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Ever hear one of these online “guru” types talking about creativity being the enemy of conversion?

I have.

And embarassingly often.

The truth is, tell that to the spirit of Steve Jobs. 

Or Kevin Systrom and Cheyenne Foster of Instagram. 

Or the zillion other fun, electric and eclectic people of passion who are creating cool things and inspired ideas that are impacting ordinary people in the REAL world.

Being creative is FUN.  It’s inspiring, rewarding and makes work exciting. 

Appealing to the lowest common denominator – the elemental idea that only simple sells – and that your audience are idiots – is boorish….and boring and insults our collective intellect to boot.

When I hear that stuff being parroted about in the online entrepreneurial space these days (e.g. – if you want to be creative – be an artist – not a marketer) I sort of cringe.

Because that’s the sort of mindless, marketing mental midgetry that people who have small ideas about success repeat – simply because Dan Kennedy said it for a decade – and another old white pot bellied white dude with polyester pants said it for a decade before that, and so on…… – or because, at their core…..they don’t believe their communities are worthy of something better, brighter and bolder.

I happen to really like some of those guys in Polyester pants, too, but……

Our life is our art, right?  Everything is a canvass of some sort – and our work is a big part of what we paint. 

If you want to sell a whole bunch of Sham Wow’s – I guess you use whatever you have to pitch your product – but don’t believe you cant be creative.….and create content that converts like crazy.

(because you CAN – and it will make your inspired ideas come ALIVE as well)

Here is an article I wrote last week that Ezine Articles turned into a feature for their blog last week – which was interesting to see – basically just outlining my thoughts on contrived content versus creative content…….they sent me a nice email and told me and wanted to post it on their blog for feedback – and of course, I’m happy to have the extra attention.  (I also prepared a short speech, and bought a new suit, just in case 🙂

Check it out on their blog, at the link below…….or read a few of the more recent posts here, where I’ve covered this in a bit more detail as well.


Do you agree with Ian’s view on creative content and contrived content?It’s rare to find an article discussing SEO that’s still relevant 5+ years after its publication.

When Expert Author Ian Hollander’s article “Writing Articles For SEO – The Silly Simple Reason It DOESN’T Work (And Increase Your CTR by 200%)” appeared in my search, I have to admit I was skeptical, but I was also intrigued.

Let’s take a walk through the main points of Ian’s article. * “Creative content is obviously ANYTHING that gets your message out in a way that engages, entertains, inspires, enlightens or encourages people to want to know more about you, and what you love to do (your services, your coaching, your recommended resources, etc.) … Creative content … is written with PASSION and purpose and a sense of personal power about your niche, your industry, your market and what you LOVE to discuss. It has no focus on keywords or algorithms or any silly strategy at all.”

Ian Hollander on Why Creative Content Wins Over SEO

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