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6 Things I am Grateful For

I am grateful to be doing work I love, for being allowed to be creative, for feeling inspired everyday and being afforded the opportunity to touch people with my words and work – friends, family, and strangers who stop by only for a slender sliver or frozen moment – we’ll never meet – but I’m grateful we met.

Thank you for coming.

I am grateful for the occasional gift of silence and solitude – for the suffering and the struggle and the blankness in my brain that occasionally makes me want to scream – and for for that small still voice within that eventually speaks up and shows me the way. I’m grateful that from that place of endless emptiness and ineptitude……often arises the clarity – and creativity and keeps the carnival moving.

Thank you for being part of my being.

I am grateful for all of the people who read my blog and give me confidence that these words are meaningful and that it matters – all of you – the visible, the verbal, the invisible and even the occasionally insulting and ignominiously annoying guy from Pittsburg who thinks I plagarized his pointless post 2 years ago and won’t drop it – you challenge me to go, grow, learn, leap and persevere…and encourage me to keep going, even when I hit a wall – and I thank you.

I am grateful to the kid I saw in the Key West Winn Dixie on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Your cool and innovative hair style inspired me to go home and experiment on doing the same thing with mine. I feel like a skater or surfer or even a little like Tom Cruise in the last Samurai, just without the long kimono and Scientology tent in the parking lot.

I feel 7 years younger already. Thank you.

I am grateful for living in a country I love, but often don’t appreciate nearly as much as I should.

For friends and family who love me, and forgive me and keep calling, even when I don’t call back enough. I’m grateful for the freedom to argue, to be outrageous and to express my opinions without the faintest feeling of fear….even when they are unpopular, idiotic or even 100% wrong.

I’m grateful for being able to hold on to the idea that something, somewhere out there there is a reason.

And it’s waiting for me.

And that I have the opportunity to keep looking for it…..for yet another year.

Thank you – time is a blessing, and I’m grateful for the gift.  

I will use it well.

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