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Q:  What is the one thing that separates super successful coaches from mediocre ones?  Is there a simple secret….or strategy, system or skill set that separates folks who seemingly have an abundance of of clients from those who don’t?

The truth is, there are all kinds of amazingly talented, gifted, caring, compassionate and super skilled coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers and people of PASSION who will  never get their first paying client….and many ass clowns and self centered snake oil salesman who have all the cash paying clients they can handle.

It’s really not about talent – or even the ability to help per se…..at least in my view.  It’s about having a curriculum – or your content codified into a simple system that’s sale-able.

In the Content Community Continuum system……your “CURRICULUM” is the simple sequence of steps where you codify your niche knowledge or data dump into something that feels tangible to your clients…and serves to differentiate you from your competition in the marketplace of ideas, and outcomes.


For example – 

All things being equal……Who would you rather hire as a business coach:

  1. Someone who has a very specific, very structured system for building your brand, your blog, your business and your bank account from step 1…..
  2. Or –
  3. Someone who doesn’t have any structure or specific sequence of steps, yet has a great sales pitch and story about what they can do to help you?

All things being equal, I can tell you without any equivocation in my own experience, and business:

People want the security of a system!


It feels more significant, and substantial and can be seen, touched and tasted.  (where results, even powerfully promised ones from someone you think you can trust….still feel ephemeral, light and not concrete)

I can tell you in my own small coaching practice over the last few years,  the process of codifying my ideas into a series of blueprints, PDF’s and step by step outlines, has made all of the difference in the world…..and will do the same for you.

The information is the same.  

The way it’s presented, is just more powerful and palpable.  (and profitable)

Not interested in coaching……but instead, offering REAL “goods and services” to your prospective clients?

The absolute EASIEST way to demonstrate your expertise is to BUILD SOMETHING.  (and give something of tangible value to those that are looking to you for help)

A proactively created blog for example, in a hyper local market that has a high perceived value to the professionals in that space who are competing for the same eyeballs….but don’t know how to separate themselves from the pack.

Or a pre written email sequence that can be used to amp UP conversions in their existing auto responder campaign.

I even have a client/reader who is now building a business around posting Craiglist ads in his local market – both as a service for local professionals, AND doing lead generation campaigns for folks willing to pay premium prices for prospective clients and customers…….without having to handle the heavy lifting on their own.


What has YOUR experience been?

I promise you this…..if you have great goals and big plans that are predicated on putting your PASSION into the world around you, creating a content cornerstone that outlines your approach, or a simple step by step system that articulates your ideas, is the BEST thing you can do for your brand, and your business in 2013…and beyond.

Need some more re-assurance this is the way to go?

I like the way the blog below describes this process – and found this post very clearly describes the same general idea….but maybe in a more elegant and easier to understand way.

Well worth reading if you are launching a coaching or consulting business of any kind…and aren’t sure where to start.

(PS – while the blog post is great, am I the only one who feels guilty when looking at Michael’s picture?  I don’t know if I’ve been watching too much Dexter or Homeland or just have a guilty conscience, but for some odd reason, his facial expression makes me want to confess something.  Okay – I ate a bag of Chester’s Cheddar Cheesedoodles last night at 3am and drank a bottle of wine by myself and then I slept till 11)  There.  I feel better now and hope you’re happy)

Check out the full post at the link following the short excerpt below 🙂

That differentiator is what you sell.The most successful coaches in the industry sell their services bound up in comprehensive, proprietary intellectual property. The rest sell general “coaching.” There’s a big difference between selling general coaching services and selling a very specific system that produces a very specific result for a very specific client.Book Yourself Solid is that kind of system. It’s why I’ve been so successful.If you don’t have a system like that to offer potential clients, what do you have that they’d be compelled to buy?You ARE compelling on your own. That’s for sure. But, is it enough to have a never-ending stream of new clients clamoring for your services? Maybe…but usually not.

How to Become a Successful Business Coach or Consultant | Book Yourself Solid

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