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Leadership & The Butterfly Effect


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This is a really great, short TED talk on the power of leadership….and how seemingly small actions can have such huge ramifications on the lives of others.

It’s so easy to get sucked into the trap that we need to do huge things to make a difference.

Go big or go home.

Massive action for maximum momentum.

Maybe that’s not 100% true.

Maybe leadership is simply a way of being in the world

Instead, maybe simple things we can each do everyday, often that require very little effort or expense, can have some of the biggest benefits.

 In my own life, I’m often amazed at how it’s the small things that change my day, or brighten my mood, or energize my enthusiasm to do this, that or the other….a simple smile from a stranger, or a short conversation with someone on the street, or even an unexpected exchange with someone you’d ordinarily overlook.

Well worth watching for 7 minutes of inspiration.


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