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Here is a short article (actually….a “longish” article by my standards 🙂 that we submitted to one of the offsite directories earlier on Friday that’s outlines some of what I’m now referring to as the “Builders Blueprint“, or a series of PDF’s that will be coming out this month outlining a super simple, super effective and VERY profitable system for building online assets…..and selling high end services behind them.

In a sense, it’s the most proactive, and aggressive strategy I’ve developed for selling high dollar offers to real world professionals who are willing, ABLE (very important…and often overlooked!) and ready to invest anywhere from $500 to $5000 with online entrepreneurs who are implementing this approach.

I’ll be sharing more of this in the coming weeks with a small subset of my list…..and while I haven’t worked all the kinks out just yet, this is EXACTLY where I’m focusing my own business building efforts for the remainder of 2012…and well beyond.

I’ve re-printed the article below..:-)  

Who else thinks earning amazing money doing everything that you love and nothing that you don’t sounds too good to be true? 

Does the idea that you can turn it ALL around right now…….no matter how much you’ve struggled, how much you’ve stumbled and how much you’ve fumbled in the past sound like the kind of promise you have to be gullible or desperate to believe?

If you’ve been working online for weeks, months or even years with NO results to speak of, I’m sure you’re skeptical, cynical and VERY weary of anything that promises BIG profits doing “work” that doesn’t feel like WORK..:-)

And I don’t blame you.

If you’ve invested your time, effort, energy and income in any product launch or profit formula that did NOT live up to the hype, and made you POORER rather than profitable, you have every right to roll your eyes.

The truth is, so many of us are so inundated with online marketing “systems” that end up being big scams and as a community, we’ve grown distrustful of ANYTHING that sounds like it may really work.

That said, I want to quickly show you how you can use that experience to your benefit, and turn your investment in online marketing education into a simple, profitable business that you can literally launch today. (no gimmicks, no gurus and NO real investment necessary)

Parlay Your Passion into PROFIT

If you are still reading this, I’m going to assume you have a PASSION for internet marketing. Maybe you love writing articles, building blogs, managing social media marketing campaigns or doing killer SEO for yourself, or for others.

The truth is, there is a MUCH bigger marketplace out there of real people, in the REAL world, who need these types of services than you possibly know…and most of them, have a budget allocated for it to boot.

The secret is…It’s more about MINDSET, than marketing.

Know your strengths. Go with your gifts.
And then find people who are willing, ABLE and ready to pay you what you are worth for those special skills.

Where most folks fail?

Thinking that eBooks, affiliate products, gimmicks, gadgets and gurus are required to succeed.

They’re not.

Selling AFFILIATE products is hard work.

Selling REAL services is super simple, especially if you know who you want to be your clients before you begin.

Because we’re talking about $300 a day…let me give you another EASY tip that I hope you’ll appreciate.

It’s MUCH easier to get to $9000 a month, than it is to try to earn $300 a day. Why? Because looking at your business through the prism of a daily tally will ALWAYS leave you chasing your tail. It makes you feel like you are always in defensive mode.

And this is REALLY important, it makes you feel like MONEY is all that matters. (because it’s on your daily radar, and you’ll always measure you day monetarily as a result)

Instead, I challenge you to set monthly goals, and work backwards.

Say to yourself – I need to earn 9K this month. It’s the same as the daily goal financially…but from a mindset standpoint, it’s incredibly liberating.

Now, here is the fastest way to get there possible, without a big investment or risk.

1. Identify your ideal client or customer.
2. Register one domain and build 1 turnkey site per week in your ideal market or niche that you KNOW appeals to your ideal client.
3. Make a list of 10 power players in your marketplace that you know need to enhance their online presence
4. Call or contact them via email and offer them the domain for a deep discount (let’s call it $997…which is still a great deal for a premium domain and a turn key blog installed with all the bells and whistles)

If you can sell 4 of these a month, which you should be able to do with ease, you then offer a back end suite of high end services like I outlined above that at least half of your new clients will take.

* 4 Site sales at $997 gives you 4K.
* If 2 of those clients take a full package of blog building, SEO, article marketing, social media management, etc…and you offer that at $125 a week, you are already in the 6000 a month range, and you well UNDER industry averages for price.

3 months of this? If you are consistent, deliver value and keep it up so that your client continuity remains strong, you’ll break $10,000.00 a month in revenue without breaking a sweat!

Is the above overly simplistic?


Will things happen that will derail some of the above and put obstacles in your path?

Absolutely as well.

But it really IS that easy, and while you will hit kinks in the road, you will have nice surprises as well.

The truth is, if you want to build a hyper profitable online business, you need to build an actual business. Selling affiliate products is not a real business with a future.
Creating real relationships with professional people and building killer assets that help THEM further their goals is…and if you don’t think you can do it, I challenge you to try anyway. (because you can and will if you set your mind to making it happen!)

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