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Who else finds writers block to be a BIG obstacle to creating the sort of community you crave?

Do you have inspired ideas and piles of passion but find when it comes to actually putting them down on paper (or pixel)……. you end up staring at a bare, blank and blinking screen for minutes, hours or even days on end?

Do you obsess over ignominious online issues like duplicate content penalties….wondering how to squeeze every last ounce of exposure from each article, blog post or social media submission you cram out of your creaking, leaking creative “flow”?

If you’ve read the “Enlightened Entrepreneur 2012 Challenge” PDF, I hope you are already familiar with the idea of creating a “Content Cornerstone” for adding STRUCTURE to all of your niche knowledge…..before you even begin to blog or write about what you love most.

The truth is, if you do it the right way, you’ll literally have an evergreen avalanche of ideas for your articles, blog posts, and even social media submissions.

(as you can go back in time and simply re-purpose THAT content anew in your social media streams, much the way I’m starting to do now with much of my own)

Don’t forget another GREAT way of re-purposing your existing content is to CLIP IT, much like I’m doing here, with an article I wrote and submitted earlier today to Ezinearticles on this exact topic.


By “borrowing” a bit of my article content on the directory itself I get “extra” UNIQUE content to add to THIS blog without it penalty, the article itself gets a NEW incoming link, my appearance of “expertise’ is extended for new readers who are visiting for the first time, and now have a second source for content I’ve created….etc.

Most importantly – if you are building a new business in a new niche and find yourself running out of ideas straight away…...I CHALLENGE YOU to apply the “Content Cornerstone” concept in your own business and watch how many more inspired ideas you come up with….and FAST!

You can read the full article at the link immediately following the excerpt below..:-)

Is article marketing time consuming? Is it easy to run out of ideas before you really even get out of the gate? How many times can you really say the same thing, anyway?

Doesn’t it get redundant, or repetitive to create content in the same niche…day after day, week after week or month after month? If you are anything like most of the people I speak to about the challenges that face most article marketing mavens, the BIGGEST concern most admit to is the writers block, or the sudden lack of ideas that always sets in once you get a little bit of momentum, right?

I mean, even if you love your niche, and have tons and tons of personal passion, at SOME point you’ve got to run out of things to say, right?I say WRONG! If you set up an article marketing campaign the right way from the outset, you can literally create copious amounts of killer content for weeks, months or even years on end, without running out of things to say.

Article Marketing Basics: How to Write MORE Articles in Less Time (Banish Writers Block Forever)

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