Is article marketing for SEO still effective?  Was it ever effective?  Is keyword density important for writing articles that convert……or is that all a bunch of small minded silliness that people with stuff to sell want you to believe? 

In this short article, I cover some of my own experiences with both creative….and contrived content campaigns, and why making the small switch from trying to artifically influence the search engines with tricks….and instead, focusing on targetting people who really ARE interested in learning more about what it is you have to offer, can be the greatest content, and conversion breakthrough you can buy.  (even though it’s 100% Free..:-)

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If you are a marketers or online entrepreneur with a message to get out to the masses, there are really only 2 types of content you’ll be coming up with.
1. Creative content
2. Contrived content

Creative content is obviously ANYTHING that gets your message out in a way that engages, entertains, inspires, enlightens or encourages people to want to know more about you, and what you love to do. (your services, your coaching, your recommended resources, etc)Contrived content is the kind of work that most of the “gurus” will tell you to focus on. The stuff that is about secret strategies, loopholes, shortcuts and other silliness that is supposed to take advantage of some sort of perceived imbalance in the online entrepreneurial ecology. (i.e. – all of those “sneaky secrets” the search engines don’t know about… but THEY do!)As a rule, contrived content marketing campaigns very rarely work… and if they do, it’s only super briefly.

Writing articles for SEO is really one of those ideas, that by virtue of the fact that you could use anchor text links in your resource box, you should be able to theoretically “game” the system to make it look like your blog, or website or landing page was more relevant than it is or was.

Writing Articles For SEO – The Silly Simple Reason It DOESN’T Work (And Increase Your CTR by 200%)