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I shared these a while back with my list and it got a really great response….and again, like the power words post a few days ago, this is the sort of PRACTICAL, easy to implement stuff you can immediately use, and doesn’t rely on conjecture or theory to see if it works or not.

Use them wherever you are creating content….and watch your “conversations” and conversions instantly improve.

Unauthorized Information

  • EXPOSED:  The Shocking Report About Organic Food the Natural Health Companies Don’t Want You To See
  • Rated X:  The Unauthorized Inside Story On How The Giants STOLE Super Bowl XLVI

Ways to Do Things

  • 7 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Almost Instantly
  • The Top 2 Ways To Burn Belly Fat Like Magic

How to Do Things

  • How to Raise Your Credit Score 100 Points in 90 Days WITHOUT Breaking the Law
  • How to Melt Belly Fat on a Diet So DELICIOUS it Almost Feels Like You’re Always Eating Dessert


  • 3 Secrets to Super Fast Fat Loss They WON’T Tell You on TV
  • 5 Article Marketing Secrets it Took Me 9672 Hours to Learn (You Can Have Them All right NOW)

Tell a Story

  • The Real untold Story Behind The Rise (and Fall) of Enron

Tell a Conspiratorial Story (or the An Unusual Alliance of Enemies approach)

  • The Secret story of how Barak Obama, Fidel Castro and Jessica Alba Destroyed Mitt Romney in 2012

Personal Opinion

  • 3 Credit Repair Techniques I highly Recommend if your FICO is UNDER 620
  • My 3 Favorite Work at Home Opportunities for Newbies


  • 3 Costly Mistakes People Make When Refinancing Their Mortgage
  • 7 Mistakes All Men Make in Bed

(Note: I actually didn’t realize I was making 4 of these until I actually wrote this article)


  • 3 Myths About Low Calorie Diets That Can Actually Cause You to Gain Weight

Lies, More Lies and Damn Lies

  • 5 Lies About Weight Loss Your Doctor Wants you to Believe
  • 3 Lies About Income Taxes The IRS Hopes You’ll Never Discover

(Note:  This works well for tearing down authority figures, and pitting “Us Vs Them” style scenarios which are very effective….as well as creating CONTFRONTATIONAL content which is a great way to solidfy your corner of a community)

Do This Without Doing That

  • Lose lots of Weight (Without Any Exercises)
  • Burns Belly Fat Almost Like Magic (Without Starving Yourself or Going Hungry)

(This works very well for big benefit – common objection or fear compare and contrasts)

Shock & Awe

  • The Startling Truth About Mike Filsame’s belly button you can no longer afford to ignore
  • Attn. Spring Breakers: The Shocking Truth About Bed Bugs Your Hotel Will Never Tell you
  • The One Alarming Trend in Weight Loss That Puts Many Heavy People at Risk For Dying Young

(note:  Shock and Awe is great for content marketing, but not so good for War)


  • Do THIS once a day for more energy (but don’t OVERDO it!)
  • THIS common household cleaner may cause massive internal bleeding (and 97% of housewives use it everyday)

Of course there are tons and tons more……but these are really all you need to start and get an instant “bump” in the amount of ideas you come up….and the creative ways you express yourself through your content, to your community.

The best part is, you can combine these with the 51 power words we covered in the last post…..and have so many potential powerful permutations for headlines, blog titles, article submissions, tweets and social media submissions……truly, you are only limited by your imagination!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these……and if you have, please help me spread my message of peace, love and Lenny Kravitz.  (and share with those YOU think would benefit in YOUR online community as well..:-)

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