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Content curation is all the rage these days…….right?

I hate to be  the guy who says – “yes, but….I’ve been talking about content curation for just about 5 years” BUT, I’ve been talking about (and practicing) content curation for the past 5 years..:-)

The truth is of course, with all of the nefarious nonsense and silly small minded mental marketing midgetry being pushed, promoted and passed off as smart by those that prey on people who don’t have much experience……you DON’T need to buy expensive “push button” tools to curate content like a pro, and you DON’T need to steal, scrape, lift or leach off of the work of others to do it really well.  

NOTE:  I’m not 100% sure if I spelled leach right there, either.  It may be leech…..but in honor of the Stanley Cup and all time Flyer great Reggie Leach and hockey hair fashionistas around the globe,  I’m going to leave it without even double checking.

I wrote the short article below earlier today for EzineArticles – and decided it was fit to print here as well…:-)

If you have more questions on the in’s and outs of content curation and want some greater depth and detail, check out the Content Community Continuum PDF’s in the nav bar above….or simply do a site search in the sidebar for “Flock”.  (my favorite clip, snip and curation tool in the world……even though, and unfortunately, it’s no longer being developed)



Who else is interested in learning how how to curate content the RIGHT way?  Do you crave more content……but don’t have the time, energy or ability to crank out new articles or updates on the hour?  Do you watch with envy as other “authority” sites generate an avalanche of traffic, and earn BIG money through content curation and DON’T seem to write any more original stuff than you do?  In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at how to curate content the RIGHT way, and some of the biggest lessons I’ve personally learned in multiple niches using this exact model for content CREATION as well.  Curious to know more?  Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

 Let’s start with 2 BIG Rules:

1 – Content curation is NOT about copying content.  What I do, quite simply is “clip” a 100 or 200 word piece of an article (never more than 20%) and add my own parenthetical thoughts about what the author I’m citing has stated.  Whether I agree, disagree or otherwise with the tone or tenor of the “curated” content, I always make sure that my own thoughts are LONGER than that which I’ve snipped or clipped.

2 – A 70/30 mix of curated, versus original content is FINE and totally cool and has worked wonderfully well for me.  This means, for every 10 pieces of content I write, I try to clip, snip, cull, collect and curate 7 of those stories that I think would be of interest or will inspire my readership.

The other 3 are articles I’ve written specifically with my audience in mind.  (and quite often, are based on the community comments that have been generated from the curated content)

Make sense?

A real content curation site is NOT about scraping RSS, or stealing other peoples articles.  It’s about providing a place that serves as a hub of information in your niche, or area of expertise.

It can also simply be a great resource of tools, tips and techniques…and a launching pad, or place where passionate people who are your ideal audience come FIRST, simply because they know you’ve got the best stories covered.  For example, while not technically “curated” content in the way it’s mostly described…..some of the sites I visit everyday are almost exclusively resources that are copied and compiled by the site owner…who publishes them all in one place, which makes my life easier.

An example?  A site that publishes all of the new premium WordPress themes on a daily basis, as they come on to the market.  (http://premiumwp.com is just one example, there are many)

Rather than spending an hour searching a whole bunch of social sites, or even visiting the original authors pages myself, or having to check my RSS reader, I simply go to the one place I know the “curation” (or this case COMPILATION) has been done for me.  He gets my traffic……my attention and quite often, my income if I buy something from following a link to a WP theme, plugin or template I need for my business.

Back to traditional curation for a moment……..

Want another great idea I use for my own blogs….that not 1 in 100 curators do for themselves? or their clients?

I often clip, snip and curate my OWN content as well! 

In other words, an article like this one, which live on an article directory, is often the BEST type of content for me to clip.


Because it helps create continuity between my onsite content (a blog, for example…or a Face book page) and my OFFSITE content (content published in other places) and extends and enhances the appearance of influence I have in my own community.

(and of course, also gives me more free content for my blog, builds a link to the published article and all sorts of other cool benefits we won’t cover here….this can even be used in affiliate markets where  you publish in a pen name, as you are building links to the articles you’ve published in pen names, adding quality content to your blog, and it all ultimately serves the same master of more exposure for your “story” 🙂

The biggest benefit you should see right away?

You’ll see how easily it is to create copious amounts of creative content for your community, without working any harder.  I can add 10 of these style curated posts to ANY blog in 2 hours, while providing real value…..and not only does my site stickiness go up each time I do, my traffic (and trust) do as well.

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