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Dear Jennifer Cook

Dear Jenifer (A.K.A. – J. Cook)

Thank you so much for your insightful and entertaining review of “Bar Code Booty”, an Amazon book I serendipitously stumbled by tonight, while browsing for a quick entrepreneurial read.

Thanks in part to you, and my skittishness about downloading anything that has the word “Booty” in the title after the Best Buy Geek Squad guys yelled into the waiting lounge to ask if they could burn a copy of “Big Booty in the Hoodie” while fixing my macbook, and I had to blame it on my Dad who was napping next to me – I decided to pass and stick with re-reading an old favorite by one of my favorite entrepreneurial authors, Mr. Seth Godin.

But, J Cook – I did want to thank you for making me laugh, and reminding us all that we’re all in this kettle pot cooker together.

Humanity, Jennifer, as you probably know…… is like this large glistening diamond – full of magic and mystery and a beauty to behold, even if symmetry and perfection is never within her scope, it doesn’t dampen the diamonds ability to shine and show off her sheen.

I’m going to tell you the truth Jenifer – often, when I read angry or upsetting or insulting opinions on blogs, not even MY blogs……it makes me sad.

After all, it’s so much easier to critisize, than it is to create…….. and I feel cut for the creator, even when I shed no blood, or tears to make what’s being mocked.

But tonight, with your help….I believe I am finally ready to rise above.

After all, as the Buddha once said, critical blog comments can you make you laugh….or make you cry.

I have chosen, tonight, with your help – to find it all funny once again.

Thank you for that gift, J Cook.

I will use it well.

(PS – I’m sure the book deserved 1 star anyway.ย  Keep up the good work)

2 Comments on "Dear Jennifer Cook"

  • ian says

    It’s actually like the stages of grief for me. First is anger. Then denial. Then bargaining. Then acceptance. And then a blog post. Which makes me feel better. Although if I had actually written bar code booty and got the 1 star review from the non reading reviewer – I’d be stuck on “getting even.” (which is stage 1a)


  • Ethel Murmansk says

    I literally couldn’t stop laughing on this one. All by myself. Is it like this in your brain all the time?

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