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Here is a short article I wrote this morning outlining some of the things NOT to do if you want to convert your readers into subscribers…and ultimately, your content into a community of fans, friends, followers and clients. 

Why do I keep harping on the same underlying ideas you ask?

A few reasons.  One, I’m running out of things to say, and believe me, if you think YOU’RE getting bored with this blog, come and stare and my screen for a day or two.  Trust me, it’s torture.  Especially when I know there are new episodes of Celebrity Ghost Stories playing in the background, and getting more afterlife evidence from Chaka Khan and the guy who played Gus – The Chicken Man in “Breaking Bad” is something I’d much rather be doing than this.

And second, there is so much BAD information out there when it comes to creating content that converts…and while I really only use these articles to list build to generate my own coaching clients (and for the Content Marketing Makeover service we’re offering to coaches and consultants) it amazes me much antiquated information is out there being offered as FACT…when in fact, it’s more akin to fiction, fantasy and financial foolhardiness if the point of your content is ultimately to generate clients and cash.

For example? 

The ONLY thing that should matter in your resource box is the number of visitors you get…and the amount of traffic that results from the “keywords” you use to compel the click.  Quite often, tried and true phrases like “click HERE” or “free gift” or simply using a memorable URL if you have one is a FAR superior than using keywords because some tool (either human or a piece of software..:-) tells you that it’s going to result in a better CTR.

The beauty of course, if you can test all of that for yourself quite easily, without needing a PhD in internet marketing “testing” terminology…..simply by changing or alternating the words or phrases you use in your resource box with each submission. 

The other thing that drives me nuts are the folks who tell you that listing your resume, or your pedigree, or the reason “why” you are an expert and should be considered an authority is an important part of the content marketing conversion puzzle. 

It’s not.  Really.

People don’t care, I promise.

Believe me, if I thought that personal accomplishments and humanitarian awards were important to getting more people to click on my links, I’d probably go out and try to be a better person and do more good things for the planet and donate the spicy tuna roll I’m sitting here eating for lunch to someone who needs it more than I do, which to be honest with you, looks to be the guy staring at me from the bench on the boardwalk 4 feet away to my right.

The truth is, I don’t, and won’t  – mostly because I’m hungry, spicy tuna rolls are expensive and quite honestly – NOT something that you really should accept from a stranger anyway, as the spicy sauce stuff has way too much potential to be tampered with.  

And raw tuna and trust, it should go without saying…… are bedfellows that in my book,  you don’t give away OR accept until you know someone better.  3rd date, minimum.

And most importantly for the benefit of this article, doing good things for the world and then telling people about them has very little affect on your click through rate, especially if you post a picture of yourself in sunglasses and a fire red Camaro along with it.

Anyway – I totally forget what we were talking about, but article below will do a better job of explaining all of this than I just did.   Enjoy, and as always, thanks for stopping by.

For example – DON’T use anchor text links in your resource box that conform to keywords you are targeting, UNLESS those keywords have proven to have a better click through rate than more generic call to action types of text do.And – don’t “link” to internal pages on your blog from your articles… simply because you think that those pages or categories your blog are going to rank better as a result. They don’t. And won’t. And you’ll be wasting your time to boot.2 – STOP believing the “hype” about selling yourself, or your expertise in the resource box.The truth is, whenever I read this advice from an article marketing expert, or content marketing guru… or another author him or herself, I feel like punching my screen..:-) The ONLY thing that matters in your resource box is how you REWARD your reader for taking action you want them to take next. No one cares about your pedigree. Or your awards. Or, even your good looks if you are unusually handsome and a great dresser like me.

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