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how to write articles that make money

What is the easiest way to improve the click through rate on content marketing campaigns?  What is the fastest way to quickly and easily improve the conversion on the content you are already creating?  Can it be tested easily……or do you need a PHD in internet marketing to demonstrate results that are easy to implement and scale? 

The truth is, at least in my own experience…..and while I hate all of the “content is king” cliches and trite truisms that all the mindless marketing minds regurgitate ad nauseum, if you are truly trying to start 2013 right, and are a bootstrap budget to boot, there is NO better way to stop fighting with FOG…and start getting crystal clear on where you want to go this year,  than creating a new content marketing campaign to promote your site, service, blog, brand or business.  (and that may have been the longest run on sentence I’ve ever written….which for me, is saying something special..:-)

I know I’ve covered this stuff pretty extensively in the past few months, but if you set it up right and truly think of your content creation process as a community building exercise……(e.g. – create content to build your community) and then use conversational email follow up to develop and deepen relationships with those that have just been introduced to you via that very content….I truly can’t think of a BETTER way, with a STRONGER ROI, right now…in January of 2013, than building your business using this sequence of steps.

As a matter of fact…….

The whole process of Content + Character + Community + Conversation + Curriculum + Conversion = CASH is easy to launch from scratch, is relatively inexpensive to launch (and can actually be done for free) , and the best part is, if you are curious but NOT convinced…..you can try and apply for yourself and get personal proof that it works before making any huge commitment to any ethereal ideas that sound too good to be true.

I want to share something with you that works wonderfully well…..and is a great way of improving just about any kind of content you are currently creating – be it a blog post, a syndicated article, an email follow up, an ad, or any other creative campaign that relies on “opens” or an engaged audience to work.

Last week (actually a few days before Christmas, so about 10 days ago) we did a little test with a client who is a coach and consultant, and author….who is launching a new Amazon ebook in the dating and relationship niche this month.

We decided to start testing some article marketing for list building purposes…something she has only done a very little bit of thus far, in her online entrepreneurial career.

We wanted to test 2 things.

  1. Whether this approach could still work in her niche in 2012/2013 (of course, I certainly knew it would…..but she was skeptical, based on what her current “marketing mastermind community” teaches
  2. Whether or not creating CONFRONTATIONAL, contrarian, comic and eye opening sorts of curiosity driven content would convert better than more straightforward “I’m a teacher/expert/professional” informative articles would.  (I was pretty sure I knew the answer to this one too, but my therapist keeps telling me that no one likes a know it all, which is why I spend most weekend nights drinking by myself and watching Law and Order re-runs)

We basically created 4 articles and divided them into two sets of 2.

They were all pretty similar in tone, tempo and the information they imparted.

The BIG difference was quite simply………the tone of the titles.

The first group was short and sweet and basically told folks what they were about to learn.  Not sexy.  No big promise.  No big curiosity to compel or cajole the click.

The second 2 were BIG, bold, long and verbose…..(and used the maxium amount of characters EZA allows) and used both curiosity…..and SPECIFICITY to “sell” the “open”  (e.g. – 72% more of “this” and “how to do X in 30 minutes”)

The difference was the first set, which went live on the 21st per the screenshot above……got very modest interest.

The SECOND set….which went live the next day, quite literally got 10X the traffic…..and generated about 150 visitors to our landing page, and just shy of 50 subscribers as of this morning and continuing to grow)

Quite literally, if ONE person from those 50 suscribers signs up for her relationship coaching and 49 people do nothing…..she will have made about $500 for under an hours worth of work.  (not including the people who will buy the 4 dollar Amazon Ebook – and notwithstanding her current “conversion” percentage is more than 2x better than 1 out of 50 people who join her list become clients)

In fairness and for accuracy purposes……the 1 EXTRA benefit that must be mentioned is that the articles that went live on the 22nd, stayed up through Christmas Eve and Day, when EZA apparently didn’t process new submissions…meaning they got some extra exposure.

But even if that simple change leads to 2X the response rather than 10X……it’s still something good to know….no?  🙂  (and it’s always been that way for me…as long as I’ve been experimenting with this sort of stuff…..from my blog, to my articles, to social media shares, etc – specificity and curiosity are the 2 easiest ways to improve your audience and extend your influence…without having to write an extra word.

Of course, the REAL power of this is when you SCALE it across multiple submissions….and implement it whereever you “live” and publish to build your business online.

Translate improvements into NUMERICAL or statistical improvements.

And –

Be amorphous rather than obvious and you’ll inspire people’s imagination…..and curiosity to click through (or open your article) to learn more.

For a bit more….check out out the short article I wrote to describe this process a bit more at the link below, or better yet…if you’re curious but NOT convinced – try it and apply  it yourself and watch how much it HELPS!  🙂

Also – I will be publishing 2 books on Amazon this month as well……..and if you are on my list, you’ll get a notification when they’re live (they’re done, just not completely edited) – and if you aren’t on my list, please check updates on the Enlightened Entrepreneur Challenge FB page HERE!

The experiment was simple.

We created 4 new pieces of content for a new project I’m working on with a client, coach and author in a very BIG (and hyper competitive niche)The purpose of this specific content was to drive traffic to her landing page, where we could build a community, and conversation that would translate into clients and cash. (through selling more Amazon books and selling services, like coaching and consultation)

1. The articles were all roughly the same in size, tone, tempo. (about 500 words and all on the same general topic, although each covered a unique angle of her expertise)

2. 2 of the titles were very simple and under 8 words. 3. The other 2 titles were LONG, and used up all of the available characters we were allotted, AND used very specific numerical or percentage values. (i.e. – like the 200% above)Now, I want you to understand one simple thing before I continue.I’ve DONE this experiment myself many, many times… and it NEVER fails, regardless of what the “content marketing gurus” want you to believe.

Specificity SELLS. And curiosity compels.Those are the only 2 things you need to know to create copious amounts of content that converts like crazy.If you can use a SPECIFIC number in your article or blog post title, and incorporate some curiosity… your opens, and CTR (click through rate) will go through the roof.

In my own case, I once generated over 300 thousand visitors to a single page, with 100% free traffic… using nothing but curious, confrontational, and contrarian titles that compelled curiosity (and the click) when my competition was struggling for the scrap in a VERY short time.  (maybe a few months at most)

In the example last week… our 2 compelling pieces of content got opened 1000 times, and generated about 150 visitors to our landing page, (and about 50 new opt in subscribers) in about 45 minutes of work.

The EASIEST Way to Get MORE Traffic With LESS Work (This Increased My CTR by 200% Overnight)

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