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Here is an article I submitted to EZA earlier today for list building purposes……. outlining a general strategy for building websites and selling services behind them.  

I truly believe that the absolute BEST opportunity in the online landscape going forward revolves around “Building Something”  (a topic I’ve written about a bunch of times recently, including the longer PDF that went out last month named the same) that has genuine value, (often a simple website or blog) and building a suite of services behind that to grow your business.

The easiest way to begin (and maybe even focus forever) is the local marketplace….where there always is a perpetual pile of professional people who NEED an online presence, have a budge set aside to build it, and are simply shopping around for the best deal, or the right time, or will respond very favorably to the right offer when it’s presented to them at the right time.

Every city has new  new decorators, designers, dieticians, dentists, doctors, car detailers and a whole bunch of other professional people who work in industries that don’t begin with a “D” 🙂 

The key is to find THEM and proactively create an asset – approach them with it – and demonstrate it’s value.  (and what you can do to enhance it over time…and in the process, enhance their business to boot should they want to buy what you’ve built)

There are all kinds of cool ways to improve these sorts of offers as well – turning a normal blog into a social community in some markets is very appealing (using free software like BuddyPress or low cost alternatives, using premium themes, building in autoresponder forms, etc)

I have about 10 of these types of sites that cost very little money to launch…..that I’m actively using to build a strong brand in my own local community….as well as a few bigger projects that are using the same approach to target more national audiences as well.  (a bit more risky……but the payoff is bigger, including a few social communities built around each candidate…….we are trying to sell for folks actively interested in the current Presidential campaign..;-)

The article is below – enjoy – and again – this is a gimmick free – guru free approach to building a REAL business, around real assets, and if you think it through, I hope you give it a go as well.

(Article submitted to EZA on the above…….below 🙂

Who else would love to build and sell websites from home, but isn’t sure what the first logical step is?  Do you hear all of the buzz about “local” marketing….and want to get in on the fun, but don’t have $2000 to blow on some goofy guru or home study course?
The truth is, you really DON’T need any special training to start a lucrative home based business selling websites, and you can literally begin today on a shoestring budget.

I’m going to outline the major points and principles below, and the good news is, most of what you need is either free, open source, or very reasonably priced.  I’m also going to give you a few super simple ideas you can use to enhance, extend and exponentially improve your profit margins as well…..again, all without wasting money on gimmicks, gadgets and gurus.

The big “SECRET” to making money really, really quickly?

Think local.  Rather than building generic websites in big niches, (something most newbies do when trying the approach above), instead…….go into your own local community and find high paying professions that you can aggressively approach with turn key assets.  (online properties)

Always use a premium theme if you can afford it.  If you can’t, build the theme on the BEST free theme you can find, and after you get a deposit on a site, you can use some of that money to buy a premium template and use it for future projects, and even improve the one you are selling for a fee.

Small town domains always are available, and are always a good investment.  For example, “your city” and real estate, or lawyer, or yoga, or credit repair, and that sort of high dollar niche are always easy to sell for a minimum of 10 times what you paid for them….and quite often, you can sell the domain itself, along with a blog for literally 100 TIMES what you paid.  (One of the last ways to turn 10 dollars into 1000 on a consistent basis that there is)

Always think about the back end.  Can you offer hosting, SEO, article marketing, blog building, social media management, copywriting, email marketing or straight consulting to your clients and customers?  This is probably the  easiest way to turn this whole idea into a 6 figure business from the comfort of home with SUPER speed.  In other words, if someone buys a local domain from you for $500 ( a great deal for them) and you offer them 12 months of SEO for $300, you just made $4000 on one client.  (and all you need is 25 of those to break $100k which is NOT tough to do as you improve your offers, and enhance your expertise)

Remember, don’t reinvent the wheel.  Wheel you DO want to think hyper local niches, you don’t want to think hyper small niches.  The best money makers are the industries that have the highest value, and the professionals that recognize that each new client and customer is worth a lot of money to them.

For example – a real estate agent may make 3-10 thousand dollars on an average commission, and if they pay YOU 2K for a simple blog, vanity domain name and ongoing SEO for a fixed period of time…..all they need is one “sale” to make the investment well worthwhile.  (and I’ve seen this first hand myself….as real estate agents and brokers are amongst the very BEST perpetual profit source there is for the local online marketing agency or entrepreneur!)

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