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Are you sick and tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to building your business?  Do you shudder to actually add up what you’ve REALLY earned online…..relative to how much time y you’ve spent to make it happen?

Here is a quick confession………

There was a point a number of years ago where I realized, in one weird and scary and self reflectively honest moment, that I was averaging about 1.10 an hour….and often working 10 or 12 hours a day to earn that stupendous salary.

And yet, because I always thought I was some slender discovery away from hitting it big…..I rationalized that it was okay.

Sound familiar?

The truth is, there are so many online marketing gurus, gimmicks and gadgets out there that finding something to believe in often feels like a lost cause.

There IS a better way.

And I’m going to briefly describe it for you below…..and all that it requires is that you SHIFT your strategy from an ambiguous one, to a hyper focused approach, as below.

First, understand THIS:  (because for most of you, it’s true)

You know enough, right now…..to make a full time living online, without needing to learn another new technique, or buy a new tool.  Period.

You don’t need to be a guru to be looked at as an “online marketing rockstar”

You simply need to find people who have a REAL need for marketing help, and know alot LESS than you.

For example…..

You don’t need to be Lance Armstrong to teach your child how to ride a bike, right?  It would sound silly to even use “not being a professional rider” as an excuse for not teaching your son or daughter how to pedal properly…….simply because you know enough, exactly as you are, to be a bike riding rock star to your kids, right?

The same is true in your LOCAL community.

I’m not talking about starting a blog and trying to attract people from around the globe to follow you, friend you and listen to your advice.  (the thing most “gurus” try to teach)

Instead, I’m talking about targeting local professionals who have a desperate need for a blog, or how to write and submit articles, or how to do keyword research, or set up a facebook page or write a follow up sequence for their newsletter.  THIS is the sort of stuff every REAL business needs…..and this is the most glaring hole in the online marketing space.

For some odd reason……

The “powers that be” have convinced everyone that selling $2000 home study courses that regurgitate the same recycled information you can find online for FREE is the way to get rich online.

It’s not.

Helping OTHER people succeed……and specifically, other people who are already IN business and making money, is the key.  (because they need you, and don’t look at all of this as a hobby or pipe dream)

I worked with someone a few weeks ago who is making almost $400 an hour teaching local doctors how to create a newsletter….and an email follow up and newsletter for their online practice.  She’s basically just writing a few messages, and slapping a little bit of code onto their blog or website and making it look a lot more complex than it is.

She bills each doctor an average for 7-10 hours of support.  That’s CRAZY money for doing something that just about everyone reading this can do with just a few hours of training.  (or already know how to do right now)

Think differently.  Act differently.  Go after NEW clients and customers and your brand, business and bank account will thank you, I promise!

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