Selling Affiliate Products to Your List (Enlightened Entrepreneur FAQ)

Have tons of passion but NO way to make a profit?

Don’t have the time to create your first EBOOK, audio course or coaching program but stoked to get started anyway?

Simple!  Start by selling something that someone else created….and worry about creating your own “curriculum” when you have some cash to be comfortable.

Finding really good affiliate programs to promote in most niches is simply a matter of sitting down, getting organized and identifying the needs of your niche, and then finding something you feel comfortable recommending to fill them.

(or asking them what they want to buy….and then finding it!)

For example, many of you who have taken part in some of my “premium” challenges know that I have earned a fair amount of money as an affiliate for psychic and new age related products and programs.

While I’m not 100% sure what I believe in regard to psychic readings, out of body experiences and astral projection, lucid dreaming and programs that promise mystical and mysterious meditative experiences, I DO know that people who are interested in these areas often pasionately participate in the communities that cater to them,  and overall, are amongst the very best buyers there are.

I also know that people who are interested in one area of this niche are often very interested in another as well.  (e.g. – someone who is interested in learning how to have deep, mystical meditative experiences may very well also be interested in learning to become more psychic, or to understand his or her dreams, or to experiment with lucid dreaming, etc)

This opens up a myriad of monetization possibilities through the follow up conversation you have with your community…….as there are both DEEP and WIDE opportunities to sell stuff they may really like.

For me personally – being a bit of an eccentric, open minded oddball……I can’t think of a more fun way to build a business than to interact with a wild and wacky community of people who love sharing their “psychic” experiences, and being able to make great money talking about crazy stuff..:-)

Remember, most people in your community will NEVER BUY A THING!

So you have to make sure that those who do, are not only happy with what you are selling, but that YOUR business is equally rewarded as well :-)

If you aren’t ready to create your own products, make sure the products you pick are PROFITABLE for you, and productive for the people who trusted you before they purchased.

  • Avoid high hype digital downloads.

Stick with programs with big buck brand name recognition, and that advertise heavily outside of the “affiliate ” space.

In my view, the KEY to longevity as an affiliate in a community you care about is to align yourself with products and programs that have CONTINUITY, and consistency over time and have “Joe and Jane” household name recognition.

  1. Why would anyone want to sell a clickbank fat loss ebook…..when you could promote Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Medifast and those sorts of programs in the diet and weight loss world instead?
  2. Why promote an obscure, high hype, dating ebook that may convert 1 in 400, instead of selling a dating service like Match.Com which 99% of the population knows by name already, and that may convert 1 out 12 or 15 instead?
  3. Why promote some odd online personal development guru that only a handful of people know…..when you could piggyback off of the millions of dollars of media that folks like Anthony Robbins already have spent to bring their message to the masses?

Pick products you’ll be proud to promote and they’ll be far more profitable…..I promise.  (that may be a record for “Ps” in a sentence)

For a bit more on selling what you love and building your business around your natural gifts, sign up for a FREE ACCOUNT with CJ.Com and browse the offers that match YOUR market (it’s 100% free to join)………….OR, check out the short article I submitted earlier today to EzineArticles – you can read the whole thing at the link following the short excerpt below..:-)

Getting paid for doing what you love?

Either create something to sell to your community of fans and followers, OR simply find something that already exists that you can heartily recommend.

For example, you can be a diet and nutrition specialist and either create your own “course” or diet program, or you can simply go out and find an existing diet with an international brand name and become an affiliate for them.

If you love spiritual, paranormal or psychic topics, you can either create something of value to share with your community (i.e. – offer intuitive readings, or a how to on developing psychic abilities if that’s your expertise) OR simply partner with an existing service as an affiliate.

Are you passionate about personal development?

Why not offer coaching yourself….OR, simply sell some of the big name programs from the motivational speakers who are already household names. As long as they teach and preach things that you agree with and are comfortable recommending.

Get Paid For Your PASSION! The Easiest Way to Build a Home Based Business Out of What You LOVE

Got Writers Block? How to Get an Avalanche of Ideas for Your Articles Without Burning Your Brain

Who else finds writers block to be a BIG obstacle to creating the sort of community you crave?

Do you have inspired ideas and piles of passion but find when it comes to actually putting them down on paper (or pixel)……. you end up staring at a bare, blank and blinking screen for minutes, hours or even days on end?

Do you obsess over ignominious online issues like duplicate content penalties….wondering how to squeeze every last ounce of exposure from each article, blog post or social media submission you cram out of your creaking, leaking creative “flow”?

If you’ve read the “Enlightened Entrepreneur 2012 Challenge” PDF, I hope you are already familiar with the idea of creating a “Content Cornerstone” for adding STRUCTURE to all of your niche knowledge…..before you even begin to blog or write about what you love most.

The truth is, if you do it the right way, you’ll literally have an evergreen avalanche of ideas for your articles, blog posts, and even social media submissions.

(as you can go back in time and simply re-purpose THAT content anew in your social media streams, much the way I’m starting to do now with much of my own)

Don’t forget another GREAT way of re-purposing your existing content is to CLIP IT, much like I’m doing here, with an article I wrote and submitted earlier today to Ezinearticles on this exact topic.


By “borrowing” a bit of my article content on the directory itself I get “extra” UNIQUE content to add to THIS blog without it penalty, the article itself gets a NEW incoming link, my appearance of “expertise’ is extended for new readers who are visiting for the first time, and now have a second source for content I’ve created….etc.

Most importantly – if you are building a new business in a new niche and find yourself running out of ideas straight away…...I CHALLENGE YOU to apply the “Content Cornerstone” concept in your own business and watch how many more inspired ideas you come up with….and FAST!

You can read the full article at the link immediately following the excerpt below..:-)

Is article marketing time consuming? Is it easy to run out of ideas before you really even get out of the gate? How many times can you really say the same thing, anyway?

Doesn’t it get redundant, or repetitive to create content in the same niche…day after day, week after week or month after month? If you are anything like most of the people I speak to about the challenges that face most article marketing mavens, the BIGGEST concern most admit to is the writers block, or the sudden lack of ideas that always sets in once you get a little bit of momentum, right?

I mean, even if you love your niche, and have tons and tons of personal passion, at SOME point you’ve got to run out of things to say, right?I say WRONG! If you set up an article marketing campaign the right way from the outset, you can literally create copious amounts of killer content for weeks, months or even years on end, without running out of things to say.

Article Marketing Basics: How to Write MORE Articles in Less Time (Banish Writers Block Forever)

Quick And Easy Keyword Research Tools? How to Get Quality Competitive Intelligence for Free

What is the best way of doing free keyword research?

Which keyword tools are best?

This question has come up a bit over the last week or so since the last “Enlightened Entrepreneur” PDF went up, and several of you have asked why I didn’t recommend a specific tool anywhere in the material.

The truth is, while I know most people disagree (especially the affiliates who make a living promoting them) and claim that keyword research is super duper important, I disagree…..and think if you know your niche, and focus on creating killer content around what you know – you’ll know the right keywords AND the right language to use to target the traffic that is most meaningful to you as well.

You DO have to do some keyword research obviously……but not in the way that most traditional niche marketers recommend.

The ONLY real keyword research I pay for is Spyfu – (both because I like it and they give me a significant discount over current rates) and I’ve used (and like) Ispionage a lot as well.

Mostly these tools just help you look at the competitive landscape a bit, and get a bit of a headstart by seeing opportunities that may not be obvious to you going in, or if you are advertising using PPC, a great way to “steal” the campaigns that appear to be converting for your competition already.  (and both tools can be really, really fun to use and addicting….which is ironically why I don’t really recommend spending too much time doing research….when you could be creating content, or building your community, etc)

A great tool that has LOTS of free functionality for quick and easy competitive intelligence is http://Quantcast.Com – and you can check out Alexa.Com as well – as each has some unique features that will tell you things about a site, or a market, or a keyword that is really revealing to have so readily available.

