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Here is a short article I wrote and submitted to EzineArticles.Com earlier today…..I’m republishing it here, simply because it comes up so often, and I know a lot of people really struggle to figure out whether createing content for syndication, specifically ARTICLE content (all content marketing still works wonderfully well, but article marketing has a special sort of stigma attached to it) is still worth doing, right now…….in August of 2012.

While I personally don’t do nearly as much article syndication as I once did, it’s a big part of what I’m trying to convey in the 3 Step Challenge we demonstrated last week on Facebook….and it amazes me how much bad information there is out there about whether it still works, and why……and in what circumstances, and so forth.  (to which the answers are – 1 – YES, 2 – because it does, 3 – most…:-)

Hope you find the below helpful and feel free to check out the 3 step process in it’s entirety on Facebook.

Enjoy….the full article is clipped and pasted below..:-)

Yes, article marketing still works.  And NO, after writing and submitting more than 6000 of my own, I would NOT be writing this right now if it didn’t.

Have the rules changed a little bit over the last year and a half or so?

Absolutely.  But I wouldn’t say they’ve changed for the worse.  They’ve simply evolved in a way that’s reinforced the importance of several KEY elements that have been there, and been important to using content marketing successfully,  since the very beginning.

#1:  Keywords Don’t Convert (Quality Content Does) 

I still shake my head when I read article marketing “guru’s” talking about the right amount of keywords to use in your article, using fancy formula’s to sell snake-oil.  The truth is, keywords have NEVER really been all that important to creating content that converts, and the only real factor, if you are concerned about your keywords,  should be your title.  (and that’s been true or years….and remains so today)

 #2: Always Begin with the End in Mind

Before you structure an article marketing campaign, you need to have a strategy in place for what you are ultimately trying to accomplish.  Just sending traffic to your blog or review site or a hub or lens is NOT a good strategy.  The best way to maximize the leverage you get from a content marketing campaign is to use every article to build a list of subscribers.  Why?  Because if there is one “secret” to being successful online, it’s that relationships, especially those cultivated with your community through a one on one conversation you facilitate through email, are the BEST way to convert strangers into subscribers, and subscribers into sales.  Period.

 #3: Create Conversational Consistency

This is SUPER important, and in my own campaigns, can be the difference between a conversion percentage of 10% or 40% on the very same content.  What I mean by that, is you should create multiple landing pages, multiple resource boxes and even multiple first messages in your sequence, all that continue the conversation you started with the organelle content your subscriber saw.


For example?  I may ultimately want to sell ONE big product or service, but I’m writing articles in many sub niches of the overall market to attract an audience.  So an “article marketing” article like this one, should have a resource box, a landing page, and an email sequence that is consistent with content marketing for maximum congruity.  If next, I’m writing something about list building, the resource box, landing page and first email should all be consistent with THAT specific idea in mind.  (even if the BIG picture for all of this is to promote one singular product or service that umbrellas them all)


That one tweak alone can double or triple your conversions for obvious reasons, and it’s something that not 1 in 100 marketers will EVER do.  (and yet….it’s super simple to set up and segment, and can make a dramatic difference in conversions……right away)



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