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One of the biggest challenges we ALL face when creating a new content campaign is trying to get the maximum amount of traffic from the minimum amount of effort, right?

I mean…..no one wants to spend hours and hours writing new articles just to get a trickle of traffic, especially with so many new episodes of “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet. 

(strangely and a bit naively, I still start each episode really believing I may be about to witness a historic discovery being made right in my living room)

The truth is, with so much competition in every niche….many people have difficulty stepping up and standing out, and creating content that gets you noticed in your niche.  In our last post, we quickly covered 51 words you can INSTANTLY add to your article titles to create curiosity….and gently compel, coerce and cajole folks to check out YOUR content over that of your competition.

Don’t forget to use the very SAME principles in both your resource box…….AND your landing page as well.

The key is, in my experience….CONTINUITY in the “conversation” between your content, and your community.

A compelling title may get opened with a frequency far exceeding that of your competition, but a lame, lukewarm resource box is a recipe for LOST opportunity.

(as if people don’t ultimately click through and visit your site…….you’ve gained NOTHING, even if they love your article)

The last part of the traffic triangle is your landing page.  Using the same conversational continuity between your directory content, and your landing page is critical….and “selling” something that’s 100% different on your landing page, versus what you previously promised leads to less than optimal actions once that traffic DOES arrive.  (which I’ve experimented with plenty of times in the past, most often with disappointing results!)

First time here?  Download out the “Enlightened Entrepreneur 2012 Challenge” PDF for a bit more detail on creating a community out of your content…….OR, simply read the article below at EZA which covers a few of the ideas above in a bit more detail…:-)

2 – Ferociously Focus on 2 Important Areas of Your Article

Your title, and your resource box. You should know the language and conversation of your audience, but don’t obsess or stress about keyword research. Worry more about creating highly engaging, interesting and attention capturing titles, and standing out in the sea of similarity that plagues most categories.And the resource box?

Reward your reader with the opportunity to get more information that will advance their understanding, expertise or enjoyment of the niche you are in. Don’t write about your personal accolades…..and simply focus on creating curiosity, and a compelling reason for your reader to want to learn more. (because if they don’t, you’ve often lost them forever)

3 Landing Page Continuity

This is crucial as well. Your landing page has to be looked as an extension of your article. If you “get the click” and your landing page isn’t consistent with the content they just read….and doesn’t continue the conversation, you aren’t going to convert those readers into subscribers.

It’s a simple thing, and a very small distinction, but in my own campaigns (and those of clients) I’ve seen incredible drop offs in conversion where I’ve tried to “change” the conversation on the landing page to something else I wanted them to buy or believe. (not smart…and a great way to waste alot of good traffic as well!)

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