(Quantcast will tell you not only how popular a site is, but how it’s trending, what the general user base is like, what other sites their readers are likely to visit (great for affiliate ideas that are “wide” or outside of the obvious association we may make about what folks are likely to buy) and even how “addictive” or how likely it is that users will KEEP coming back after an intial pass.

(another great feature for affiliates, and for creating content, and communities that are compelling for your own readers as well) For example, in the screenshot below, they’re telling us that visitors to Ezinearticles.Com are 21 times more likely than the average web visitor to ALSO visit

Or, 14 times more likely to visit

Alot of online data is very rough….as is the above, too – but Quantcast is well worth checking out if you are trying to figure out what sort of content to create, or community to build, or what other sites in your marketplace “look” like right now, and is great for ideas, and inspiration, too..:-)

The screenshot below tells us that Match.Com users are passionate about the site, and their membership and check in often…..a good thing to know if you are an affiliate like me and want to know how likely it is that a free trial may ultimately convert into a full site sale, but NOT such a good thing to know if you’re a member like me and have sent out 14 emails to other members this week and none have responded.

(which you were hoping was because they don’t check in very often, which now looks statistically unlikely)

Quantcast also tells us that Ezinearticles.Com’s traffic ain’t getting much better since the big Panda punishment, and as a matter of fact… actually continuing to get worse. (although in fairness, I’ve seen a pretty noticable jump in my own niche traffic over the last month, it’s still way down from where it was a year ago)

It also tells me that my own blog doesn’t even really count at all on their radar, which hurts my feelings and makes me question why I even searched for myself in the first place.

Often, some of the best questions are those you don’t ask.

I heard that once in a Bruce Willis movie, and it’s advice I wish I listened to more often – especially around Valentines Day.

Anyway – the key takeway is, has a really engaged female user base, many of whom don’t find me an ideal partner.

And Ezinearticles better try something new if they want to afford that big mortgage for that beautiful new googleplex looking building they just built in downtown Greenbay.

And that this post probably could have ended 2 paragraphs ago and been far more useful.

And that you can do tons of great, competitive keyword research for free…do it super duper quickly and in the process, get access to genuinely insightful information that will help you build your blog, your brand and your business as well :-)

How to Improve Your Article Marketing Campaigns Overnight (Without Writing an Extra Word)

One of the biggest challenges we ALL face when creating a new content campaign is trying to get the maximum amount of traffic from the minimum amount of effort, right?

I mean… one wants to spend hours and hours writing new articles just to get a trickle of traffic, especially with so many new episodes of “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet. 

(strangely and a bit naively, I still start each episode really believing I may be about to witness a historic discovery being made right in my living room)

The truth is, with so much competition in every niche….many people have difficulty stepping up and standing out, and creating content that gets you noticed in your niche.  In our last post, we quickly covered 51 words you can INSTANTLY add to your article titles to create curiosity….and gently compel, coerce and cajole folks to check out YOUR content over that of your competition.

Don’t forget to use the very SAME principles in both your resource box…….AND your landing page as well.

The key is, in my experience….CONTINUITY in the “conversation” between your content, and your community.

A compelling title may get opened with a frequency far exceeding that of your competition, but a lame, lukewarm resource box is a recipe for LOST opportunity.

(as if people don’t ultimately click through and visit your site…….you’ve gained NOTHING, even if they love your article)

The last part of the traffic triangle is your landing page.  Using the same conversational continuity between your directory content, and your landing page is critical….and “selling” something that’s 100% different on your landing page, versus what you previously promised leads to less than optimal actions once that traffic DOES arrive.  (which I’ve experimented with plenty of times in the past, most often with disappointing results!)

First time here?  Download out the “Enlightened Entrepreneur 2012 Challenge” PDF for a bit more detail on creating a community out of your content…….OR, simply read the article below at EZA which covers a few of the ideas above in a bit more detail…:-)

2 – Ferociously Focus on 2 Important Areas of Your Article

Your title, and your resource box. You should know the language and conversation of your audience, but don’t obsess or stress about keyword research. Worry more about creating highly engaging, interesting and attention capturing titles, and standing out in the sea of similarity that plagues most categories.And the resource box?

Reward your reader with the opportunity to get more information that will advance their understanding, expertise or enjoyment of the niche you are in. Don’t write about your personal accolades…..and simply focus on creating curiosity, and a compelling reason for your reader to want to learn more. (because if they don’t, you’ve often lost them forever)

3 Landing Page Continuity

This is crucial as well. Your landing page has to be looked as an extension of your article. If you “get the click” and your landing page isn’t consistent with the content they just read….and doesn’t continue the conversation, you aren’t going to convert those readers into subscribers.

It’s a simple thing, and a very small distinction, but in my own campaigns (and those of clients) I’ve seen incredible drop offs in conversion where I’ve tried to “change” the conversation on the landing page to something else I wanted them to buy or believe. (not smart…and a great way to waste alot of good traffic as well!)

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Optimize Your Next Article Marketing Campaign

How To Instantly Improve Your Content (and Conversion) With A Single Word

Actually 51words.

It was originally 49, but I added 2 more that fit a bad blind date I went on last night.

(Embarrassing and cringe-worthy)

The truth is, I shared these a few years ago, and I still get emails every week from folks who are using them in their own content campaigns to lift open rates, improve click through rates and radically re-invigorate blog post titles and headlines with compelling, curious and creative copy that beg to be noticed.

* Explosive
* Proven
* Overlooked
* Unsung
* Extraordinary
* Bizarre
* Peculiar
* Absurd
* Weird
* Important
* Outstanding
* Stunning
* Spectacular
* Revealing
* Sensational
* Super
* Guaranteed
* Secret
* Free
* Hardcore
* Unusual
* Sincere
* Genuine
* Underground
* Honest
* Real
* Shameful
* Humiliating
* Cringe Worthy
* Embarrassing
* Eclectic
* Dirty
* Truthful
* Only for
* How to
* Proven
* Rarely
* Confidential
* Urgent
* Warning
* Stop
* (Parenthetically)
* Scintillating
* Guaranteed
* Attention
* Finally
* Shortcuts
* Insider
* Amazing
* Caution

Notice: Putting Them Together exponentially ( another good word!) increases their power in super simple ways.

Here are a few examples:

Like so:

Warning! Explosive Credit Repair Secrets (Proven to Raise Your Credit Score Fast)

Urgent: Little Known Credit Repair Techniques Guaranteed to Raise Your Score 30 Points (in 30 days or less)

Not the best headlines for sure………but just remove the “power” words and (parentheses) and notice how “lifeless” they REALLY become.

But don’t take my word for it…….

Copy them – and put them to use and watch your readership respond…:-)

Also HERE is the entire PDF for the Enlightened Entrepreneur intro – all 25 (or so) pages in one place – you can literally build your entire business on the firm foundation of this process….and if you aren’t taking advantage of it, not only are YOU missing out in a major league way, so TOO are all the people who could be benefiting from your passion and expertise..:-)

(so re-read it….and APPLY it, it’s easy, tons of FUN……AND it really works!)

How to Pick the Perfect Niche (And Why Loving What You Do Matters Most)

How important is it to love the work you do when picking a niche…..or picking a “passion” to pursue online? 

Are the best markets those that have the best keywords or the most volume or the least competition or the highest paying affiliate programs? 

I submitted the article below a few days ago to EZA for list building purposes…..and I truly believe that the ONLY real consideration when picking a niche is personal PASSION and a desire to immerse yourself in a universe that you truly CARE about. 

