Think that earning $100 an hour online sounds too good to be true? 

Don’t think you have the skills, or the marketing mojo to convert your content, and community into cash? 

The truth is, if you simply give up on the “gurus” and forget everything you are trying to master when it comes to marketing, and instead……focus on the MATH, it actually becomes super simple. 

Now, I don’t want to over-simplify all of this too much because there ARE a few metrics you have to measure, but if you can come up with an offer than honors your expertise, create content that demonstrates you are an authority, use that content to create a community who shares your passion, and then follow up with a conversation that converts a small percentage of that community into clients……you have EVERYTHING you need to know to turn each hour you work into an income stream that exceeds your needs. 

I’m a big fan of the idea that if you have PASSION and a positive perspective and can offer a unique, inspiring and empowering message in your niche, when it comes to earning what you are truly worth………it’s MUCH more about the math, than the marketing. 

Start with the right STRATEGY that identifies your ultimate goals, put the right STRUCTURE in place, and then have an automated SEQUENCE that moves strangers into subscribers and subscribers into clients and customers in a statistically predicable way and you can literally decide how much you want to make each month, and intelligently optimize your efforts to make it happen.

Make sense?  If it doesn’t…..don’t worry, because as part of the ENLIGHTENED ENTREPRENEUR 2012 CHALLENGE, I’m going to be demonstrating the exact process flow for making this happen in the next few weeks, along with some live examples you can follow along, copy and use as your own as well. 

In the meantime…..check out the short article we submitted earlier today to EZA, which is also a live example of this approach in action as well.  You can read the whole article at the link, following the short excerpt below..:-)

The SECRET is… it’s more about MATH than marketing!

How so? Let me give you an example in my own business, I have a $1500 business building program. Historically, I know that about 1% of my subscribers will sign up for this at some point in our relationship.I also know that if I write 4 articles per hour, on average… those articles will generate about 25 subscribers for my business.

Therefore, 4 hours of consistent content creation will yield, on average… about 100 new subscribers.And over the next year… through a series of relationship, rapport and trust building communications, 1 of those people WILL buy the $1500 personal, one on one training program.

(and if I do my job right, many of those people will go on to invest in even higher end services and programs we offer)So for me, from a math standpoint, each hour that I focus on generating CONTENT that is designed to build my COMMUNITY is worth about $350.

And the SAME will be true for YOU. (your math may be different of course, but the idea is exactly the same in every niche, market or industry under the sun)

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