Here are a few of the follow up questions I’ve gotten since publishing the article marking ebook on Amazon – some of this stuff I covered a bit in the book.….and some I didn’t think of while writing, so here are some answers to a few of the questions that inquiring minds want to know.

Q:  What is the best writing tool?

Personally, I use IAWRITER for MAC….It cost 5 bucks – helps me stay hyper focused, it’s very stripped down and lean……looks great aesthetically, and actually makes the process of pounding on the keyboard and creating content enjoyable and fun.  There are a few similar programs that are free….and a few that cost 20 or 30 bucks, I personally prefer IAWRITER because it makes me WANT to write.  (which often ain’t an easy emotion to find..:-)

What are the best niches?

While I did cover this quite a bit in the book, the truth is, this is a hard question to answer for me…simply because I truly believe you should focus on what you LOVE, over and above everything else.

So an obscure niche that you have a lot of passion and a sense of purpose, is a much better investment of your energy and enthusiasm, than some random BIG traffic niche that’s going to make you some money….But bore you to tears in a month.

If you are looking at creating content as a mercenary marketing exercise (rather than a meaningful one) I always recommend going after the biggest, evergreen niches in which you have some experience or expertise……or can learn a bit about before you begin.

(diet/dating/divorce are usually the sort of example niches I use to illustrate this — they are always topical — always have a huge audience with a lot of interest — and there are always great affiliate programs to promote)

Remember, ….The key is, make it about the MATH as much as the marketing.

Once you have a little bit of a control sample to study, you can quickly and easily scale UP your strategy, based on your results.

For example – if you pick an affiliate offer with an EPC of $100 – & you write 10 articles over the course of a work week – and those articles generated 100 visitors – and you are using a root level re-direction to forward those visitors directly to the affiliate offer…you SHOULD, all things being equal, make about $100. (as an EPC of 100 means that for every 100 visitors the average affiliate refers, the program expects to payout $100)

Of course occasionally  article traffic can be a bit less than average quality (sometimes due to the geographical considerations of the clicks not “counting”) etc….but, mas o menos, you should find yourself somewhere in that neighborhood when it comes to earnings.  (and if you pick your program properly, that can be a GREAT secret advantage to making this model work, as well)

Make sense?

Of course this is only my experience – your mileage may vary – and you really need to dive in and DO it to see how your content campaigns convert.

Feel free to ask questions using the contact form above should you have them……and if you haven’t checked out “How to Write Articles that Convert like CRAZY” on Amazon, it’s going to be free again (for 24 hours) on Monday, February 4th!