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How to Increase Email Conversion Rates

Q:  What is the easiest way to increase email conversion rates?  Are there any super duper success secrets that are guaranteed to amp UP my conversion percentages….and if YES, what are they?


The truth is, in my own experience the absolute BEST way to increase email conversion rates is frequency.

More is better. 

And less is always less.

The funny thing is, when I do little “hold my breathe”, try not to blush and just hit send experiments with new subscribers on my own content marketing  campaigns, it’s always how aggressive, occasionally over the top….and how frequent the messages come that first week, that determines TWO important things.

1 – How many people respond FAVORABLY to the offers in the emailsby actually doing what we’re asking them to.

(e.g. – sign up for something, participate in a program or otherwise engage in an action that makes everyone happy behind the scenes)


2 – How many people unsubscribe super early on in the sequence.  (ocassionally leaving insults on their way out, which always hurts my feelings 🙂

But, framed differently….that’s a GOOD thing, right?

If you have tons of passion and purpose and feel like you have true expertise to offer, and really CAN deliver life changing results to your clients or community, why wait for a few weeks to really state your case?

I mean, life is short, right?

If you can say in 3 days what your competition will say in 3 weeks…..why not say it sooner rather than later, and more often rather than less?

I don’t know.

For better or for worse – human beings respond better to strong than soft. 

And NOW rather than Later.

( a great fruity candy by the way that also follows the more is better than less theory of how much is too much)

It’s like dating – something I’m really, really bad at because I have intimacy issues, love Montel Williams and wake up late, three things I’ve found most women don’t like.

If you are REALLY serious about meeting someone and feel a sense of urgency about moving forward……..

  1. Would you rather have someone express interest over days, weeks or months before you agree to go on a date?
  2. Or, would you rather someone overwhelm you with interest, inspire you, excite you and entertain you from that very first moment you meet?

So if you are struggling to find that perfect balance of how to improve your email conversion percentages….and turn more subscribers into sales, and more of your community into clients, I urge you to disregard all of the guru goofiness out there and just try saying more.

And saying it faster.

And see what happens.

Agree?  Disagree?  For a different perspective – check out some of the other resources below on email conversion rates.

(but if you want to make more money, use my advice above instead 🙂

Email marketing is not art and science like many claim, it’s math, art, and psychology. Creating and maintaining a successful email marketing campaign is more important today than ever before. In fact, 74% of online adults say email is their preferred method of commercial communication according to Digital Inbox. To increase email conversion rates one has to combine elements of:Email Conversion * ART – creates the perfect design, pleasing to the eye and easy to convert * MATH – Measure results, A|B test, optimize * PSYCHOLOGY – Relevant content, educational, pleasingHere are 4 Tips to Increase Email Conversion Rates that you can easily apply to your email marketing efforts:1. Time it CorrectlyTiming is one of the most important variables in email optimization, but one that is “frequently” forgotten. When should I send the email 2 or 5 days after sign up, 30 or 45 days after a purchase? How often should the emails be sent to each individual? The answers to these questions can only be answered with trial and error. Although there might be some benchmarks circulating around the Internet, I believe their specific to each business and customer.

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  • ian says

    Interesting fact of the day: I submitted the above blog post to Ezine Articles about an hour ago and it was rejected.


    Because apparently “Montel Williams” is on their list of prohibited phrases.

    Who knew? Maybe it’s all those payday loan commercials he does? Or the QVC stuff.

    Maybe it’s because he threatened to blow up some lady in a parking lot a few years ago.

    No matter to me – Montel, I still love you and have the T shirt to prove it.

    Anyway – for the article, I had to change it to Judge Joe Brown, another show I really like as well.

    But not as much as Montel.

    So for you Ezine Articles readers who may serendipitously stop by after reading the above there….and end up here, Montel was my first choice.

    Thanks for reading. And keep up the good work. And get out of the house more. Something tells me you need some fresh air.

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