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The attached 100 page PDF has some of the most popular posts on blog, brand and business building strategies I have to offer……and I truly hope that if you aren’t yet where you want to be, and you are open to change – you give it a good read.

I don’t claim to have all of the answers……

But much of what I’ve learned has come through years of hard work,  huge & heroic “hits”, followed up by magnificent and mystifying “misses”.……along with more trial and tribulation than I ever wanted or expected……..and much self reflection, improvement and radical re-invention along the way.

Like you – I am a work in progress, and only hope that whatever experience and expertise I may have, serves to help others avoid or overcome obstacles I’ve learned to high step along the way 🙂

PS –
As of July 1st – myself, along with a small group of some of the very best and smartest blog, brand and business builders I know, have a whole suite of  world class “Done for You” style marketing services that I truly believe are amongst the very best….anywhere in the world.
Whether you need content curation, blog building, relationship marketing, email automation and list building, social media strategy, product creation coaching……..or simply need someone to take you by the hand and help you leap frog the learning curve, help is here..:-)
NOTE:  If you are ALREADY a passion professional or business consultant in your local community and need to expand, enhance, augment or improve your offers……..this is an ideal way to implement a spectacular suite of new services without needing to do one lick of extra work.  (We create the content  – you get the credit…….and the CASH..:-)
While I don’t have all of the services published yet on my general blog (they will probably be up later tonight) if you think my methods are a match for YOUR marketing – simply hit “reply” and I’ll fill you in.

Thanks, Ian –

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