosophy is, as long as they say something sort of nice, which they usually do – AND they get through the spam filter, they deserve to be recognized.

Plus, let’s be honest – no one who reads this blog comments anymore, so in a sense, you could argue the comment spam is welcome.

In other words – if I look like a wackadoo – and you are one of the 607 people who visited this blog today without leaving a comment, it may be your fault.

2 Comments on "Free Blog Marketing Advice You Won’t Find on Kindle"

  • Gday! My name is Myles and I personally just desired to say your site
    is great! It’s hilarious because I use to have a blog site that practically had an identical web address: mine was only a few characters different. Nonetheless, I am a big supporter of your website and if you ever would like a guest write-up make sure you email me personally at: I absolutely love writing!

    • ian says

      Thank you Myles, you are a spam bot rock star – and I appreciate you coming by and sharing the love. I love the Gday! thing too! Did you ever see the show with the Australian guy who was like a crocodile hunter or something who was really famous like 20 years or so? I think his name was crocodile dundee and he always wore a cowboy hat, even in hot weather and in downtown los angeles in august which was strange….but still pretty cool. I think he ended up with some really big tax problems, or maybe a DUI or something – I forget, but I remember his run ended badly, and in cuffs. Totally non violent crime though, which in my book, doesn’t really count. Anyway – He said Gday! all the time too, and it always made me giggle. I’m not even really sure why – I mean, ever culture has it’s own way of saying hello – did you know in Israel they say Shalom for both hello AND goodbye? It’s very confusing, especially if you aren’t sure whether or not people want you around, which is something I struggle with a lot – e.g. – am I welcome, or am I intruding, etc. Anyway – thanks for coming by – I appreciate it – and look forward to spending a lot of time emailing you at the address you left above. God bless – and keep up the good work.

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