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Is article marketing the same thing as content marketing? 

Is carefully selecting the proper anchor text for my resource box important…..or should I only care about using “call to action” words that CONVERT into clicks?

Can I really write ONE article a day and earn a full time living online?  Is duplicate content a big deal…..and if not, WHY not?

Article marketing remains one of the most controversial (and in my view, misunderstood) strategies for building a “community” that there is….with seemingly MORE opinions on what works (and why) than actual people who are using it and reaping the rewards.

One of the things that I’ve always tried to do (and teach and preach on here) is the idea that you can easily avoid duplicate content penalities by clipping, snipping and excerpting your OWN content around the web, on the primary properties you publish.

And while I typically don’t like publishing the same content on my blog as I do on the article directories themselves, (especially in the entrepreneurial niches where the audience is a bit more “bonded” to your brand or personality, where a directory reader is usually only being introducted to your content for the very first time) you can EASILY clip your directory content and excerpt it on your blog with a unique introduction, exactly like I’m doing here.

(and have done a few other times in the last 10 days to both demonstrate the technique and of course, add content to my blog while building a link to my article and giving my readers HERE an opportunity to learn more by visiting an article I’ve published elsewhere as well……which gives the impression that I’m working hard, busy and getting things done – even though I haven’t taken a shower today and am wearing the same clothes I had on all day yesterday as well….including my “Haters Made Me Famous” T- Shirt, which I don’t even really understand, yet makes me feel like a Superstar every time I wear it in public anyway)

Want some more personal insights to some common article marketing questions?  Check out the full article at the link following the short excerpt below!

Are article and content marketing the same thing? If not…what’s the difference?Another good question! While they are often used interchangeably, and they’re both only really “labels” anyway…there are some significant differences to me. (and most professionals) Article marketing is content like THIS. (what you are reading right now) Content that is created specifically for the purposes of syndication through leveraging high trust directories, and blogs and websites that will re-publish your writing as well.Content marketing is really a more generic term to refer to ANY kind of content that is used to draw attention to your product, site, service or offer. An INFO GRAPHIC, for example… would be considered content marketing. So too would a white paper or webinar.A good rule of thumb is, ALL articles are examples of content marketing… YET, not all content marketing campaigns use articles!

Article Marketing Strategy: Common Questions (and Honest Answers) About Content That Converts

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