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If you know me at all……..you know I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.

And it’s just about ready.

I’ve started developing this a zillion times already over the last 4 months…….but then stalled, slowed, stutter stepped, or simply stopped altogether.

The “it” has been to create an entire community comprised of copious amounts of killer content specifically for “enlightened” entrepreneurs, meaningful marketers and for people of passion….who want to change the world, but aren’t exactly sure how to build a brand, or a blog, or a business around their inspired ideas.

People who understand “meaning” more than marketing.

And yet…..over the last few weeks, I’ve been relentlessly refining and revisiting some of the strategies I’ve shared with many of you over the last few years…and simplifying them to the point where EVERYONE can emulate and apply them in just about any niche under the sun.

What i’m hoping to create is this:

A “challenge” designed exclusively for Enlightened Entrepreneurs.

People who prioritize PASSION over profit.

Contribution over cash.

And yet, simultaneously of course…..are interested in building their bank accounts along side their businesses to boot.

IF you are a radical, a rebel or a revolutionary with a unique VOICE, and something interesting or innovative unique to say…..this is the program for you.

If you crave creating a community of people who share a vision, a goal, an ethos or an inspired idea and are willing to LEAD, teach and train others to excel, this is the process for you.

The truth, and beauty about all of this is, it’s DEAD simple to do.

At it’s core, I’ve “dumbed down” this system to 3 simple pieces that every successful online entrepreneur needs to succeed.

  1. You need CONTENT.
  2. You need a COMMUNITY.
  3. And you need a CURRICULUM¬† (something to sell, tell, teach or preach for profit…this can be your own product or program, or an affiliate offer if you don’t have one yet, although I’M going to show you how easy it can be to create a product you can sell with superhero speed.

The other thing you SHOULD have (it’s not mandatory, just really smart to map out) is:

  • Strategy (your goal or overarching objective)
  • Structure (what it looks like getting to your goal)
  • Sequence (what goes where, when and why)

For example –

If you are writing articles to build your list (which I certainly recommend)

Your CONTENT (article) creates a COMMUNITY (via an opt in form) and your CURRICULUM could be anything from an affiliate product you recommend on days 4, 7 and 10 of your follow up sequence, to a product, program or service you offer of  your own.

(Note:¬† I used to call this approach ARTICLES/OPTIN’S/OFFERS 6 or 7¬† years ago….. and it means the very same thing, with the caveat now being your CONTENT, can be comprised out of whatever CREATIVE output YOU feel most comfortable creating – i.e. – a webinar for driving traffic to your community page, rather than an article may be more comfortable for your skill set)

But at it’s core…..

It’s about creating CONTINUITY between your content, and your community and extending your influence and expertise in ways that are fun, fast and free.

Simple, straight lines.

  • No fancy pants plugins.
  • No SEO speak designed to confused and conquer.
  • No contrived keyword tools
  • No silly contrived bullshit advice on how to “behave” better on facebook for fun and profit (ps – if you need a blog post on the “do’s and don’ts” of being a real human being., it may be time to take a break and peek outside)

I know I’m an optimistic person…..and I know that not everyone is going to succeed no matter HOW simple and straightforward the advice.

But, I TRULY believe that if you identify that ONE THING that you love, destroy all of the distractions, get crystal clear on where you want to be, set clear goals and create a structure that supports your success,¬† there is NO ONE reading this right now that can’t make a living doing something that truly makes you feel good.

It’s not magic.

It’s not a mystery.

It’s work.¬† (but if you love what you create…..like I love doing this, and believe your life is your legacy, it rarely feels like work at all)

Again –¬† this is the EASIEST, most expeditious and most elegant approach I know of to build a blog, a brand, a your business around doing something you TRULY feel called to do, something that transcends “work”, something you feel in your bones……and want to share with the world.

That’s it.

The SECRET is……..Getting started and up and running and actually making money FAST is as much about the MATH, as much as the marketing.

(and that’s one of the very first things I’m going to demonstrate for you this week)

For example –

Statistically, most home based business owners will never make $100 EVER….from their efforts online.

And yet…….if you are willing to work a few hours a day, I’m going to show you how to earn $100 an HOUR, (or much more) in rapid fire turn around time, doing what you love and I think that’s going to be really exciting.

The best part is, not only am I going to be “teaching” this process on my blog, the actual blog is going to be a live demonstration of the exact process I want to demonstrate.

  1. We’ll have a community. (free to join right now using the register link on the home page and nav bar)
  2. We’ll have Q and A.¬† (free to post questions, offer answers, and share your flare with the group)
  3. And of course, we’ll have all sorts of creative content that is designed to demonstrate how to compel, cajole, creatively coerce and convince folks to click through and get involved in JOINING your community in the first place.
  4. (in other words, I’m going to share with you the simple steps I use to not only create CONTENT that is designed to grow my own community from “scratch” but hopefully, inspire you to emulate my approach for your own.)

For the time being, this is going to be 100% free.

When I say for the time being, I don’t mean there is some sort of sneaky switcharoo planned or sly shoe to drop that you won’t see coming.

By and large, I want this to be a free community that actually emulates what I envision when I picture the enlightened entrepreneur that I’d like to become myself.

Because right now I only feel half enlightened.

Like the guy who thinks he saw Jesus in his grill cheese sandwich but isn’t 100% sure.

The non cheesy half of him wants to weep with wonder and be bowed by it’s beauty.

The other half wants to sell it on Ebay.

It’s time to be the better half.

Contribution over cash.

Passion over profit.

Service over sales.

(all things I think I can fairly say I have always focused on here…..as 90% of the content I’ve created over the last 3 years I’ve given away for free)

I WILL have some super small “premium” challenges that will have to be “members only”, where we will chunk down a specific system over 7-14 days, and demonstrate the exact step by step sequence of steps you need to follow to get ferociously focused about your own business.

(The first one of these will be coming as early as this week, and if you participated in the last 10 day mini-challenge, this will be 100% free, and in all likelihood will be free for all as well)

And starting in February I’m going to have an enlightened entrepreneur “guru” training program, which will quite simply be unlike anything I’ve ever seen offered in the past and far more intimate, involved and immersive as well.

(If you are truly want to be a rock star in your niche……we’ll help you literally create your content, your community and your curriculum out of thin air….and give you the tools, and the techniques to transform your business forever)

But that’s down the road a bit for most….and that’s only going to be appropriate for a very small segment of my list.

For everyone else, I am going to bend over backwards to make sure you have everything you need to succeed, and invite you to participate, ask questions – you can even post your own links here and time permitting, I’ll look at them and make comments for the benefit of hopefully, both your campaign…..and the community overall.¬† (please don’t email me these privately)

So, there you have it.

It’s finally here.

And this is the year.

The enlightened entrepreneur 2012 challenge.

Passion, purpose and profit.

Make a living from what you love.

Nothing confusing, complex or hard to understand.

Sweet simplicity.

Keep your eye on your INBOX over the next few days……and make sure you register for the community using the sign up form on the nav bar above– fill out a profile – everyone has a FB like “wall” you can share your own links, promote your services if you wish as well………….don’t forget to stay connected to ME on FACEBOOK where I’ll be sharing some updates too…..lots of great, super simple stuff is coming that you CAN use to grow your blog, your brand, your business and your bank account, and I look forward to helping you get there as well..:-)

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