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Million Dollar Authority Site Ideas

Actually...this is more like a 47 million dollar (and counting) authority site idea that picks up where AIRBNB leaves off :-) There have been so many different unique, eclectic and hyper specific style authority sites in the last few months that have made national news....all using the basic "directory" style model we've covered here ad [...]

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Holding on To Our Heroes

Who are your heroes? To say that we;ve got a screwy sense of who we look up to in this culture would be a captain obvious understatement of the most unnecessary kind. I'm really entering that phase of life where half of the people in the news - the stars, the celebrities - the raconteurs [...]

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Your Bill Gates Face

My favorite Einstein quotes are almost always the ones that it looks like he never really said. So in the odd chance it turns out that Einstein didn't say this - he should have. It would have made him sound smart. Everyone has genius in them. Of that I'm certain. The secret to succeeding in [...]

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A Few Great (FREE) WordPress Themes for Brand Builders and Agencies

The truth is, if you have my design skills……this is the sort of work you should routinely pass up. Okay, I know what you are thinking.  And it's true…YES, I do have a very cool collection of Ekhart Tolle-eque cardigan sweaters, and yes, for a straight guy, I do have a very uncanny and innovative [...]

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