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SEO is a scam.

It really is.

The more I read the silly, specious, self serving, strategies from professional SEO’s who wouldn’t know killer content if it bit them on the corner of their keister……the more convinced i become that I should have never quit my job at PayLess shoes in 1995.

It was more honorable work and in all liklihood, I’d probably have worked my way up to a cameo on one of those Undercover Boss Episodes by now as well.

But this post isn’t about where my life went awry.

It’s about traffic.

Easy traffic.

And I want to show you a simple strategy I used to generate 999% more Google traffic on an “abandoned” affiliate site that was, for all intents and purposes…… “dead” as of last week.

But first – I want you to promise me you’ll read this post.

What Dr. Seuss taught me about SEO

It’s a year or two old…….

But still works like magic as you’ll see below.

It’s NOT a gimmick.

Or some goofy guru gadget.

Instead – it works on 2 simple principles that haven’t changed for as long as I’ve been paying attention.

  1. Google likes sites that like other sites google likes
  2. Google likes sites that like other sites

Now, the recent PENGUIN update may have changed the game a bit for the 2nd rule to REINFORCE the first.

In other words, they might NOT like all sites that like other sites, but they CERTAINLY like sites that like other sites that Google likes.

In other words, linking to random sites that are NOT trustworthy in the eyes of the Google Gods MAY get you penalized.

But linking to sites they LIKE, will only get you liked MORE..:-)

Make sense?

If it doesn’t…….here is what I want you to do.

Read this post.   

Then apply the outlined approach yourself.

Follow the very simple, very specific set of recommendations because they work.

Curate content to become an INSTANT authority.

AND by linking to sites that Google likes.

Because they’ll like you too.


Think about it.

Because it makes perfect sense.

It’s not SEO.

It’s human nature.

Birds of a feather, flock together.

Play nice with your niche neighbors and you’ll appear to be an important part of the neighborhood.

If Google thinks a site is relevant for a specific keyword to rank on the first page –

And you CLIP, snip, curate the content and LINK to that same site…..and you repeat this across multiple keywords and multiple sites that Google likes…….

You must be pretty relevant too.

After all, quality neighborhoods usually breed good citizens.

And good citzens get credit that questionable characters don’t.

It’s not what you know….it’s WHO you know.

It makes sense, right?

No secret SEO skills required.

Birds of a feather, flock together

If you are updating your blog with relevant content in a niche – and pointing your readers to go elsewhere to get more information – you are CURATING content the right way.

  1. You are topical. (relevant in your niche)
  2. And temporal. (updating your quality content often)

2 qualities that good content ALWAYS should have……no sneaky SEO silliness needed.


This is not new…..

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time I’ve been  writing about this stuff for YEARS.

And I’m NOT an “SEO”

Sometimes I read some of these pointless, pontificating posts from the “search”professionals…and I barely understand what they’re saying.

You know what Shakespeare said about SEO?

Full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.

And that was in 1612.

WAY before Stompernet closed.

All I know is this.

There are 2 types of content.

  • Contrived content.
  • Creative content.

Creative content crushes your competition.

Contrived content is always on the clock.

Tick tock.

You never know when all that hard work is going to come crumbling down.

Worried about Google “Smacks”?


Creative content never gets spanked, smacked, punched, or has it’s hair pulled.


Because people like it – they share it – they talk about it – and they link to it.

That’s the goal.

There is also CURATED content….which I love to use.

Because if you do it RIGHT, it’s not only EASY…….it works wonderfully well, and FAST, too!  (see below)

You can curate content creatively.

Or you can curate content in a contrived way instead.

Creative means – find a resource, add an opinion or perspective and share the love.

Contrived means – buy a plugin – or some secret tool or buy some sneaky strategy that from some guy who looks like he’s watched the Flobie commercial one time too many.

If that doesn’t make sense….

A totally DEAD, “thin” affiliate site that got NO google love at all.

Forgotten.  Forsaken.  And NOT worth writing about at all.

Yet –

One day of work…totalling about 90 minutes of keyword research, and creative content curation……

The result?

Quite literally…as you see below, a 999% increase in quality keyword traffic from Google in UNDER 24 hours.  ( honestly – overnight)

All I did was take one highly desirable keyword phrase.

I clipped, snipped and CURATED popular content around the web for my keyword phrase of choice.

And by linking to 7 or 8 other authority sites that Google already said were relevant for that keyword phrase….they decided they liked me enought too, in under 24 hours….to send me 1000% MORE traffic the very next day.


Because Google likes sites that like other sites that Google likes.

Like all nursery rhymes, it sounds good.

And it works.

And you don’t need to buy any silly stuff to find out for yourself.

I hope you try it.

  1. Find current events in YOUR niche.
  2. Find news in your niche.
  3. Target keywords you want to own.
  4. Use those keywords in your post titles.
  5. Link to quality resources.
  6. Rinse and Repeat (It’s not the 24 hour bump you care about…..it’s the 30/60/90 day explosive growth that comes with consistently applying this approach)

And watch your traffic triple so fast it will make your head spin 🙂

(or better)

No “gurus”  required..:-)



Screen Shot #1 (May 5th 2012)

Screen Shot #2 (May 5th 2012)


Screen Shot #1 (May 6th 2012)

Screen Shot #2 (May 6th 2012)

Screen Shot #3 (May 6th 2012)

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