When I think back to how many weeks, months and even years of my own life I’ve wasted working on stuff I just don’t care about….and how little meaning so much of that effort had, it actually makes me sad..:-)

Knowing what your gifts are….and being brave enough to share your flare, to take a chance, dive in, get muddy and make your “marketing” meaningful is actually the biggest challenge that there is, and I really believe that the real rewards are reserved for those that take that leap of faith.

I love this quote by Terence McKenna and have found many feather beds in many of the places I’ve feared most myself…:-)

Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick.  This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.”
― Terence McKenna

You can read the whole article on EZA at the link following the short excerpt below.

You CAN change the world with your life, and you don’t need to be some sort of super star, celebrity or famous entrepreneur to do it.You need 4 primary ingredients… and a belief that the Universe conspires to reward those who follow their dreams.

Start with PASSION. Your own unique gifts. You either have this or you don’t. And most of you DO… it’s just a matter of digging deeply, being brave being willing to share your flare with the world.Next, you need to create CONTENT around what you love.

Articles like this are a perfect example. I love entrepreneurialism, sharing, and caring about trying to help others create a business around things that make YOU come alive.

So this is my content.Next you need a community. These are your readers, your subscribers, your fans, friends and followers, and the folks who will help spread the word about your business in the places that they live, work, SHARE and play.Lastly, you need a curriculum, or something to convert your community into customers, clients and CASH!

The truth is, this is the “selfish” part of the equation for you, and where you parlay your passion into PROFIT. However, it’s also where you get to create the most change in the world as well… especially if you create a coaching program, a consulting business, or even information products around what you love… and what you do best as well.A life coach is a perfect example of the above ethos in action. So too would a yoga teacher, a martial arts master, a financial planner, a credit counselor, a diet mentor, a spiritual advisor or any other person of passion who wants to create change in the world through action! (and hopefully, if you’ve read this far, that person is YOU!)

How to Change The World in 3 Simple Steps (And Make AMAZING Money Doing What You LOVE)

The Enlightened Entrepreneur Download (Converting Your Content Cornerstone into a Coaching Curriculum:-)

In this PDF we take a quick and easy look at how to convert your content cornerstone, or organizational outline into a product you can sell – and for those of you who have tons of PASSION but no profit, this is the absolute easiest way to codify your content into a coaching program, an ebook or audio product, or for those of you who would rather sell something that already exists……….an affiliate product instead.

You can download the file HERE – and later today, I’ll be uploading a companion audio file that will build on a few of these ideas in a bit more detail as well.

LISTEN to the Audio HERE. :-)


The Enlightened Entrepreneur Download (Creating Community Out of Your Content – PDF)

Here is the step by step sequence of steps you need to take to convert your CONTENT into community.….as well as the super simple work flow to literally create your first list without having to learn anything complex, confusing or expensive to boot.

(as long as you have PASSION or niche knowledge, and are willing to create CONTENT around what you know and love, you CAN create a community of fans, friends, followers, and folks who will be actively engaged with what you have to share and offer)

The PDF IS HERE (those of you on my list already should have this, but for those who aren’t – feel free to download, and I hope you enjoy..:-)

BTW – The 3rd and final PDF in this series will be posted tonight – where we’ll take a very look at codifying ALL of the preceding steps into a CURRICULUM, or something you can teach, preach, sell or offer your community to monetize your marketplace, and parlay your passion into profit.





The Enlightened Entrepreneur (Content Cornerstone – Free Download)

If you are a coach, consultant, teacher, trainer, mentor or really…….passion professional of ANY kind, coming up with content is only a slender sliver of the struggle.

You need blog posts.  Article submissions.  Email auto responder messages.  And of course, a curriculum, or something to SELL to your community to actually  turn your passion…..into profit, right?

For many of us, coming up with copious amounts of killer content on a regular basis is what ultimately dooms us to disappointment, and probably is what leads most to give up completely to boot.


Creating a multi purpose outline for YOUR niche, your market and your ideas is actually the EASIEST way to codify your content into an organizational structure that frees you UP to do what you do best.

I call this the Content Cornerstone – basically because, as you’ll see in the PDF attached to this post, it really DOES provide the backbone for building your blog, your brand, your business and your bank account for years to come……it’s also the best way to get clear on what you KNOW (and where you need to grow) right out of the box.

Sound a bit confusing?  Download the PDF and you’ll get a better idea of how it works.  (and then of course, create your OWN content cornerstone for YOUR niche….and watch how quickly the “A-HA” moments arrive..:-)



The Enlightened Entrepreneur 2012 Challenge (Getting Started)

The Enlightened Entrepreneur 2012 challenge is officially underway…:-)

What that means, specifically is THIS:

I’m challenging YOU to simplify your business around what you love, and what you KNOW works, NOT because I’m telling you it does, but because you see it everywhere around you and know it makes perfect sense. (consistently creating killer content that demonstrates your authority and expertise, building a committed community of friends, fans and followers and ultimately, developing your own CURRICULUM of products, services and offers you can sell to make a living out of what you love)

I’m not only going to be tailoring the content to those of you who want to parlay your PASSION into profit, I’m going to be breaking down, blueprinting and hopefully, shining a bright light on just how exceedingly all of this IS, if you let it be.

The truth is, you CAN make a full time sharing your natural gifts with the world….and you can do it FAR faster than most of you believe, and you can start on a bare bones, shoe string budget as well.

If you are willing to work, and truly can get ferociously focused on ONE thing (building a business that honors your expertise) you will never need another gadget, another gimmick or another “guru” again.

Let’s take a look, (again) at EACH step in this particular system, elaborate a bit on what each idea represents, and then EXACTLY what you need to do to prepare yourself to begin right away.

CONTENT. There are 2 types of content you are going to need. Onsite content. (like this blog post, for example) And OFFSITE content. (content that is created to drive traffic TO your site, or more specifically, is used to build your community.

This article I submitted yesterday is an example of this sort of content – it’s not meant to be a blog post, or be brimming with passion or personality…’s meant to do ONE thing and one thing only – help me build my list – PERIOD)

COMMUNITY. There are 3 types of community in this system.  You have a blog community.  (much like you are part of mine, by virtue of  being here now)

You have your email LIST community.  (some of you are on this, too….and this is where I focus on growing first and foremost)

And you have your extended community that live in places you don’t quite control.  (social networks, content curation and sharing sites, etc)

My “on site” blog community is a bit different than most, as I prefer and recommend, a system that encourages user generated content, Q and A, and participation……much like what you are looking at now.  (you can create profiles, ask questions, particpate in groups, post to your “wall”, etc all of which obviously is FREE content that you don’t have to write (or pay) to create)

CURRICULUM.  There are many different types of things you can sell.  For our purposes, you curriculum is ANYTHING that allows you to make a living doing what you love.  It’s optimal, most profitable and ultimately easiest to create your own products and programs.  (high end telephone coaching for example would be one, or, if you are just getting started……… an audio program that consists of you sharing your expertise in a “data dump” format for a few hours and can be made in an afternoon)

If this doesn’t make sense to you just yet, take a few minutes and think it through.

Content +Community +Curriculum + Conversation =Conversion.  (Cash!)

Simple straight lines.

You write an article.

You submit article to high volume directory.

I find it while doing a Google search for something completely different.

I like your article.

I click on the  link at the end of your article.

I end up on your landing page.

I sorta kinda like your landing page, too.

You promise my life will be better if I sign up for your list.

Always interested in a better life, I sign up for your list.

I get your first automated email. (you are sleeping, I am awake, and that doesn’t seem fair)

It’s passionate, excited and enthusiastic.

I like what you have to say.

I like your style and wonder why we don’t live closer.

It makes me hopeful.  And happy.  And hungry.

