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The absolute easiest, most elegant and fiercely focused way to destroy distractions and build a community of fans, friends and followers who will help you build your blog, your brand and your business? 

A simple linear marketing model I call “The Strategy of Straight Lines” simply because it’s designed to turn strangers into subscribers, and subscribers into sales and can be created from scratch, out of thin air….and 100% for free.

It’s the CONTENT===> COMMUNITY ===> CONVERSATION marketing model, and truly……I can’t think of any online brand, business or entrepreneur who sells a product or service who doesn’t use this underlying approach at it’s core.

This is the sort of stuff we’re covering in the “3 Step Challenge” that started today for coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, mentors, marketers and PASSION professionals, and if you’d like to check it out…..it’s 100% free and shared only with the hope that it serves you as well as it has many others.

(And THIS post is simple example of clipping, snipping and curating content from one content source or community to the next, and something that many people struggle with conceptually, and another area we’ll be covering in the next challenge as well..:-)

Enjoy…and if this resonates with your approach, feel free to join us on Facebook before the Challenge is complete.

Let’s examine this 3 step process in a little bit of detail and understand WHY this works in just about every niche under the sun. Remember, the 3 steps in this process are: Create CONTENT Use that Content to Build Your COMMUNITY (your email subscribers in this case) And – Build trust, rapport and relationship with your community through a continuous CONVERSATION (ultimately converting a small percentage of them into clients and customers for your business) I call this “The Strategy of Straight Lines” because it’s a pure, linear marketing model that moves STRANGERS into subscribers and subscribers into sales. It could also be described as “Articles, Opt In’s, Offers” * You write an article. * You submit that article to a high volume directory that has tens, if not HUNDREDS of thousands of daily visitors. * A percentage of those people see your article. * A percentage of those people read your article. * A smaller percentage of those people click on your link at the end of the article and land on your “squeeze page” * A percentage of those people (anywhere from 10-50% on average, depending on the niche) sign up for your list.You now have a wide window into opening a conversation with those people as they are on your email list………and you can start sharing your experience, your expertise, your passion, and of course, if you are selling something…….over time these people will become your best clients and customers.

The “Strategy of Straight Lines “Explained (and why it’s the absolutely EASIEST way to build your brand on a budget) | Facebook

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