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How to Position Your Adsense Ads for Maximum Click Through Rates

adsense positioning.jpgI’m going to be honest – I think I may be on the early side of losing a bit of my youthful 20/20 vision, but I had to re-focus twice when I came across this site to differentiate which of these were navigational links, and which were google ads.  And I don’t keep track anymore of what is kosher, and what’s not on the Adsense TOS, but if this is considered ok, I can’t imagine how this girl’s click through rate on this page isn’t 30% plus.  The whole page is simply made up of a few navigational links framed by adsense ads, with a few amazon banners thrown in for good measure.  And ironically, the "webmaster" who runs this site is a pretty well known white hat social media maven who sort of explains the do’s and dont’s of good social marketing ecology.  ( ie – don’t stumble your own submissions, do add value to the community, blah, blah….blah, blah.)

It used to be that the little link units were a great way to turbocharge your navigational bar clickthrough rates, and of course before then, simply butting your ads up against your pictures ( ie – offline studies for years showed that people looked at "hero shot" pictures first, and then the text immediately underneath the picture for a framing visual reference…no suprise that running ads under these spots was phenomenal for CTR)

Anyway – if this is allowed, I’d recommend building some content pages just like this for your easy click landing pages, you can use a great tool like Keyword Country which will identify the absolute BEST paying keywords in the adsense program in any number of niches, simply build the pages, optimize the page with good content, and you could probably make some dead easy money on article directory traffic, press release directories and Craigslist, et al.  I’ll bet you even those click avoiding, banner blind social network stumblers might stumble their way into a few easy clicks your way as well.  Oh well.  Another day, another idea I’ll never follow up on.

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