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If you aren’t on my email list, this went out a few minutes ago to the group……I thought I’d post it here as well as I’ll be talking about this a lot over the next few weeks 🙂

You don’t need me to tell you that local marketing is the niche du jour these days…..but the truth is, it’s ALWAYS been the very best, evergreen niche for folks who want to build a real business, without the gimmicks, gadgets, gurus or goofiness.

Think about it……..

Helping real people in your own community – and servicing real professionals with established budgets is infinitely easier than trying to sell high hype digital downloads or crossing your fingers that a certain percentage of your traffic clicks on a certain ad, or clicks on your links and then of course, in the affiliate space…… buys the product on the other side of that click for you to get paid a penny.

If you havent’ read my “Build Something” blueprint that went out last month…..it’s available in the 2012 download/PDF’s section in the navigation menu above.

The email is below..:-)


Would you be interested in starting your own marketing “agency” or offering web based services in your local (or extended) community?

If I could help you build a real business that allowed you to help local professionals where you live.…….and sell everything from consulting, to web design and SEO, to social media management, content marketing, list building, email marketing, blog, brand or business building,and be able to offer a whole slew of high level suite of premium priced services within your community, would that be something that appealed to you?

I ask…..only because I just finished a very simple system that should allow just about ANYONE who has a little bit of experience in the online marketing landscape, to be be able to go out and very quickly generate new clients in the $500-$1500 range,without breaking a sweat, and without wasting any more time on gimmicks, gadgets, gurus or goofiness.

(and when I say “go out” – I don’t mean you even have to leave your house…..because you don’t – you can work from your home office in your PJ’s if you want)

If you read the PDF I posted last month titled “Build Something” – it covers the over arching idea, but I’ve added a bunch of depth and detail to the process that is dead simple to implement and quite simply, is the most sensible, straightforward and intuitive wayto take everything you’ve learned about “marketing online” and transform it into a fun, easy and profitable business that truly will allow you the freedom – financial and otherwise, that we all crave.

Here it the thing……

All of the “big talk” now in the online promotional space is about “local” marketing.

Most of those folks will want to sell you some sort of product, or home study course, or some other silliness that is doomed to disappoint.

Local marketing has ALWAYS been the very best way to make a phenomenal living online……tbut with so many bright and shiny distractions out there, it’s super easy to forget the obvious.

 My goal for sharing this with you?

I want to work with, mentor, mastermind and help a small group of people who actually WANT to build real brands, want to start real businesses, and want to contribute in their own communities by doing what they love most.

What’s truly amazing is, every time I get a question on the FB page, or on my blog, or via email……it’s  always by smart, savvy and highly functional people who say something to the effect of –

“I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been”working” online for 3 years…and have STILL not made a dime”

Or –

“I get super excited about “X” idea….and then, invariably, “Y” arrives in my inbox the next day, and that looks even better”  (until “Z” shows up….and X and Y are forgotten forever..:-)

And so the cycle of analysis paralysis and seeking, searching, stumbling an fumbling continues to spin.

And yet….while all of this is happening, either in your life……or someone else who is reading this right now…….some other similarly smart soul builds a simple website for a local doctor and sells it for $1000– or gets his or her first response to a SEO ad they placed on Craigslist, or they’re celebrating their social media management client who just agreed to pay them $300 a month to send out a tweet a day….and have already referred two professional peers to boot.

The Secret is so simple.

Build Something.

An asset.  An idea.  A campaign.  A community.

And while building for YOU is always a great way to build your business and have a ton of fun as you go………

Building for others is a great way to build up your bank account while you grow and flow 🙂

So….as the lazy, hazy days of Summer draw to a close……..

I want to find 25 people who want to work with me, starting just after Labor day, to grow their own online marketing agency in a collaborative coaching environment, where your success is guaranteed.

  1. I will help you find clients  in rapid fire turn around time…….within 30 days for sure if you apply my approach – and these are folks who will pay you on the low side…… $300 to $1200 with unlimited upside
  2. I will help you find the exact “offer” that is most appealing and ameenable to your skill set and expertise.
  3. I will even help you negotiate with clients, or get on the phone and seal the deal with YOUR contacts if you are nervous about being able to “convert” your first few inquiries into customers, clients and cash…:-)

If you are interested – reply to this email,  leave a comment on my blog, or let me know  you are interested on our Facebook page and I’ll share the details.

 This is something I’ve been wanting to do for just about 2 years….and every time I tell someone I want to do this, they tell me I’m nuts.

(“Ian – if you promise to get on the phone with your client’s prospective clients and sell their services for them, you need to have your head checked”)

This is sort of an unorthodox offer……but I’m sort of an unorthodox guy…:-)

Hope you are well  –



BTW – this is NOT for affiliate marketers, or the get rich quick crowd. If that is your interest….this ain’t the right path to pursue.

Remember, the goal here is to develop a real home based (or location based) business  that allows you to become a true online marketing professional, helping real professional people, with real budgets, grow their own online marketing campaigns in their own communities and beyond.……all while building your own brand and bank account doing things you really love and enjoy and will grow to excel at as well.

This is exciting stuff for me….and as my own business becomes increasingly aligned around this idea, and this overall approach – I’d love to find a small, smart, creative community of people who care about contribution as much as cash, progress as much as profit…….and see this as an ideal approach to putting it all together and finally…..at least as it applies to your work…….living a life you’ll love. 🙂

“Empowering People Through Service, Information & Opportunity”

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