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Everyone I know has a LOVE/HATE relationship with writing articles.

On one hand – they are free, and are a foolproof way of generating new traffic to just about any style of offer under the sun.

On the other hand – who wants to spend their day creating content when Psychic Kids marathons are on? ย  ย Not me, that’s for sure.

The good news?

Article marketing is still one of the best ways to promote a new product or service in 2013 – and if you are trying to LAUNCH something new, probably the best ROI you are going to get on 100% free traffic as well.

It’s funny because……while answering questions over the last few days about LAUNCHiT, and some of the various ways to drive traffic to a new project that uses this approach (of which there are 19 here), I get 2 very different types of questions about article marketing, and creating content for traffic overall.

  1. Can I write articles to promote my LAUNCHiT product, promotion or project?
  2. ย Do I HAVE to write articles to promote my LAUNCHiT product, promotion or project?

Half see it as an EASY way to get an avalanche of new eyeballs in front of their site, service or offer.

The OTHER half see it as an obligation, and an obstacle to getting new readers, subscribers and sales.

From my vantage point, the key is to find a few simple traffic strategies you like, that are specific to your own skills and strengths and simply exploit them to your full advantage.

If you hate writing articles – DON’T do it. ย (although you have to have some sort of content marketing strategy to succeed in most online enterprises – it’s certainly something you can outsource if need be)

For those of you who LOVE content creation like I do – here are 2 very simple rules that I pay particular attention to in my own.

article marketing traffic1 – Focus on the RIGHT marketing metrics.

While getting tons and tons of new readers is great for your EGO, when it comes to article marketing, the only metric that matters are the clicks that emanate from your content. ย (e.g. – the people who actually LEAVE the article directory and visit your site or service via the resource box links you are allotted)_

I’d rather have an article read by 50 people that generated 25 visitors to my offer – than 500 that resulted in 10. ย (and both scenarios WILL happen)

2 – Always optimize, improve, tweak and critique your resource box.

good article marketing click through rates

My goal is always, 20% or better…especially in a large niche.

You can constantly make small improvements in your resource box text that yield MAJOR improvements in the amount of visitors your content creates.

The difference between a 10% CTR and a 20% CTR on a large campaign of 100K readers or more…..can be the difference between quitting your day job and doing what you LOVE for a living….and struggling for scraps while working for a guy with a bad toupee and a passion for polyester.

(like my first boss at Payless Shoes who sabotaged every mall job I applied to for 2 years after I tried to make a upwardly mobile move to Thom Mcann)

Not cool, Mr Shero. ย And not forgotten.

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