An Undiscovered Gem

About 4 or 5 months ago, some one I was doing some work with recommended I check out Scribd as a good place to submit content – articles, mini reports, entire pdf’s, you name it, Scribd was taking it.

Like all sites like this that hold the promise of page rank, the strategy is to simply piggyback off of THEIR power, and have YOUR articles, documents and sales propositions rank higher and faster than they would ( or could) ordinarily on your own.

Anyway – with so much to do and so little time, I spent an afternoon a few months back simply putting a whole bunch of disparate articles into “reports”, put some simple cloaked links at the bottom of each document, ( and within the articles themselves) added a recommended resources section to the end of each report

( across MANY different niches, dating, online business, credit repair, diet, etc -) and uploaded them en masse to Scribd – where shortly thereafter, I completely and confidently forgot about the whole thing..:-)

Fast forward a few months and I’m checking out my link tracking stats and see a lot of them are emanating from my Scribd stuff.  As Scribd has a very liberal policy on links ( if you have them, you can post them..:-) you can really create killer little collections of articles ALL embedded with affiliate links ( most directories will NOT let you do this…and for good reason) and get tons of page views, tons of click throughs, and if you’re smart, TONS of easy commissions you’ll have a hard time getting in other places.

Anyway –  I checked again today, and low and behold, several of my scribd links are amongst the highest performers in a lot of the smaller niches I’m publishing in.

On top of that, my OWN stuff, (business consulting, online marketing articles, etc )which I had someone put together for me and post on Scribd – is outranking just about everything else I’ve posted ANYWHERE else, including EZA, my own site, or any of the other disparate spots I regularly try to hustle my own illuminating intellect…;-)


More Benefits to using Scribd?

Another great benefit for us really lazy types?  Scribd will give you a report as to EXACTLY and for what terms your article(s) or report(s) rank in real time, so you can see where your traffic is coming from, and how well they are performing for your keywords, topics and niches of choice.  And, while they are not neccessarily an unknown per se, it’s still NOT a resource I see lots of people talking about.

Very interesting stuff, and of course it keeps the motivation and momentum going to get a good visual overview of how well each of your submissions is doing ( and something some of the other more popular article and community directories might want to integrate into their own interface as well)

Final Thoughts?

Well worth trying out – it’s FREE, and if you are dillegently looking for more maniac marketing ways to get your message out to the masses, this is surely one easy way to do it without spending a nickel.  ( and of course you can simply re-purpose your existing stuff to do it)