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Here is an article I submitted earlier today to EzineArticles on quick and easy content creation ideas.  We’ve been covering lots of super simple content marketing strategies over the last week or so, and while the article below is a lot more concise than I’d typically post here, I thought it was worth sharing, anyway..:-)

Who else is struggling when it comes to creating copious amounts of killer content for your blog? 

Do you suffer from the ignominious irritation of experiencing writers block at ALL the wrong times? 

Are you finally feeling some momentum in your marketing…and then suddenly, all of the ideas seem to dry up and go away?

If you said YES, the good news is, you are certainly not alone.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the biggest reason so many people give up on the “online dream” is that we hit a wall when it comes to creating enough content to draw a community of fans, friends and followers in our niche of choice.

With that said, I’m going to give you a few simple types of content ideas that will not only make your blog POP with pride, it will make the actual content you create far more compelling to boot.  Curious to know more?  Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Controversial Content

The easiest way to create an audience out of thin air?  Be controversial.  Say something that shakes up the status quo.  (The good news is, most markets need it, too!)

Confrontational Content

Pick an issue that irks you and TACKLE it head on.  Name names.  Point fingers.  Cry FOUL into the wind…and watch your community come together and comment!  (either for your position or against….it really doesn’t matter)

Curated Content

Make a list and check it twice!  Providing a compilation, or a list of great articles or blog posts around the web is a great way to get lots of attention, to make your blog an authority, and of course, to engender the appreciation of other publishers in your niche.  (who will of course send THEIR traffic, or simply CITE your site to check out where you highlighted what they had to say)

Comedic Content

Lighten up and be funny!  Everybody likes to laugh and keeping people giggling is a great way to get tons of traffic, and to stand out a bit in the sea of seriousness that most marketers, and their content offer

Charitable Content

Do it for a GOOD cause.  Find something worthy to support every month in your marketplace or community and create content around it.  The truth is, there are lots of folks who do good in just about every niche under the sun, and finding people to praise is a good way to play well with others as well.  (something my therapist wants me to do more of, too!)

Complimentary Content

When all other ideas dry up….simply find a big fish in your niche and COVER them with complimentary “kisses”.  Everyone wants to feel appreciated, significant and noticed, and when you pay people compliments, not only will they appreciate it, they’ll often tell their readers to check YOUR content out to learn how much THEY rock!  (sneaky but effective and it actually FEELS good, too!)

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