I run to the kitchen to finish off the orange sherbert I bought on Tuesday.

It’s sort of freezer burnt, but still hits the spot.

I continue to be entranced with your email……and spend the next several hours reading your blog and eating myself into an ice cream food coma.


It really works THAT easily.

Simple, straight lines.

  1. Articles.
  2. Opt in’s
  3. Offers.


Our goal is to not only help you create all 3 of these CRITICAL components as easily as possible, but to also create CONTINUITY between your content, and your community and your curriculum in a way that enhances your expertise, broadens your brand, and extends your influence pretty much at the very same time.

Okay…..let’s get some specific instructions for EXACTLY what you need to get started:

1 -  EzineArticles Author Account (you will write and submit your articles here)

2 – A domain (and blog) of your OWN.  This means a self hosted blog on a domain name you control – NOT a”squidoo” lens, or a hub page, or a “” blog – or a “weeble” or any other free alternative to getting your own domain name and building your blog, your brand, your business nad your bank account where you have CONTROL

Always CONTROL what you CREATE.

3 – A commercial grade auto responder (I use Aweber and they have a $1 dollar trial for 30 days.……other than hosting, it’s the ONE service I couldn’t live without)

4 – You need a LANDING page to put your aweber form, to build your email list community, so that you can sell them stuff…:-)  So many people struggle with this step……that I decided, to do something super silly simple.  Just take MY landing page (the one I’m using right now to build MY list using the content==>community strategy) and COPY it.  Use the “view source” command, copy and paste the entire contents of MY squeeze page into your favorite editor, delete MY copy and insert your own instead…….remembering to PASTE your Aweber javascript code where mine is now, and WALA, you now have a landing page that is ready to kick butt, take names and build your list to boot.

Here is the PAGE you can copy. (it’s the same page I’ve been using for months for my articles…..and it ain’t pretty, but it does exactly what you need it to do – turn STRANGERS into subscribers, subscribers into fans, friends and followers….and ultimately, your content into customers and clients as a result)

The truth is, while that page took me 19 seconds to create and makes me shudder at how simple it looks, it still converts 30-40% of my free traffic to opt in for my list…..and that’s as good as the best fancy pants premium priced landing pages on the market do, too.  (becauseI use plenty of those elsewhere as well!)

So if it helps you – use it.

 The LAST thing you are going to need is what I call a CONTENT CORNERSTONE, or an master outline, or market manifesto of everything you know, and have to share, teach or preach in your niche, today.

This document is really the “secret” sauce to not only being able to create copious amounts of killer content almost on demand, it’s going to give you the backbone of what you are going to create to SELL as well.  (your curriculum)  And while that may seem daunting, and you may FEEL that you are weeks, months or even years away from having a product to sell, you can literally do it in a short weekend.  (and I will show you how..:-)

Remember – if you have a niche – and you are willing to create content – and you have a blog – and you have an autoresponder – and you have a landing page – and you have something that you KNOW in your bones will help folks in your niche improve their lives……you have everything you need to succeed, I promise :-)

I’ll share the “Content Cornerstone” document building strategy in about 24 hours, and feel free to post any questions in the getting started group, here!

The Enlightened Entrepreneur FAQ (Part 1 of Many More to Follow..:-)


Have questions about what the Enlightened Entrepreneur Challenge is all about?

No worries…….you are NOT alone..:-) And to be totally honest with you, part of the excitement and enthusiasm I have about getting this moving is I’m not 100% sure where it’s going to go (or grow) either..:-)

What I DO know is this:

If you have passion and a sense of purpose about what you want to do online…..the tools, tips and techniques I’m going to share will help you do it far faster, and with far more confidence than just about any other process I know of.

Again, the beauty of this whole process is going to be in it’s sheer simplicity.  You don’t need to be a tech “wunderkind”  (I’m not)  You don’t need to have a huge budget to get started, have a rolodex of big names or jv partners at your disposal, or really much of anything beyond a niche you are passionate about and a willingness to work.

With that in mind, the first “mini challenge” will be posted this weekend, and I’ll demonstrate the process of creating content, and “community” in a very easy to digest way.   The first challenge will last 7-10 days, and I hope, when it’s done……you’ll have the ONE CORE skill that is MOST important to grow your business in 2012….and well beyond, without ever needing another guru, gimmick, or goofy gadget again.

Listen to the short audio below as I cover some of the questions that have come in over the last few days via email……and of course, feel free to ask anything else you like in the comments section below, and I’ll be sure to cover it in the next recording.  (or address it below :-)  Please listen to the whole audio as it’s only 15 minutes and does cover some of the more common questions about picking a niche, etc… the very end!



The 2012 Enlightened Entrepreneur Challenge (PASSION. Purpose. PROFIT :-)

If you know me at all…… know I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.

And it’s just about ready.

I’ve started developing this a zillion times already over the last 4 months…….but then stalled, slowed, stutter stepped, or simply stopped altogether.

The “it” has been to create an entire community comprised of copious amounts of killer content specifically for “enlightened” entrepreneurs, meaningful marketers and for people of passion….who want to change the world, but aren’t exactly sure how to build a brand, or a blog, or a business around their inspired ideas.

People who understand “meaning” more than marketing.

And yet…..over the last few weeks, I’ve been relentlessly refining and revisiting some of the strategies I’ve shared with many of you over the last few years…and simplifying them to the point where EVERYONE can emulate and apply them in just about any niche under the sun.

What i’m hoping to create is this:

A “challenge” designed exclusively for Enlightened Entrepreneurs.

People who prioritize PASSION over profit.

Contribution over cash.

And yet, simultaneously of course…..are interested in building their bank accounts along side their businesses to boot.

IF you are a radical, a rebel or a revolutionary with a unique VOICE, and something interesting or innovative unique to say…..this is the program for you.

If you crave creating a community of people who share a vision, a goal, an ethos or an inspired idea and are willing to LEAD, teach and train others to excel, this is the process for you.

The truth, and beauty about all of this is, it’s DEAD simple to do.

At it’s core, I’ve “dumbed down” this system to 3 simple pieces that every successful online entrepreneur needs to succeed.

  1. You need CONTENT.
  2. You need a COMMUNITY.
  3. And you need a CURRICULUM  (something to sell, tell, teach or preach for profit…this can be your own product or program, or an affiliate offer if you don’t have one yet, although I’M going to show you how easy it can be to create a product you can sell with superhero speed.

The other thing you SHOULD have (it’s not mandatory, just really smart to map out) is:

  • Strategy (your goal or overarching objective)
  • Structure (what it looks like getting to your goal)
  • Sequence (what goes where, when and why)

For example -

If you are writing articles to build your list (which I certainly recommend)

Your CONTENT (article) creates a COMMUNITY (via an opt in form) and your CURRICULUM could be anything from an affiliate product you recommend on days 4, 7 and 10 of your follow up sequence, to a product, program or service you offer of  your own.

(Note:  I used to call this approach ARTICLES/OPTIN’S/OFFERS 6 or 7  years ago….. and it means the very same thing, with the caveat now being your CONTENT, can be comprised out of whatever CREATIVE output YOU feel most comfortable creating – i.e. – a webinar for driving traffic to your community page, rather than an article may be more comfortable for your skill set)

But at it’s core…..

It’s about creating CONTINUITY between your content, and your community and extending your influence and expertise in ways that are fun, fast and free.

Simple, straight lines.

  • No fancy pants plugins.
  • No SEO speak designed to confused and conquer.
  • No contrived keyword tools
  • No silly contrived bullshit advice on how to “behave” better on facebook for fun and profit (ps – if you need a blog post on the “do’s and don’ts” of being a real human being., it may be time to take a break and peek outside)

I know I’m an optimistic person…..and I know that not everyone is going to succeed no matter HOW simple and straightforward the advice.

