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How effective is article marketing in 2012? 

Is it still worth it, or should you move on to greener pastures and lighter lifting when it comes to generating free traffic that converts like crazy?

The truth is, even right now (Memorial Day Weekend of 2012) I still write articles for about an hour…..JUST about every day.  For me, in my own specific process and sequence of steps I like to follow (as outlined in the Content Community Continuum links in the nav bar above) creating content in a new niche on a daily basis is a critical component to the whole marketing “map” I like to use.

That said – anyone who tells you that the articles themselves are going to get the same amount of love from the Google God’s is NOT telling you the truth. 

I have thousands and thousands of published articles (6500 of my own as of today and thousands more through businesses I’m involved in) in a panapoly of pen names promoting a myriad of products and this past month (April15th to May 15th 2012) has been one of the worst in terms of traffic emanating from the search engines themselves.

BUT – on the flip side, the social and viral elements of article marketing are better today than I have ever seen…as people share, tweet and spread your content throughout their own sphere of influence, which brings more organic traffic back to my articles – and of course, if those people share the interests of their friends on the social networks (which is very common in the online marketing spaces where I do most of my publishing today) those new visitors, by default…..are pretty targetted as well.  (as if someone shares an IM or entrepreneurial article on their FB page…and one of their Facebook friends visits my article as a result, the liklihood of them clicking through and signing up for my community after consuming the content are far higher than through people stopping by through serendipitous search)

Is that a hard and fast rule or easy to prove?

Probably not, no…..but i’m definitely getting that vibe from the last 30 days of optin’s that emanate from my article marketing efforts, and I’m still confident that the natural search priority will pick back up in the future as well. 

Agree?  Disagree?  Had a different experience and given up on article marketing altogether?  Share your thoughts on our Facebook community page here and let me know 🙂

Just getting started with article marketing and not sure what any of it really means?  Check out the short article I submitted yesterday for some of the basics…and what you need to know BEFORE you begin to boot..:-) 

You can read the whole thing at the link following the short excerpt below.

What is the advantage of submitting articles to someone else’s site… rather than my own?Another good question! (and one that is asked with increasing frequency these days as well) The answer is, it depends a bit on what your ultimate goal is, and how developed your existing site is.

For me, the reason I still like to submit content to off site article directories first, is that you can leverage the millions of readers these sites get on a regular basis and get YOUR content in front of these potential clients, customers or subscribers right away.

This is especially effective in the higher volume categories or niches, where an article may quite literally be exposed to 10 or 20 thousand new readers over the course of a few hours, whereas on your own site, it may take days, weeks or even months to generate enough search engine trust to get a fraction of that viewership… on the very same content.

What Is Article Marketing? (and the HIDDEN Cost That All Content Creators Must Face)

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