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Here is another short article we submitted earlier today to EZA for the home based business crowd who are trying to get started online….and are trying to do it with the smallest investment possible.

I love the Content Community Continuum strategy for passion professionals and enlightened entrepreneurs, and think the life coach model, as briefly laid out below, is one of the best examples for this style system.

Check out the whole article below……again, not the sort of thing I traditionally post here on the blog, but enjoy, nonetheless!


Who else wants to start a profitable home based business in 2012? 


Sick and tired of blowing money on silly strategies that cost big money, don’t work, are are doomed to disappoint from day one?

Do you have great, inspired ideas……or manic motivation, but can’t seem to put it all together to make it work?

I want to give you a few simple ideas that I truly believe that can revolutionize your home based business, and make it happen in a hurry.  They aren’t conventional.  They aren’t the “same old stuff” you are going to read elsewhere, either.  Instead, I’m going to give you the EXACT building blocks that I use in my own business, and that I’ve offered to tens of thousands of other entrepreneurs with great success.

The first 3 steps are CRITICAL, and yet less than 1% of home based business owners will ever do.

You need to define a specific STRATEGY (what is your over-arching objective)
You need to define a specific STRUCTURE (what does it look like on paper?)
You need to define a specific SEQUENCE (what goes where….WHEN, and why?)

Believe it or not, this is the absolute FASTEST way to get hyper clear on what you are trying to do, and how to put the pieces of the puzzle in place to make it possible, and profitable to boot!

For example…..

Lets say you are a LIFE COACH.

Your strategy may be to create a profitable, home based coaching business, where you can touch as many as lives as possible, have 20 regular clients paying $500 a month, and have a weekly podcast that reaches thousands…all in the next 12 months.

Your structure may be to create a community blog around the topic you are coaching or teaching on, a whole series of articles like this one, and a newsletter that funnels people from your email list to your community blog, your facebook page, your social media submissions, or to your podcast.

And your sequence is the simple steps that make each step possible.  (e.g., you write an article, you submit that article to the content directory, you encourage people who enjoyed your article to download a free podcast episode or PDF, and then you follow up with them as above with an email “conversation” and ask them to further engage with your content, your community and your coaching)

If you build a community of 1000 people over a few months using the above approach, and sign up 10 people for a $500 a month consulting or coaching package, you will be making $60,000 a year by early next year.  (and you can do far better than that, but that’s a pretty decent start)

It’s all SUPER simple.

And the best part is all of this can be done on a budget of almost ZERO.  (just don’t tell any of the “guru’s” that, as they want you to believe you’ve got to waste thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours trying to “learn” how to sell stuff)

Articles like this one can be done at night, when your kids are sleeping, or when you’re done classes, or your day job.

A community blog can be created in an afternoon….and can be done for free.  (or under $50 if you want a nice, premium template)

The truth is, the ONLY expense you need in the beginning is an auto-responder, and believe it or not, you can get those for free, too!

The bottom line is, YES, there are always going go be more things to learn.  But if you are super serious about being successful in 2012, have PASSION….and want to parlay that into profit, the simple steps above is a super simple, very straightforward way to do it, and on a shoestring budget to boot!

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