But, I TRULY believe that if you identify that ONE THING that you love, destroy all of the distractions, get crystal clear on where you want to be, set clear goals and create a structure that supports your success,  there is NO ONE reading this right now that can’t make a living doing something that truly makes you feel good.

It’s not magic.

It’s not a mystery.

It’s work.  (but if you love what you create… I love doing this, and believe your life is your legacy, it rarely feels like work at all)

Again -  this is the EASIEST, most expeditious and most elegant approach I know of to build a blog, a brand, a your business around doing something you TRULY feel called to do, something that transcends “work”, something you feel in your bones……and want to share with the world.

That’s it.

The SECRET is……..Getting started and up and running and actually making money FAST is as much about the MATH, as much as the marketing.

(and that’s one of the very first things I’m going to demonstrate for you this week)

For example -

Statistically, most home based business owners will never make $100 EVER….from their efforts online.

And yet…….if you are willing to work a few hours a day, I’m going to show you how to earn $100 an HOUR, (or much more) in rapid fire turn around time, doing what you love and I think that’s going to be really exciting.

The best part is, not only am I going to be “teaching” this process on my blog, the actual blog is going to be a live demonstration of the exact process I want to demonstrate.

  1. We’ll have a community. (free to join right now using the register link on the home page and nav bar)
  2. We’ll have Q and A.  (free to post questions, offer answers, and share your flare with the group)
  3. And of course, we’ll have all sorts of creative content that is designed to demonstrate how to compel, cajole, creatively coerce and convince folks to click through and get involved in JOINING your community in the first place.
  4. (in other words, I’m going to share with you the simple steps I use to not only create CONTENT that is designed to grow my own community from “scratch” but hopefully, inspire you to emulate my approach for your own.)

For the time being, this is going to be 100% free.

When I say for the time being, I don’t mean there is some sort of sneaky switcharoo planned or sly shoe to drop that you won’t see coming.

By and large, I want this to be a free community that actually emulates what I envision when I picture the enlightened entrepreneur that I’d like to become myself.

Because right now I only feel half enlightened.

Like the guy who thinks he saw Jesus in his grill cheese sandwich but isn’t 100% sure.

The non cheesy half of him wants to weep with wonder and be bowed by it’s beauty.

The other half wants to sell it on Ebay.

It’s time to be the better half.

Contribution over cash.

Passion over profit.

Service over sales.

(all things I think I can fairly say I have always focused on here… 90% of the content I’ve created over the last 3 years I’ve given away for free)

I WILL have some super small “premium” challenges that will have to be “members only”, where we will chunk down a specific system over 7-14 days, and demonstrate the exact step by step sequence of steps you need to follow to get ferociously focused about your own business.

(The first one of these will be coming as early as this week, and if you participated in the last 10 day mini-challenge, this will be 100% free, and in all likelihood will be free for all as well)

And starting in February I’m going to have an enlightened entrepreneur “guru” training program, which will quite simply be unlike anything I’ve ever seen offered in the past and far more intimate, involved and immersive as well.

(If you are truly want to be a rock star in your niche……we’ll help you literally create your content, your community and your curriculum out of thin air….and give you the tools, and the techniques to transform your business forever)

But that’s down the road a bit for most….and that’s only going to be appropriate for a very small segment of my list.

For everyone else, I am going to bend over backwards to make sure you have everything you need to succeed, and invite you to participate, ask questions – you can even post your own links here and time permitting, I’ll look at them and make comments for the benefit of hopefully, both your campaign…..and the community overall.  (please don’t email me these privately)

So, there you have it.

It’s finally here.

And this is the year.

The enlightened entrepreneur 2012 challenge.

Passion, purpose and profit.

Make a living from what you love.

Nothing confusing, complex or hard to understand.

Sweet simplicity.

Keep your eye on your INBOX over the next few days……and make sure you register for the community using the sign up form on the nav bar above- fill out a profile – everyone has a FB like “wall” you can share your own links, promote your services if you wish as well………….don’t forget to stay connected to ME on FACEBOOK where I’ll be sharing some updates too…..lots of great, super simple stuff is coming that you CAN use to grow your blog, your brand, your business and your bank account, and I look forward to helping you get there as well..:-)

Want to Earn $100 an Hour? The Easy Way to “Reverse Engineer” Your Content into Cash

Think that earning $100 an hour online sounds too good to be true? 

Don’t think you have the skills, or the marketing mojo to convert your content, and community into cash? 

The truth is, if you simply give up on the “gurus” and forget everything you are trying to master when it comes to marketing, and instead……focus on the MATH, it actually becomes super simple. 

Now, I don’t want to over-simplify all of this too much because there ARE a few metrics you have to measure, but if you can come up with an offer than honors your expertise, create content that demonstrates you are an authority, use that content to create a community who shares your passion, and then follow up with a conversation that converts a small percentage of that community into clients……you have EVERYTHING you need to know to turn each hour you work into an income stream that exceeds your needs. 

I’m a big fan of the idea that if you have PASSION and a positive perspective and can offer a unique, inspiring and empowering message in your niche, when it comes to earning what you are truly worth………it’s MUCH more about the math, than the marketing. 

Start with the right STRATEGY that identifies your ultimate goals, put the right STRUCTURE in place, and then have an automated SEQUENCE that moves strangers into subscribers and subscribers into clients and customers in a statistically predicable way and you can literally decide how much you want to make each month, and intelligently optimize your efforts to make it happen.

Make sense?  If it doesn’t…..don’t worry, because as part of the ENLIGHTENED ENTREPRENEUR 2012 CHALLENGE, I’m going to be demonstrating the exact process flow for making this happen in the next few weeks, along with some live examples you can follow along, copy and use as your own as well. 

In the meantime…..check out the short article we submitted earlier today to EZA, which is also a live example of this approach in action as well.  You can read the whole article at the link, following the short excerpt below..:-)

The SECRET is… it’s more about MATH than marketing!

How so? Let me give you an example in my own business, I have a $1500 business building program. Historically, I know that about 1% of my subscribers will sign up for this at some point in our relationship.I also know that if I write 4 articles per hour, on average… those articles will generate about 25 subscribers for my business.

Therefore, 4 hours of consistent content creation will yield, on average… about 100 new subscribers.And over the next year… through a series of relationship, rapport and trust building communications, 1 of those people WILL buy the $1500 personal, one on one training program.

(and if I do my job right, many of those people will go on to invest in even higher end services and programs we offer)So for me, from a math standpoint, each hour that I focus on generating CONTENT that is designed to build my COMMUNITY is worth about $350.

And the SAME will be true for YOU. (your math may be different of course, but the idea is exactly the same in every niche, market or industry under the sun)

Want to Earn $100 an HOUR Working From Home? Do THIS Everyday (Starting Now!)

Ouija Wednesday’s

ouija wed

As I have shared with many of you via email over the last few weeks…..I have some really exciting, game changing features coming to our community this month, that I know you are going to love.

Quite simply, if you are coach, consultant, teacher, trainer, mentor, passion professional or enlightened entrepreneur of ANY kind, I’m going to be demonstrating LIVE, step by step strategies that I promise will change your business forever…..starting in January of 2012.

One of the things I’m most excited about personally is Ouija Wednesdays, where essentially, I’ll take one reader question per week, and rather than thinking up a good response myself, I’ll simply ask my spirit guides to answer through the ouija board instead.

Please note: I didn’t even know I had any spirit guides until I got this ouija board as a gift for Channukah, so I’m as surprised as you are by this development. I’m doing my best to catch up for lost time by asking LOTS of questions, and of course, in the spirit of generosity (no pun intended) offering my personal guide’s advice to you for free, in the off chance you don’t have any your own, or don’t have any good friends who buy holiday gifts on Ebay.

