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Looking for some simple strategies to enhance, extend or improve your online influence in your local community? 

Or, maybe more important to some of our readers, maybe you are looking for a few more “tricks” to inject into your online marketing arsenal when approaching local business owners as a consultant or online agency?

 The good news is that there are tons of good blogs, and an avalanche of inspiring ideas for enhancing your local exposure…..regardless of which side of the fence you sit on. 

While some of the suggestions below are potentially a bit dated (it’s from 2010 and a few small things have changed since this was written) here are 22 good ideas for online business consultants and online entrepreneurs who want to offer optimization services to local professionals…..AND of course, good ideas for the “do it yourself” business owner as well! 

Enjoy……you can read the whole article at the link following the short excerpt below, and if you have any other ideas to share…….feel free to add them in the community comments below….:-)

# Submit your listing to the major data providers: infoUSA, Localeze and UniversalBusinessListing.org. These sites submit to multiple data providers and power many online directories.

# Hand submit to some of the bigger local directories & merchant sites such as Best of the Web Local, Local.com, MerchantCircle, Bizjournals.com, Yellowpages.com, Superpages and InsiderPages.

These provide added exposure to consumers and serve as a reference-source for major local search engines to verify and link business listings information.

Getting listed in these directories will not only improve your presence in the local market, but will also help you gain more quality backlinks to your website.

# Make sure that your listings are consistent. Always provide the same name, address and phone number to avoid any confusion.

# When listing your business use a full street address, not a PO Box. These are worthless for localized search.# Always list a local phone number. While an 800 number is nice, local number will be more indicative of your location.

# Include photos, videos and throw in a little extra (such as current coupons or specials) – this will make your listing more attractive and help it stand out.

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