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Great Ideas for Building a Community on Tumblr


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This is a pretty cool example of how celebrities are using Tumblr to create content… and contribution using the tools that Tumblr bakes into every blog.

In this case…….Tim McGraw allowing local bloggers using Tumblr to get first dibs……..and  “get the scoop” on announcing his upcoming dates in their communities, via their Tumblogs. 

A great idea for both his own brand – and of course, a big boon and a little bit of celebrity cache to the folks who are trying to build their own readership as well.

Everybody wins. 

  1. I’m a big fan of everybody winning this year.
  2. Other than Lance Armstrong.
  3. I think he’s won enough already.

Check out the idea below – and Tim’s new fresh looking blog, courtesty of the Business Bullpen, at the link below 🙂

Heads up McGraw fans! Tim has partnered with Tumblr to create a “Fanticipation” program that will allow fans, for the first time ever, to announce exclusive and important Two Lanes of Freedom 2013 Tour info for their hometown from their Tumblr pages before anyone else does. Beginning in early February, Tim will call a fan in each tour city who has been selected to participate in “Fanticipation” and personally tip them off so they can be the first to share tour info and ticket on sale dates with their friends and other McGraw fans. Tim will also be reposting these fans’ blog posts here, on his own Tumblr page and on other social media sites. And each fan selected will get 2 premium tickets to see the show in their home town!

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