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Here is yet another short article I found on using Tumblr for business and brand building  (at the link following my thoughts below) – nothing incredibly new or innovative said here – but still worth noting how many more mainstream social media blogs are incorporating Tumblr into their marketing message. 

One of the biggest and most overlooked benefits Tumblr provides is for LOCAL marketing brand and blog builders – e.g. – online agencies who are targetting the evergreen audience of local PASSION professionals and service providers who know they need an easy online marketing presence…but simply don’t have the time (or temperment) to sit around and work on thier WordPress blog – or install plugins – or wrestle with hosting issues, tech challenges or template design.

A simple Tumblr blog is dead simple to create and maintain…..and offers easy and expeditious tagging, and engagement opportunities for either the online agency, or the professional themselves, to quickly connect with a community of fans, friends, followers and potential clients who share both their interests, and their geography to boot.  (and it can ALL be done from within the Tumblr dashboard, in quite literally…..60 minutes a day)

I know this is a very exciting part of my own business these days – and as an entry level agency style offering for potential clients and customers, if you are so inclined – provides a great way to sort of demonstrate YOUR content creation process in a way that hopefully gets folks thinking about additional ways to collaborate with you on content marketing – and brand buidling overall, going forward.

Check out some additional thoughs from Social Media Today at the link below…..or come and visit me on Tumblr HERE 🙂 

* The beauty of Tumblr is that users control what they want to see. You follow people with similar interests and promote your blog with tags to ensure you get the type of followers that can relate and enjoy your blog. So the things you view on your Dashboard should be the things you want to see. Some marketers are concerned that Tumblr harbors explicit material, but in reality, all social networks are subject to explicit material even if it’s prohibited. If you don’t want to follow blogs that post explicit material, then don’t. It’s that simple. * Tumblr is all about engaging people. It’s not just pictures. You can post text, links, videos and even audio to your followers. You can tag each post with as many keywords as you want, so users who search those keywords on Tumblr will see your post on their Dashboard. There are plenty of ways for your company to engage followers on Tumblr. If your company can’t work with any of these options, then it really needs to work on more of a creative marketing strategy.

Why Marketers Shouldn’t Discount Tumblr | Social Media Today

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