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20 High Converting Lead Generation Landing Pages


Think again! Gone are the days where those super ugly, ignominious squeeze pages with the big red arrows, bright (span class = yellow) and other aesthetic atrocities have been committed in the name of killer conversions.

landing pagesThe truth is, regardless of whether you are working on your own list building campaigns or helping your clients create their own….having pretty pages that capture attention and engage your audience to do the ONE central thing that your campaign craves is central to conversions. Read More »

Insanely Affordable Managed WordPress Hosting

If you’ve never experienced the wonderful world of WordPress hosting in a managed environment……you are really missing out on a simple, easy and amazingly elegant way to simplify your blog, brand and business.

(especially if you are secretly a bit tech phobic like me….and abhor the idea of doing upkeep on the behind the scenes stuff that is, unfortunately…an essential part of running an online business)

Managed WordPress hosting has become pretty popular over the last few years, I’ve tried and have used several of the best services and would never go back to doing the old way.

(this blog is hosted with WPengine – one of the premier providers in the managed WP hosting space)

The problem of course, is that it’s sorta kinda expensive to go the managed route…especially if you have low traffic and a bootstrap budget and can’t justify spending the extra money on something that you may not yet need. (i’d argue of course that any time wasted working on the innards of upkeeping wordpress is time i’ll never get back and regret on my deathbed as well, which…if this pesky and persistent headache i’ve been having this weekend doesn’t disappear by next week, may be closer than I predicted :-)

The good news?

Much maligned (and often unfairly) Godaddy has now stepped into the WP managed hosting space…and their deals right now are simply too ridiculously good to pass up.

I just bought a full YEAR of managed WP hosting…..with a free domain name (something I always tell folks to not do in any other scenario) for 12 bucks.

12 months of managed WP hosting……for 12 dollars (and I got a great domain name I was going to register anyway for free)

So instead of spending the day at the beach as planned – i’m back where I belong – sitting on my rear end in a windowless room with a big ass mac cinema display for a view.

Who knew lazy, hazy end of summer days could be so crazy?

If you have any interest in jumping on the managed WP bandwagon and want to save 84% (or whatever they say it is when you carry the 1’s) check out the offer page here, before it’s no longer there.

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What’s Wrong with This Picture?

It’s hard out here for a pimp.

It’s also hard out here for an Amazon author.

I know what it feels like to get a 1 star review.

It’s a lot like Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s famous 5 stages of grief.

  1. Anger.
  2. Denial.
  3. Something.
  4. Something else.
  5. And then acceptance.

I forget the rest of them, because I never make it past the first 2.

So I got to admit….it always makes me giggle when I see these types of one star reviews.

I mean….in what culture, country or continent do we rate things on a backward scale where 1 is the best….and 5 sucks?

Even my 6 year old, incredibly special, cool, ,creative and intuitively intelligent niece wants to add digits to her minuture golf score because instinctively, we all know that more is better than less.

Of course, it doesn’t do the evolving, enlightening new age movement much good when the harbingers of spiritual truth can’t discern between what the stars mean on the Amazon review form, let alone what the larger Universe herself is trying to tell them.


Back to writing.

Beautiful, minimal & wonderful tumblr themes for authors, artists, creatives & content marketers.    If you truly crave content that converts, inspires, illuminates and entertains…the truth is, you’ve got to keep your audience engaged with what you say.
And if you are doing online “Agency” style work like many of the people I’m working with now are….if you can impart that ethos in your clients,  not only will you make your own life infinitely easier when it comes to helping folks launch new content campaigns, you’ll be sharing the one secret that is so obvious, yet easy to overlook. Read More »

A Kick Butt Collection of Curated Creative (Photos) to Use for Your Blog

People often ask me how I manage to get so many cool, creative, compelling and otherwise amazingly interesting pictures to post on my blog.
Okay – no one has ever asked me that.  Ever.

And sometimes I think about pretending that I take them as I embark on the ongoing eclectic adventure that is my day…..but I worry about getting caught.

Plus, I really rarely leave the house, so taking lots of pictures would be redundant and probably impractical.

And a bit embarrassing too…as you may not know this, but I’m a total domestic disaster.

(of course you don’t know that – you are a total stranger, and if you think about it, it’s sort of weird that you’ve read this far already)

So without further adieu – check out for some really great royalty free pictures you CAN use on your blog and in your business…and in some cases, anywhere else you wish as well :-)





The Power of Positioning

Do what you LOVE for a living & wake up the WORLD with your work. Join our brand new beta marketplace of coaches,consultants, teachers, trainers, artists, authors, marketers, mentors, enlightened entrepreneurs and PASSION professionals & get ready to share your flare with the world!

