This list started at 9 in 2010 when when I first posted this on my blog……and I added 2 content types for the 10 Day Content Community Challenge back in September, and as I add these to the new Facebook page today in March of 2012, we’re going to retire them at 12…:-)

The good news?

You can literally take ANY topic, any niche, any market and any industry and apply interesting angles that WILL make your content unique, your community notice and more importantly……your extended niche notice as well.  Some of these are very effective for obvious reasons at attracting BIG names to pay attention to what you are saying…..and it could be complimentary OR confrontational, contrarian……or charitable, and still pack a powerful punch.

The secret?  Pick a few of these ideas and apply them to YOUR area of expertise, or a product you have PASSION for, and see what sort of ideas come up.  Some of my best and most imaginative content creation ideas come purely out of playing with some of these angles and approaches in my head for a few days, or even a few weeks on end….and eventually coming up with a new spin on an old idea, and saying something in a new way that I hadn’t thought of before.  So explore and experiment and do what’s most comfortable for you.  If controversial or confrontational content isn’t comfortable for you – go with complimentary or charitable instead…:-)

1. Confrontation
2. Compilation
3. Complimentary
4. Collaboration
5. Comedy
6. Contrarian
7. Charity
8. Controversial
9. Creative
10. Confession
11. Current Event

CONFRONTATION –  3 Online “Gurus’ Who Are ROBBING You Blind (And laughing all the way to the bank to boot!)

COMPILATION – 17 Health Blogs That You MUST Be Reading if Your Kids Have Food Allergies

(*you’d just make a list here and share with your readers…..this is very easy and often a GREAT viral content strategy as well*)

CONTRARIAN – Think Your Home Values Have Hit Rock Bottom?  4 Reasons Why I Believe The Market is Going to TANK in 2013

CONFESSION – “I was once broke, homeless and didn’t change my socks for a year.  And those were the good years.  Here is What I did To get it all back”

Complimentary – “The life coach who saved my life in 2009.  (and she has no idea who I am……until TODAY)

All of this make sense?

You can really experiment with EACH of the above 12 content types with every keyword group, niche or topic, and have a never ending stream of evergreen content to create until your brain literally insists on a Caribbean vacation.

Remember…..if you are bold and audacious and are willing to step up and out of the shallow sea of sameness where most of us swim and SPEAK OUT about what MOVES you, motivates you and makes you feel alive…….. you can literally use social media to get explosive attention using these content types, especially when using confrontation, complimentary content and controversy.
After all – we’re all human.  And if it works for TMZ, it will work for credit, cooking and kung fu, too..:-)

An interesting end note:  My recent post “Believe in Something BIG”  was a quasi confessional style post that I really thought would resonate with my community.

For whatever reason……(maybe a few extra curse words) I had MORE unsubscribes on this post than I had on the prior 5 emails I sent combined.

I even had some long time readers unsubscribe, which sort of surprised me, too.

BUT, it’s important to keep in mind that sometimes you can alienate your audience when you take a big chance with content they aren’t open to absorbing.

(and I guess that’s all part of the fun of learning on the job..:-)

IF you need some good example ideas for your niche,  I’m happy to help.  (stop by our new FACEBOOK PAGE and say hi..:-)

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