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Here is an article I wrote and submitted earlier today to promote the Enlightened Entrepreneur Coaching Challenge, which is coming sometime early in 2012, and is going to be the simplest, SEXIEST and most straightforward system for coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, mentors and passion professionals to create KILLER content, creative communities and an insanely inspired contribution in whatever niche, market or industry you choose.   

If you can create content, and use that content to create a community, and be willing to build a conversation with your community that naturally leads to trust, rapport and a sense of sympatico with your subscribers…….you CAN make money online.  PERIOD.  (and have a whole bunch of fun doing it to boot)

Check out the whole article at the link following the short excerpt below…..and if you are just serendipitously stopping by, make sure you are on my list to get email updates on what is going to be a very exciting 2012, I promise..:-)

The truth is, we are at a very interesting intersection in the online marketing, and home based business space.

Most people who seek “overnight riches” will fall flat on their faces… and fail furiously fast.Others, (like yourself, I’m hoping) will build VIABLE, valuable online businesses with amazing ease that endure over the long haul.The ONLY thing that separates the 2?

2 things, actually.

1 – PASSION before profit.

2 – The STRATEGY, structure and sequence that’s required to turn an IDEA into INCOME.Here is what I believe:If you feel a sense of passion and purpose for your work, and focus on contribution and community over cash, you WILL succeed… PERIOD.

And -If you filter your passion through the prism of a pragmatic plan, and apply a structure and sequence to your STRATEGY, you can literally create amazing financial abundance in mere months, working 100% from home, and entirely online.Let me give you a really quick illustration:

How to Create a 6 Figure Income From Home in the Next Year (No Experience Necessary)

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