Still looking for an easy way to turn your passion, purpose into a fun, easy and profitable business in a niche, market or industry that you love…..yet aren’t sure how and where to begin?

Here is another short article I submitted to EZA earlier today on using the authority site marketing model to go, grow and flow in the direction of your dreams…without having to do a whole bunch of heavy lifting to make it happen.

Simply stated, if you are serious and sincere about building BUZZ your brand, blog and business and want to expedite the process of turning what you love into a living, positioning yourself as an expert, authority or thought leader in your niche is clearly one of the easiest ways of making that happen in a hurry. But, for most of us…waiting weeks, months or years to get noticed by our professional peers (and the public) ain’t the sort of recipe for success we’re looking for.

Starting with an end in mind (e.g. – THIS is what I do – this is WHO I do it for, THIS is what they need and THIS is how I help them succeed) is a great way to get hyper clear about who your ideal audience is, and building an authority site, using the marketing model below is a great way of expediting the process of getting your ideas in front of those who will not only benefit from what you’ve built, but who will also become an important part of your client community if you do it right.

Check out the full article below….schedule a free 15 minute chat consultation with me HERE, and I’m happy to help you get your ideas organized for a launch.

What is an authority site? How will it help me build my business? What is the easiest way to build an authority site from scratch?

Do I need to be considered an expert, or be a leading “guru” in my niche, market or industry to build the sort of blog, brand or online business that will help me get all of the clients, customers or sales I need?

What are my options and what is the BEST way to proceed?

Any of these questions sound familiar? The truth is, like lots of other online marketing catch phrases, there is a lot of unnecessary myth, misinformation and mistakes that people make when considering how to build a viable, valuable and TRUSTED online resource that will help you turn your PASSION and purpose into profitable business that you love.

If that is something that YOU would love to do, continue reading as we explore some of the best ways to build an authority site from scratch in YOUR niche, and on a bootstrap budget to boot.

Filed Under: The power of positioning

All an authority site really does is position you, as the owner of the site, as someone who has taken a proactive step to position yourself as a thought leader, or a mover and shaker in your niche, market or industry.

However…..from my perspective, it doesn’t have to be a conventional blog where you write about your experience, or expertise at all.

Instead, you can create an authoritative community that inherits a TON of trust, respect and the appearance of expertise, even if you know very little about your niche or market at all.

Consider this for a moment.

I know NOTHING about real estate, other than having bought a few homes of my own.

However, I could create an amazing, and quite authoritative blog, brand and business in the real estate niche, using the authority site model, and in rapid fire turn around time as well.


  1. I could create a real estate directory of local homes for sale in my community.
  2. I could create a directory of realtors who are selling homes in my community.
  3. I could create a marketplace of buyers and sellers who provide home buying SERVICES to people who are looking to buy homes, fix homes, or need goods or services related to living in their homes as well.
  4. I could create a job board for realtors.
  5. I could use a FREE WordPress plying like Buddypress to create a hyper local social news network in my city, state or town. I could create a forum or dedicated section on the site that provided home buying tips to people in the public, and encourage local realtors to provide answers to frequently asked questions about living, working, playing in our area.
  6. I could create a Q and A site that was dedicated to JUST helping people who were looking to move into our area find answers to common questions about quality of life issues in our community.

The truth is, in just a few months using any of the approaches above, I could quickly and easily build an active audience of both the PUBLIC, and professionals who are actively interested in real estate…with mostly user generated content being contributed by the community, and be considered an authoritative source for folks looking to buy, or sell real estate where I live.

IF my goal, as an online marketer or entrepreneur was to provide blog, brand or business building services to realtors, I’ve quickly positioned myself to do that, even with very little experience with the niche overall.

Make sense?

The power of positioning, and understanding your ultimate objectives is a powerful technique when building an authority site, and the good news is, there are MANY inexpensive tools that can expedite the process of building something viable, valuable and enduring from scratch….and on a bootstrap budget as well!

Do what you LOVE for a living & wake up the WORLD with your work.  

Join our brand new beta marketplace of coaches,consultants, teachers, trainers, artists, authors, marketers, mentors, enlightened entrepreneurs and PASSION professionals & get ready to share your flare with the world!

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