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What would you do with your days if money wasn’t an object?

What would you do if you won the lottery?

What inspires your imagination?

What would you consider so much fun, so rewarding & so inspiring that you’d do it for FREE?

That is 92% of the battle.

Let me tell you what I did yesterday.

I spent 10 hours watching Celebrity Ghost Stories. 

Including the one with Chaka Khan like twice. (which I found highly suspicious due to a lack of trustworthy witnesses)

The one from the lead singer of Poison was much better, even though I find it tough to trust a 45 year old man who wears a bandana 24 hours a day.

At a certain point of the day…..sitting by myself, coffee, listening to one weird, wild, wacky story after the next………

I said, out loud and 100% out of the blue – “I would love to do this for a living”

I actually surprised myself.

But I really would.

And I’d do it for free.

Just go to creepy places, get some night vision goggles and yell –

Did anyone else hear that?” a few times a night.

I don’t know why – I don’t have a lot of friends who agree – and I don’t even talk about it much.

But for some reason I’m a closet ghost geek.

I can still remember years and years ago when my Grandfather died…..and sitting around his condo with a bunch of 80 year old Grandmothers (including my own) and talking about all sorts of “new age” stuff – ghosts, apparitions, near death experiences, psychics and all sorts of crazy experiences they had…mostly growing up and living in Europe as children and young adults.

It was great – I loved it – and if I could have superglued their polyester pants to the sofa to keep the stories coming all day, I would have.

I remember my cousins looking over at me sympathetically…and rolling their eyes…..thinking i was suffering through the worst day imaginable.

I played along….but secretly, I was having a blast.

(and kept bringing bagels back so that no would would leave our little paranormal powwow)

At some point of my life…..I will do that.

And I will write about it.

And it will be fun, fulfilling and financially rewarding as well.

I don’t know why…….

But I just have a Passion for exploring the edges of the impossible inspiring.

The funny thing is – while I’ve never made it a full time business….as some of the people in my “challenges” know – one of the niches I’ve used to demonstrate from an affiliate standpoint is the psychic and paranormal market.

Sometimes I wonder……..why not just do that now?

Screw the rest of the stuff that feels like heavy lifting.

Life is short.

I’m not getting any younger.

It makes me happy……AND I’d do it for free ….AND based on the little bit of success I’ve already had in the niche…….I already know I don’t have to.


  • Find what you’d do for free……and find a way to make money with it.
  • Don’t live someone else’s standard of what success looks like.
  • Dance on the dangerous edge of faith & fun…..and then FOCUS.

I want to tell you a quick funny story –

About 4 months ago there was a project I really wanted to do in a personal level in the personal development marketplace, basically trying to inspire, entertain and “enlighten” people in an area I have a little bit of expertise. (not a ton…..but enough and I was excited to learn more)

I was pitching this to 3 partners in a business whose help I really needed to scale this up.

At first they were really excited.

And then one person said – “okay…but we do have “Evidence of Success”

  • How do we split test this?
  • And how do we measure that?
  • And what do we do here?
  • And what about……….

I said – FUCK “Evidence for Success” :

I know I can do this because I care, and am sincere – and want to truly impact the lives of other people and I have supreme self confidence that if I stay true to that, it’s going to work.

But once it became about math…..and metrics…..rather than meaning…….

Invariably, it never happened.

And that’s where most of us drop the ball.

Because passion can become poisoned by a push for profit…….. rather than pure.

Not that I blame them, of course……..

It’s just that i I would have done that for free!

And NOT because I don’t need, or want the money. …….

It’s just that I guess, I believe, in my bones….if you’re smart, and start from there, you’ll never have to.

It’s funny – last night I started reading an ebook at 3 am on my iphone, lying in bed, after one drink and one ghost story too many called:

“Love Yourself”

it’s 99 cents….i don’t know the author other than I saw it recommended on another blog and and while I was reading it I felt a mixture of compassion, connection and passion for what is pure.

And then I started to get jealous.

Pure unadulterated envy.

Not because I think he’s made a fortune with the ebook. (it’s only a buck and he probably hasn’t sold enough to buy a months worth of Starkbucks Grande’s just yet…or at least, not in the quantity I drink them)

But because he’s not only done something he loves……but he’s done it well, and touched many lives in the process.

And to me, that’s the definition of success.

  1. – Find something you love.
  2. – And then share it with the world in a way that’s meaningful and matters.

All of us can do that.

Right now.

There is no blueprint, no guidebook, no gimmick and no guru who can give that to you.

As a matter of fact…….

By it’s very nature it’s yours to discover for yourself.

Let other people worry about keyword tools, and KEI and push button profits.

Those things never lead to happiness. (or much money, either)

You worry about living the life you love.

Because that will.

Thanks for reading.

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