Also – I know with 100% certainty that there is no one else in the online marketing space doing this…..and I truly believe this is going to be one of the more radically innovative ideas I’ve had in the last few years. (and if you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I’m full of radically innovative ideas)

So without further adiue, and to get the year off on the right foot, let’s take a quick look at Chuck’s question immediately below:

“Ian -

Why am I getting these emails? All you internet marketers are the same. Do you guys share my name?? I know you guys share names. Please explain. If I signed up for your list I don’t remember. (EDITORS NOTE: Chuck signed up yesterday. Twice) Call me at your earliest convienience. 919-830-5XXX”

This question will be posed to the OUIJA over this weekend, and an answer will be posted in response, on Wed, so please check back… I think this is going to be an exciting new feature many of you are going to grow to love.

Thanks for playing and Au Revoir,


Is Article Marketing Still Effective? (And The Simple Strategy For Creating Content That Converts)

Is article marketing still effective, or is it effectively dead?  Can you still use articles for SEO, or for building backlinks to your site, service, blog, brand or business?  And if not….what is the BEST way to create content that does convert into customers, clients and cash?

I can honestly say that I’ve gotten more comments, emails and questions about article marketing over the last few months than at ANY time over the 3 or 4 years I’ve been writing about it here….and in other spots around the web.

Of course I can only speak about my own experience, but having well over 5000 of my own articles out there, as well as managing a business with thousands and thousands more written by others, I can honestly tell you that if you’re writing articles for “SEO” or for incoming links, or for anchor text benefits, you’d be better off turning off your computer and watching Season 1 and 2 of Dexter instead.  (Season 3 is really not great, I’m not a big fan of Jimmy Smits either, but I’m hoping it gets better towards the end)

That said, I still create tons and tons of content on a regular basis, and for the purpose of BUILDING A LIST, I still prefer the subscribers I get from articles over every other method I’ve tried……PERIOD.  (and I’m pretty sure you will too)

Remember, if 100 people land on your blog or website from the search engines, and you have an opt in percentage of 5 or 7 or even 10 percent……which is average, or even above average for a typical blog with a sidebar opt in for, you’ll end up with 5 or 7 or 10 new subscribers. (and 10% ain’t common – unless you’ve got something super duper exciting to offer and a very targeted traffic, 5-7% is much more likely)

However, if those same 100 people end up on a “skinny” landing page with a big FAT opt in form in the middle, you should end up with 25-30 subsribers, and you can CONTROL where your readers “land” when creating offsite content, via where you point your resource box links, right?

For that reason, when it comes to building a community of fans, friends and followers, I still think article marketing rocks.  (or I’d invest that time in more TV time myself, which along with exploring my past lives, is one of my 2012 New Year’s resolutions)

Check out the short article I submitted earlier today on some common article marketing questions that have popped up on here and elsewhere over the last week or so – you can read the whole thing at the link, immediatley following the short excerpt below.  :-)

How about article marketing for SEO? Is it still effective?

No. And no. While it may be effective for the directory itself, you should never write articles for anchor text benefits, or the “bump” you believe your site is going to inherit by having directories “pointing” to it. The ONLY reason to use article marketing in my view, is for turning your CONTENT into a community.

And there is no better way for building your community, via your list, than by driving traffic DIRECTLY from your offsite content to a simple opt in page, where you can move your readers to subscribers in one simple step.

The BEST way to construct an article marketing campaign?I call it the “strategy of straight lines” and it’s very simple. You create content, as above that is designed to build your community. You create a conversation with your community that is designed to create customers and clients.

Article Marketing Questions – How Many Articles Do I Need to Write to Make Money? (No Bull)

The Easiest Way to Launch a Coaching Program in 2012 (Content, Community, Contribution and Cash)

Here is an article I wrote and submitted earlier today to promote the Enlightened Entrepreneur Coaching Challenge, which is coming sometime early in 2012, and is going to be the simplest, SEXIEST and most straightforward system for coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, mentors and passion professionals to create KILLER content, creative communities and an insanely inspired contribution in whatever niche, market or industry you choose.   

If you can create content, and use that content to create a community, and be willing to build a conversation with your community that naturally leads to trust, rapport and a sense of sympatico with your subscribers…….you CAN make money online.  PERIOD.  (and have a whole bunch of fun doing it to boot)

Check out the whole article at the link following the short excerpt below…..and if you are just serendipitously stopping by, make sure you are on my list to get email updates on what is going to be a very exciting 2012, I promise..:-)

The truth is, we are at a very interesting intersection in the online marketing, and home based business space.

Most people who seek “overnight riches” will fall flat on their faces… and fail furiously fast.Others, (like yourself, I’m hoping) will build VIABLE, valuable online businesses with amazing ease that endure over the long haul.The ONLY thing that separates the 2?

2 things, actually.

1 – PASSION before profit.

2 – The STRATEGY, structure and sequence that’s required to turn an IDEA into INCOME.Here is what I believe:If you feel a sense of passion and purpose for your work, and focus on contribution and community over cash, you WILL succeed… PERIOD.

And -If you filter your passion through the prism of a pragmatic plan, and apply a structure and sequence to your STRATEGY, you can literally create amazing financial abundance in mere months, working 100% from home, and entirely online.Let me give you a really quick illustration:

How to Create a 6 Figure Income From Home in the Next Year (No Experience Necessary)

How to Start an Online Business on a Shoe String Budget

Here is another short article we submitted earlier today to EZA for the home based business crowd who are trying to get started online….and are trying to do it with the smallest investment possible.

I love the Content Community Continuum strategy for passion professionals and enlightened entrepreneurs, and think the life coach model, as briefly laid out below, is one of the best examples for this style system.

Check out the whole article below……again, not the sort of thing I traditionally post here on the blog, but enjoy, nonetheless!


Who else wants to start a profitable home based business in 2012? 


Sick and tired of blowing money on silly strategies that cost big money, don’t work, are are doomed to disappoint from day one?

Do you have great, inspired ideas……or manic motivation, but can’t seem to put it all together to make it work?

I want to give you a few simple ideas that I truly believe that can revolutionize your home based business, and make it happen in a hurry.  They aren’t conventional.  They aren’t the “same old stuff” you are going to read elsewhere, either.  Instead, I’m going to give you the EXACT building blocks that I use in my own business, and that I’ve offered to tens of thousands of other entrepreneurs with great success.

The first 3 steps are CRITICAL, and yet less than 1% of home based business owners will ever do.

You need to define a specific STRATEGY (what is your over-arching objective)
You need to define a specific STRUCTURE (what does it look like on paper?)
You need to define a specific SEQUENCE (what goes where….WHEN, and why?)

Believe it or not, this is the absolute FASTEST way to get hyper clear on what you are trying to do, and how to put the pieces of the puzzle in place to make it possible, and profitable to boot!

For example…..

Lets say you are a LIFE COACH.

Your strategy may be to create a profitable, home based coaching business, where you can touch as many as lives as possible, have 20 regular clients paying $500 a month, and have a weekly podcast that reaches thousands…all in the next 12 months.

Your structure may be to create a community blog around the topic you are coaching or teaching on, a whole series of articles like this one, and a newsletter that funnels people from your email list to your community blog, your facebook page, your social media submissions, or to your podcast.

And your sequence is the simple steps that make each step possible.  (e.g., you write an article, you submit that article to the content directory, you encourage people who enjoyed your article to download a free podcast episode or PDF, and then you follow up with them as above with an email “conversation” and ask them to further engage with your content, your community and your coaching)

If you build a community of 1000 people over a few months using the above approach, and sign up 10 people for a $500 a month consulting or coaching package, you will be making $60,000 a year by early next year.  (and you can do far better than that, but that’s a pretty decent start)

It’s all SUPER simple.

