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Every “success seminar” needs a Christopher Reeve.

Unfortunately (or fortunately I guess) there aren’t all that many amongst us who are broken open in such a radically new way.

I love the idea that we all know this simple truth deep down – some of us deeper down than others – but reminded of it, it’s available to all without pomp or pretense – built into our bones and yet too often discounted until it’s too late to appreciate.

Schlosser recounted that, in the midst of what had been a non-stop celebration of wealth-related success, Reeve hushed the crowd with some thoughtful words:“I’ve had to leave the physical world. By the time I was twenty-four, I was making millions,” he continued. “I was pretty pleased with myself …. I was selfish and neglected my family….. Since my accident, I’ve been realizing …. that success means something quite different.”

Members of the audience started to weep. “I see people who achieve these conventional goals,” he said in a mild, even tone. “None of it matters.”Schlosser described the atmosphere in the arena following the former film-star’s speech. “His words cut through all the snake oil of the last few hours, calmly and with great precision. Everybody in the arena, no matter how greedy or eager for promotion, all eighteen thousand of them, know deep down in their hearts that what Reeve has just said is true – too true.”

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