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What is the easiest way to curate content like a pro?  What purpose does it serve?  And why would I want to curate content in the first place…….isn’t it better to write original stuff of my own?

The truth is, I really believe that content curation CAN be one of the easiest and most effortless ways to create an authority site, from scratch…without really needing to do a ton of writing, or even have much more expertise in a niche than an overarching interest or unique point of view.

As I’ve written about before…..even a simple VIDEO blog, where you simply go out and find the most interesting multi-media in a given niche and simply cull and collect them in one place can be a great and entertaining way to “curate content” in a given niche, without needing to do anything unique or all that creative of your own.

(years ago…I remember when I first started publishing online, there was a super cool service called “Splashcast” which used to allow you to create channels around any set of keywords you wanted, and it would go “fetch” the videos for you, and you could embed them on your blog or website, and automatically update)

I had a client at the time, a charity that was located just outside of Philadelphia, where I was living at the time….set up a TV style site around one of the themes of their fundraisers,  (a unique type of go cart race for kids) that built an entire user engagement platform out of that idea, and embedding those videos…that literally took us a weekend to launch)

Or you can simply use a template like THIS one, that allows you not only to create a full style site, it allows users to submit their favorites as well, and is 100% BUDDYPRESS compatable to boot.

Of course you can curate text based content equally as easily…and do many of the same things, with super duper ease.  One of the things I’m working on next for the AMAZON marketplace, is a totally curated book on user experiences in a “spiritual” and meditative niche that I have some interest.  (basically just getting permission to curate my favorite stores and submissions on an existing site…and publishing them in the book)

An example of this idea in action are the 6 Word Memoirs series of books – I actually went to High School with the guy who launched these (and our sisters remain close friends) – the entire idea – and collection is based on what is really “curated content” at heart.


Tumblr…as we’ve covered on here many times in the past, is a great example of not only how content curation can be a great way to build a brand around a blog, it’s also the easiest and entertaining way to curate content as well.

You can really CURATE anything that you have interest in….and provide a great user experience for your audience – and don’t need to write a ton – or even be a complete expert in the area to have the absolute BEST blog or site in your niche.  After all……a real authority site is often just a launching off point – or a starting place, where people of passion come together to check out what’s happening in a niche, topic, market or industry, and whether they are reading that content on YOUR site – or simply using your site as central hub to find other stories to visit…really matter not, at all.

Check out the short article I wrote earlier today for more on content curation….or better yet, simply go out and start your own!

In the purest sense of the word, this IS what an authority site really is. A portal for people of passion to start to to explore ideas related to a new niche… and to count on YOU to filter the content that is really worth reading for them. (And you’ll accrues the benefits of a loyal and committed community of readers who will come STRAIGHT to you when they want to explore the niche and see what’s new or happening now).I’ll go one quick step further… as there are AMAZING ways to curate content for fun and profit that go way beyond what we’ve just covered. But consider THIS as well.Some of the best selling books on Amazon right now, especially in the motivational and entrepreneurial spaces… are purely curated content.The beauty of this idea is, it’s often the authors OWN content that is curated!For example -Taking the top 20 blog posts over the course of a few years, cleaning them up a bit and turning them into a book. That’s content curation… pure and simple.OR, taking the best reader comments or questions, submissions, or surveys done over a few years… and turning them into an ebook. Tumblr bloggers have perfected this art, with some Tumblr communities, turning simple niche blogs into best selling books and even a few independent movies… some of them, 100% “crowd” contributed content as well.

Finally: The EASIEST Way to Curate Content for Online Business Owners Who Hate to Write

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