And the best part is all of this can be done on a budget of almost ZERO.  (just don’t tell any of the “guru’s” that, as they want you to believe you’ve got to waste thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours trying to “learn” how to sell stuff)

Articles like this one can be done at night, when your kids are sleeping, or when you’re done classes, or your day job.

A community blog can be created in an afternoon….and can be done for free.  (or under $50 if you want a nice, premium template)

The truth is, the ONLY expense you need in the beginning is an auto-responder, and believe it or not, you can get those for free, too!

The bottom line is, YES, there are always going go be more things to learn.  But if you are super serious about being successful in 2012, have PASSION….and want to parlay that into profit, the simple steps above is a super simple, very straightforward way to do it, and on a shoestring budget to boot!

Free HUGS!

I want to tell you a quick story.

It’s a small story.

Nothing earth shattering happened.

But it was very meaningful to me.

But in some ways, in a time of need……it helped me really clarify what I’m trying to do with my work, my art and my life.

It started with a simple question -

“what are you eating, I asked”

It was 2 am, this past July 1st.

It was also my birthday. Read More

How to Earn $100 a Day in 3 Simple Steps (Fast, Fun and Mostly Free)

I usually don’t do this sort of post on my blog……but due to complete and utter absence of any other alternative ideas, I’m going to re-post an article we just submitted to EZA, here. (I typically hate to do that, because this blog draws a much different audience, and I usually write those articles for a general audience, and list building purposes alone)

You can see the full article on EZA HERE: (or you can save yourself possible corporal tunnel, skip the click and read the whole thing below instead)

The steps to earning $100 a day are really, really simple…..and if you apply the simple structure below to a good niche that you have GENUINE passion, you can make it happen in a hurry..:-)


Who else is struggling to have their first one hundred dollar day?  Are you overwhelmed with information, opportunities, gurus, product launches and other nefarious nonsense that is distracting you from getting where you truly deserve to be?

The truth is…..if you aren’t making a MINIMUM of $100 a day online... this short article will definitely help light the way. (and by the time it’s done, I promise you will have EVERYTHING you need to know to make it happen… and in a hurry as well).

For the purposes of speed and space, I’m going to share with you the super simple, 3 step blueprint for converting your content into CASH.

3 Steps. Ready?

  1. Articles
  2. Opt-In’s
  3. Offers

If you follow, and diligently apply this approach to your own business, you WILL be able to RADICALLY re-create your own financial future, starting today if you so choose.

Here is how you apply it:

Step 1: You write articles like this one.
Step 2: You use your articles to build a list. (send your readers to a one page, lead capture form with a big, bold headline, a few bullets and a prominent form that offers a great inducement for signing up)
Step 3: You follow up with the folks who signed up using a series of automated messages that offer a simple solution for whatever it was that compelled them to sign up in the first place.

Now, unless you are just getting started in the online marketing business, the key components of the above approach are NOT unfamiliar to you. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of online marketing “gurus” who have made huge fortunes online use some permutation of this approach.

The difference is… YOU are going to do it BETTER.


Because you won’t need a million JV partners and uber aggressive affiliates of questionable character to promote your offer to do amazingly well, by doing good.

Here is how this approach is BEST utilized for people like you and I, in just about EVERY niche under the sun.

- Start by picking a niche you are PASSIONATE about. Something that you love to do, and would do for free if you could. (because all things being equal, the profit always favors the passionate!)

- Create a curriculum, or a coaching program around your passion. I don’t care if you are passionate about credit, cars, finance, food, healthy living, spirituality or whatever it is. If you have expertise, and can communicate that through content (articles like this one) you CAN build a community of friends, fans and followers who will pay you for your time.

- Price it to profit. If your goal is $100 a day, all you need is 1 single sale of a $97 dollar consultation offer a day to get there. Or, better yet…. 10 $300 monthly clients. Or, 3 $1000 clients.

If you aren’t ready to sell yourself?

Find a good affiliate program to promote that factors out the same way. (where the math scales out to give you your financial target, whether that’s $100 a day or $1000)

The bottom line is, if you create content that is designed to generate a community, and you can turn a small segment of that community into clients, you can get rich online… PERIOD. (and you can have a whole bunch of fun, and make a killer contribution along the way!)

Content, Character, Community (and Conversion) – Building Your Blog and Brand with Tumblr

Newsweek has 100x the numbers of followers on Twitter as it does on Tumblr, but was getting 10x more engagement from those Tumblr followers.

That’s a significant number, I think.” NY Mag argued that the success of Newsweek’s Tumblr presence was due in part to Coatney’s conversational style and furthermore, a Tumblr couldn’t be managed by “fresh-faced interns,” that old-media publications wouldn’t pay.

A handful of traditional media outlets have since hopped on the bandwagon, signing up for Tumblr with hopes of getting social with the Tumblr community. Tumblr could become a valuable resource for traditional companies and media outlets trying to garnish relationships with a younger audience.

How to Start Using Tumblr | Social Media Today

The more I use Tumblr, the more I am starting to really love it for creating quick content that is conversation, and community driven.


Because while comments are a great and traditional way for readers, “fans”, friends and subscribers to interact with your ideas, the plethora of tools that Tumblr provides out of the box for engagement are truly FAR better than WordPress, and other popular blogging platforms offer.

For example…..if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, and have downloaded the Content Community Continuum series of outlines, you already know how big of a fan I am of user generated content.  Q and A templates, community oriented themes, social plugins like Buddy Press, and other innovative ways to get readers to actually PARTICPATE is my favorite way to build rapport, relationship and simultaneously, have your content created for free to boot..:-)

But sometimes, actually getting people to step up and share is easier said than done.  (be it asking questions on a Q and A blog, or sharing an experience, or submitting a picture or taking part in a contest, etc)

For whatever reason…….on Tumblr, be it the ethos, or the age or the attitude, the engagement level is so much better, and faster and deeper that it blows me away. 

From accepting user generated “submissions” or simply activating the “ask me” feature, to the notes, follows and re-blogs built in, it’s truly a lot of fun and a great way of connecting with a community who shares your interests. 

Check out the article above for more……or better yet, just dive in, explore experiment and adventure in the Tumblr terrain for a day or two and get the feel for it yourself. 

As a supplemental social strategy with A list potential, and 100% free….well worth the look for sure..:-)

Since its launch over four years ago, Tumblr has watched its growth rates soar. According to the Greylock Partners, Tumblr generates 13 billion pageviews each month. What’s more, the company is closing in on 30 million blogs, and has seen over 45 million posts added to the site today alone. Recently, Tumblr announced that it reached 10 billion posts since its inception.Nielsen earlier this month helped shed even more light on Tumblr’s growth, saying that the company “is an emerging player in social media.” In the past year alone, Nielsen says, Tumblr has nearly tripled its “audience.”

Tumblr raises $85 million as growth continues | The Digital Home – CNET News

I’m starting to really like some of the things Tumblr can do for creating content, and community while building your blog, and brand…..right out of the box.

The “Ask Me” feature and user generated content tools (simply by enabling Submissions) are really great ways to get people bonded with your blog, and invested in your content and community, and don’t really require any additional premium plugins as well. 

And the inherent social nature of Tumblr is a pretty powerful way of getting your message out to the market……..and potentially far more quickly than a more traditional blog.

If you are working on using The Content Community Continuum in your business…..Tumblr is a great platform to take a look at, especially if your budget is low and your tech experience limited. 

(i’m using it for a new project, really for the first time on a larger level…..and really enjoying some of the advantages that are fun, easy to use and great for connecting with others in your extended community, and pretty quickly to boot!)

