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What is the fastest way to curate new content for a blog post?ย  Do I need any fancy pants software to effectively clip, snip, cull, collect and share creative content that my community will enjoy?ย  The truth is, there are so many creative ways to curate content these days, that I truly believe you can quite literally build the firm foundation of a brand new blog or authority site purely on the broad shoulders of curated content.

As a side note….while most of the content that I’ve written on THIS blog over the years is my own……the content that I’ve published in many smaller niches or community sites where I feel much less comfortable about my own experience or expertise is largely curated, or user generated content…and converts equally as well, if not better.

(e.g. – as we covered in the psychic marketplace in the various “Challenges” I did last year, curating the exceptional experiences of other people did an amazing job of inspiring others that those sorts of adventures were possible…..and made recommending affiliate products and programs in those spaces, much easier than had I relied on my own words alone..:-)

In a community project/Buddypress Social Network I’m developing now with a few partners in a very specific niche that we expect to really grow in 2013, I’ve built the site completely on curated content in the first month and a half…….almost all viral video and “commentary content” from around the web that speaks to this specific cultural community……and has generated tens of thousands of new visitors to our Facebook and Social Community….many, many shares, several hundred Fans and none of it I had to think up on my own..:-)

(100% clipped, snipped, curated and user generated content that we’re simply re-publishing in a white hat, ecologically friendly way….with a few paranthetical thoughts for entertainment value thrown in)

Sort of the Tumblr content curation model – applied to a conventional “brand” community.

The truth is, if you find creating new content from scratch challenging (as most people do) content curation is the quickest, easiest and most elegant way to SAY something….without having to say anything incredibly original, or to simply add parantheical thoughts and opinions on what others are already saying in your niche, market or industry of expertise.

(and TUMBLR is a perfect way of getting started if you feel launching a brand new blog is intimidating…..it’s 100% free, and a whole lot of fun to boot!)

Or – for some more thoughts and perspectives on content curation tips and techniques from around the web…… check out the short article following the excerpt below!

# Maybe you even saw a quote printed in a recent article you read and it really stood out to you. If you have a list like this (or even if you donโ€™t, you can easily do a quick Google search), curating these quotes around a theme for a blog post is one of the best ways to attract attention to your content. A list of motivational quotes? Boom. Iโ€™m there.Example: Hereโ€™s a great post from CoolStuffMarketing. Not only do they grab with you the headline: 10 Best Marketing Quotes of All Time, but the content is completely curated. Easy, but useful.# Email Your Network for their StatementThis is a great tip for not only curating great content, but to nurture your network and share their thoughts with your community. If you know a group of experts in a particular field or maybe other business owners who have an opinion on a similar topic, email them and get their statement.

7 Quick Ways to Curate Content for a Blog Post

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