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Are you taking part in our most recent 3 Step Challenge? 

I say that rhetorically……as the chances are, if you are reading this, , you probably aren’t.

It’s okay, I’m not going to hold it against you.  I used to get really upset at all of the people who aren’t paying attention to what I’m working on and it would frustrate me because I knew they were being snookered and suckered and scammed elsewhere…..while the stuff I was sharing for free was going un-noticed by the masses.

Then I saw a full day documentary on Van Gogh, who never sold a single piece of art in his 40 years on the planet.  He was so depressed he cut off one of his ears.  I have both of my ears and to be perfectly honest with  you, I’d never dream of trimming either one of them.

Later of course, as we all know…..Van Gogh became one of the most recognizable one eared artists in history.  And today, if he were to do a 3 step art challenge on Facebook for example, he’d probably get a lot of people to pay attention.

The point is, not all true genius is recognized at the time it’s created.  And if you didn’t understand the point I was trying to make with the van Gogh analogy, you probably won’t apprciate the 3 Step Challenge update below.

But, somewhere deep down I still hope you check it out.  (it’s never too late to do the right thing)


Someone else asked if you could do all of this with a ONE PAGE website…..and if you need a lot more than the squeeze page to make this work, or was I making this look like it was easier than it really is. Of course, if you really are trying to build a business, in a perfect world, and in an ideal scenario, you want a blog a facebook community, a twitter page, press releases, paid social ads, joint venture partners, a PPC budget, and so forth and so on. But if that were the case, no one would ever start – and only the people who were starting with money would survive and thrive….which is NOT the case.

Check out the two screenshots I just took from my personal EZA account. 2 separate niches. 2 separate sets of content. 2 SINGLE page websites – no blog, no facebook page, no fancy pants desigin – just the simple sqeueze page template I gave you – with a headline a form and a few bullet points. The articles alone have generated almost 2.5 million readers – and about 400K visitors (actually closer to 425K) to the squeeze page JUST from EZA alone.

(and this is 2 niches – and 2 authors out of 12 or 13 in my own account) Anyone can do this – it’s not tough – it’s work….and it takes a little time – but it works in every niche – even yours. (some take longer than we’d like to grow….but once you get some momentum, it’s an exhilirating feeling) The truth is, when you get an email from some goofy “guru” who tells you how much money he (or she) has made in 10 days or 30 days or 24 hours, its’ NEVER because they’ve mastered the art and science of micro sites. Or because they write killer squidoo lenses.

(are squidoo lenses even still around ?) It’s not because they are smarter than you – or more passionate or more professional or even know more about the niche you both compete in. It’s because they understand it’s about MATH as much as marketing. And if you have a maling list of 500 thousand people that you’ve cultivated over 7 or 8 years, and you are selling a 2500 coaching home study course, you only need 100 people to buy it….and you’ve just make 250 thousand dollars.

Does that make their marketing better – is there a conversion secret they know that you don’t? Of course not……they just made 250 thousand dollars and 499, 900.00, or like 99.9999% of the people who saw their pitch said – no thanks 🙂 There is something pretty ironic about all of these products that teach you how to “convert the masses” when 99.999% of the masses are saying, we don’t want to convert..:-)

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