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A great little primer on why using Tumblr for brand, blog and business building works so wonderfully well.

The very first Tumblr theme I purchased way back when was from these guys at BusinessBullpen….and it’s great to see how they have grown into one of elite web development/design agencies over the last few years by practicing what they preach.

So why is Tumblr so ideally suited for coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, marketers, mentors, online enterpreneurs and PASSION professionals?

For one, because it’s FUN.ย 

And if you’re having fun while buidling your blog….you are far more likely to be consistent (and persistent) when the idea (and enthusiasm) bank runs dry.

(both of which eventually will….even if you drink far too much coffee like me)

More importantly, as you’ll hear if you listen closely to the short 2 minute video above…….

Tumblr is all about COMMUNITY.

And content curation.ย  And contribution.

And diving in and immersing yourself in the universe that you really want to work within.

And opening up a wide (and wild) window into the community of people who share your PASSION for an idea or an industry….and are looking to be inspired, entertained, informed or enlightened in an area that you have authority or expertise.ย  (or evenย  just a lot of interest)

It’s a great way of developing collaborative relationships, too.ย  (as you’ll also hear about in the short talk above)

The truth is, if you are a coach for example….and you are blogging your brains out and NOT achieving much of an audience despite your best efforts, a Tumblr blog is a GREAT antidote that you really ought to try.

And from a content creation standpoint…..there is literally NO excuse not to be able to create copious amounts of creative content on a daily basis using Tumblr to build your blog and brand.


Again, because CURATION is the key on Tumblr, and even if you do nothing OTHER than find other cool and creative and prolific content creators to follow, clipping, snipping, culling, collecting and RE-PURPOSING their content is not only expected, it’s appreciated, and ackowledged, in a very viral way, through the unique way Tumblrย  “links” it’s content creators, curators and overall community as a whole.

(and is a core piece of the social eco-system that is built into the framework as well)

Copying and pasting quotes, for example……something you could NEVER do on a traditional business blog and hope to gain real readers is something that works AMAZINGLY well on Tumblr.

So too does being yourself….and sharing your flare, and not being worried about being stuffy, or serious, or being so buttoned up, a problem you’ll find in just about every conventional business blog in the real world.ย  (Tumblr is really NOT the real world – which living in the very wild, weird, wacky and wonderful of Key West for the last few years, I can identify with and appreciate ๐Ÿ™‚

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