WARNING: The #1 Reason People WILL Unsubscribe From Your List That the “Guru’s” Will Never Tell You

My English is Bed-1

If you said “Bed English” you’d be right.

No one wants to get email messages from someone who’s English is Bed.

In some ways, Bed English is the biggest blight on your blog, your brand, and your business that there is.

And to be honest with you, while I’ve never been one to be good with constructive critisizm (which I clearly can’t even spell, let alone hear) – I have a ZERO tolerance for bed english in my own inbox, so I look at unsubscribes like this one as an opportunity to grow and get better – and to take my own game up a notch or two.

Whatever happened to the band, Bed English anyway?

Weren’t they sort of like one of those new wave invasion bands in the mid 80′s, sort like a Flock of Seagulls with better haircuts?

Probably all working at BAD, Bath and Beyond these days.

Lots of Rockstars move on to retail after the ride is up.

Which in the context of my last two weeks of work, doesn’t sound like such a bad option after all.

2 Marketing Tips That Could Make You Famous (And the Reason Every Professional Should Start a Blog)

Who else wants to build a popular blog?

Do you crave the attention, and affection of readers from one side of the world to the next? Does the idea of turning your PASSION into profit make your heart skip a beat? Are you really an online Rock Star WAITING to be unleashed, uncovered or discovered by your ideal audience? The truth is, for all of us who put our pens to pixel to create content we HOPE draws a crowd, there are some simple rules which DO work wonderfully well for all.

Want to know the truth? I’ve been working a bit recently with some folks who are super successful in their fields, but have no idea how to migrate their marketing from an offline process flow… one that allows them to SHINE… Read More

How to Launch a Profitable Online Business in 3 Simple Steps

Is launching an online marketing business difficult?

Do you need to study SEO, or become a keyword ninja, or learn exotic technologies or complex marketing jargon to become a sensational success story online?

I always find it frustrating how many people think they don’t know enough to build a powerful, profitable and PASSIONATE online business.

Nothing could really be further from the truth.

As a matter of fact, a good argument could be make that far too many people spend far too much time “learning” how to build a business online, rather than just digging in and getting it done!

I’m going to tell you a secret.

A confession if you will.

I’ve wasted WEEKS, months and even years of my business life learning things I didn’t need to know.

Hours and hours I will never get back….and that ultimately served NO real purpose, or contributed to any real profit.

The one perennial truth I’ve learned in my own business is this:

There are only 3 elements that are required to build a fun, lucrative and hyper profitable online business.

  • You need a STRATEGY.
  • You need a STRUCTURE.
  • And you need a SEQUENCE.

If you sit down and graph those 3 things out before you begin, your chances of success go UP exponentially, and the amount of distraction and diversion you’ll face in getting where  you want to go will go DOWN exponentially as well.

Your Strategy is simply your over arching objective.  What is your GOAL?  What does success look like when your business, your natural gifts, and your expertise is fully deployed and actualized in the world in which you work?

Your Structure is simply the pieces of the puzzle you are going to put together to make your marketing map make sense.  What tools of the trade are you going to use?  What is your process flow – and which pieces go WHERE, and why?

And lastly……your Sequence are the simple steps you are going to take, in a very specific order, to make all of the above work.  How you move people from being strangers, to subscribers, to fans, friends and followers who will help you build your blog, your brand, your business and your BANK account to boot.

3 simple steps.

So easy – and yet so few will actually take the 2 hours it takes to put them to paper (or pixel) and get crystal clear on not only where you want to go…..but why, and how you are going to get there!

I challenge you to be be one of the chosen few who will.

And I invite you to open up the wide and wonderful window into your true power, potential and PROFIT…..once you do..:-)

Radicals, Rebels And Revolutionaries (an Open Letter)


We don’t make boxes. Our core value is – what we’re about is – We believe that people of Passion can change the world for the better. That’s what we believe. And we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of those people. And those people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world…..are the ones that actually do.

Steve Jobs 1997

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what’s most meaningful to me in this business.

What I enjoy doing most – and what makes ME “come alive” – and makes all of this stuff feel the LEAST like “work” and the MOST like perpetual playtime in the idea-o-sphere of fun and freedom.

I love working with people.

I really do.

Seeing other people get excited about the power and the potential of what is truly possible when they discover their “bliss” and do what they love MOST…… a huge rush, and incredibly rewarding.

There is an energy - an exhiliration and an excitement that comes from contribution, and brainstorming, and sharing ideas with OTHER passionate people that can’t be measured by any other success scale there is.

To me – being knee deep in the entrepreneurial trenches of IDEAS and inspiration and being elbow to elbow with passionate people who have invested their own own blood and sweat in SUCCESS is like a drug.

It makes me feel AWAKE.



One of the reasons I sorta kinda started hated the affiliate marketing business is that it always felt so empty – shallow – hollow – absent anything other than the gentle upward nudge of the needle that measures a day in dollars.

But yet, as I’ve found myself focusing more and more on the “people” part of this business over the last few months, I’ve secretly been having some reservations.

Because sometimes, as they don’t tell you in the online marketing handbook – people suck.

And anyone who is being open and honest and who has invited people from one side of the world to the other into their lives on a daily basis will attest this to be true.

Do I REALLY want to be emailing back and forth with inconsiderate folks who want to suck, sap and seep every ounce of free information out of me………before satiating their need for new ideas, and disappearing without a simple thank you, or kind word of appreciation?

Do I really want to be pushy, persistent and perpetually in your inbox.…..telling you to read this, try that, and buy now?

Are the unsubscribes - the insults – and weird emails and the strange silliness and new age nonsense that arrives in MY inbox EACH and every day in this business worth it……or do I just retreat BACK to my cave, and go back to creating copious amounts of killer content that converts like crazy and worry JUST about me?

I’ve struggled with this a bit for the last few days.

And in a strange sort of odd and unexpected moment a few hours ago…….it came to me loud and clear.

The answer is YES.

It’s all worth it. (although I needed a nudge to remind me)

Because the WORLD around us is changing in ways that are amazing to witness.

People investing their very LIVES in the ideas of their fathers……their futures….and their very FREEDOM.

Fighting for the right to express themselves through the poetry of PASSION, of progress, and the art of ideas, inspiration and IMAGINATION.

Contribution is a contact sport.

And passion can be painful.

And yet – so many of US are sleepwalking through our lives.

So many of YOU reading this right now have amazing, illuminating and inspiring gifts that you’ll never use – and that the world around you will never know.

You’ll never do anything with it.

You’ll stay afraid….and asleep.

And that is truly heartbreaking.

Because it’s so easy to step UP and be brave and say – I want to share.

I’m HERE to share.

“I have passion…..and PURPOSE and I want everyone to know what I believe, and why.”

Because if you BELIEVE in that – and you buy into the the magic and the mystery of meaning that underlies each of our lives, you’ll realize that it’s the only true choice you have.

It’s strange….with all of the weird, wacky, wild and WONDERFUL stuff going on in the world today…..

Steve Jobs is stepping down from Apple.

Probably because of a really bad turn for the worse in his health.

And strangely – symbolically and serendipitiously – as the world is changing around us – as lawyers, guns and money affect yet another changing of the guard on the Shakesperean international stage of PASSION and progress…….

I’m reminded how much the world needs radicals, rebels and revolutionaries.

People who see a better, bigger and brighter world...and have the guts to go for it.

Be that person.

It’s a simple shift – and there is no guru – no gimmick – no gadget – or no shortcut to that sort of success.

It’s NOT about marketing.

It’s about meaning.

Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

I don’t know you – and probably never will.

But I believe in you.

And if you have PASSION – and PURPOSE – and GUTS, and inspired ideas for making the world around you a wee bit brighter……the world around you WILL believe right back.

All that’s left is for you to believe in yourself.


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