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Here are 2 fun, free and really impressive blog themes that not only look great, but have some killer native design elements that should help you convert more of your traffic into sales (or whatever it is that you want them to do once they arrive -sign up for a list, join a community, etc)

I stumbled on the Gavern WP template late last week and for a free theme……it has a ton of advanced functionality that not only will make your blog look better….(great colors, all sorts of cool buttons and aesthetic design elements, tons of widget areas where you can insert very cool looking elementsย  ….and what I like most, is the ability, with “widgets” to pretty much turn any page on your blog into a “landing page” which WILL improve your click through rates and “actions” on pretty much whatever it is that you want to promote)

Check out their example page for a demonstration – again – this is 100% free – I downloaded it on Friday and already had converted an existing blog to this template and am seeing a big bump in folks who are clicking through to the affiliate offer on the front page.

(and I’m going to add a little neat trick to “this” blog in the next few days where I’ll show an easy way to do the same on yours…..even if you don’t want to switch themes)

(check it out at the link below the short excerpt that follows)

The OTHER theme I’m really starting to love is the free “Responsive” theme by Themid – a theme that not only looks great on every device, but it also has a killer landing page template that will turn your blog home page into a content conversion machine…:-)ย  Not only that – there is a whole hyper active support forum (also free) built around the Responsive theme – there are FREE Buddy Press child themes available that look great as well

(turn your blog into an instant social community in 5 minutes or less without paying a penny in theme modification) and all sorts of other cool stuff that tens of thousands of people are paying theme clubs through the nose right now…..which Emil (the developer) offers for free.

Again – it’s an exciting time if you love creating great looking stuff that shows off your imagination, inspriation and passion for your profession – I’ve dropped thousands of dollars on custom themes in the past that don’t do half of what some of the newer themes on the market do for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the price…..and if you crave some cool and creative ways to show off your content….the 2 two free themes below are a great place to start ๐Ÿ™‚

GavickPro WordPress Themes are one of the best ones for creating affordable web designs available on the web. * Gavern WP * Theme Options * Widget Rules * Shortcodes * SupportResponsive DesignThanks to mechanisms built โ€“ in, GavernWP is adjusted for creating websites easily basing on the Responsive Web Design idea. Our responsive themes ensure your site content displays beautifully and intuitively on all Web-browsing devices!

WordPress Features – Professional WordPress Themes and Premium WordPress website templates. Simple WordPress blog themes

Make responsive part of your starting Theme design, or upgrade your current one to a mobile friendly Theme that automatically adapts to any* screen resolution or device

This and any other Theme provided by ThemeID should be free of bugs, however do note that weโ€™re only humans and if you spot a bug do us a favor and report here http://themeid.com/forumย Our forum is FREE and dedicated as well, if something goes wrong, or you need our assistance with anything just register and post your question(s).


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