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Today’s Keyword Phrase of the Day Is……..

“Give a Virus to Next Person Who Flags Your Craigslist Ad”

One of the reasons I love looking at my web analytics like a loon is it reminds me I’m far saner than many of the people who visit my blog.

Or at least my anger management issues are far milder than my shrink says they are.

I don’t wish a virus on anybody.

And after watching “Contagion” a few times this weekend, while I’m not sure what sort of virus he (or she) has in mind, it doesn’t sound nice.

Of course no one likes having their Craigslist ads flagged, either.

I guess we’re all figuring it out this crime and punishment stuff in the internet age as we go.

The “Strategy of Straight Lines” (and Creating Continuity Between Your Content & Your Community)

The absolute easiest, most elegant and fiercely focused way to destroy distractions and build a community of fans, friends and followers who will help you build your blog, your brand and your business? 

A simple linear marketing model I call “The Strategy of Straight Lines” simply because it’s designed to turn strangers into subscribers, and subscribers into sales and can be created from scratch, out of thin air….and 100% for free.

It’s the CONTENT===> COMMUNITY ===> CONVERSATION marketing model, and truly……I can’t think of any online brand, business or entrepreneur who sells a product or service who doesn’t use this underlying approach at it’s core.

This is the sort of stuff we’re covering in the “3 Step Challenge” that started today for coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, mentors, marketers and PASSION professionals, and if you’d like to check it out…’s 100% free and shared only with the hope that it serves you as well as it has many others.

(And THIS post is simple example of clipping, snipping and curating content from one content source or community to the next, and something that many people struggle with conceptually, and another area we’ll be covering in the next challenge as well..:-)

Enjoy…and if this resonates with your approach, feel free to join us on Facebook before the Challenge is complete.

Let’s examine this 3 step process in a little bit of detail and understand WHY this works in just about every niche under the sun. Remember, the 3 steps in this process are: Create CONTENT Use that Content to Build Your COMMUNITY (your email subscribers in this case) And – Build trust, rapport and relationship with your community through a continuous CONVERSATION (ultimately converting a small percentage of them into clients and customers for your business) I call this “The Strategy of Straight Lines” because it’s a pure, linear marketing model that moves STRANGERS into subscribers and subscribers into sales. It could also be described as “Articles, Opt In’s, Offers” * You write an article. * You submit that article to a high volume directory that has tens, if not HUNDREDS of thousands of daily visitors. * A percentage of those people see your article. * A percentage of those people read your article. * A smaller percentage of those people click on your link at the end of the article and land on your “squeeze page” * A percentage of those people (anywhere from 10-50% on average, depending on the niche) sign up for your list.You now have a wide window into opening a conversation with those people as they are on your email list………and you can start sharing your experience, your expertise, your passion, and of course, if you are selling something…….over time these people will become your best clients and customers.

The “Strategy of Straight Lines “Explained (and why it’s the absolutely EASIEST way to build your brand on a budget) | Facebook

3 Step Challenge August 11th, 2012:

How to Build Your First List From Scratch (100% Free Traffic)

The “Challenge”: 

  1. Launch a brand new lead acquisition campaign using article syndication
  2. Demonstrate the sheer simplicity of the “Strategy of Straight Lines” for creating a new community from your keyboard…and your content.
  3. (articles=> optins,=>  offers)

What you’ll need to Participate: 


-       Open an AWEBER ACCOUNT   (or your existing autoresponder of choice)




The 3 Primary Steps You’ll Need to Complete To See Results:

  1. WRITE ARTICLES FOR A MINIMUM OF 60 MINUTES A DAY AND SUBMIT THESE ARTICLES TO EZA – (The more time you have, the more content you can create – the faster you’ll see REAL results you can measure)

What You Should Expect After 3 Days of Effort:

  • A minimum of 6-10 Live or Pending Articles
  • Your first 5-7 New Subscribers (the more articles you write – the more opt in’s will arrive – and this number will go up everyday)
  • The Confidence to Go, Grow and Continue to Flow  :-)


The Official Invitation That Went Out Today is Below..:-) 

Hi There!

Welcome to the very first public 3-step challenge of  2012– a marketing manifesto for maximum momentum in MININUM time!

If you are new to this idea…or to any of the other longer challenges I’ve done in the past – here is a quick introduction to what you should expect to accomplish – and what (and where) I’ll be providing to help along the way.

Let’s start with a super simple overview of the idea –

First – I have created about 5 of these thus far this summer for a very small group of existing customers and clients who were “stuck” in a certain area that felt intimidating, overwhelming or abstract  to grasp.

We have found that by chunking them down into super small bite sized morsels of simple action steps, the informational overwhelm not only goes away…the ease (and excitement) of actual implementation goes UP exponentially as well. 

(e.g. – people stop procrastinating and focus on a simple sequence of steps they KNOW they can do, and “a-ha” moments in other areas arise like magic)

So -

Each “challenge” is designed to  be super simple to follow, regardless of where you are right now – and will tackle one area of the content marketing continuum…from incubation to implementation.

Not surprisingly……….

Each 3-step challenge will actually have 3 major steps.

  1. Strategy (your objective)
  2. Structure (what the plan looks on paper…or pixel..:-)
  3. Sequence (the exact sequence of steps that demonstrates what piece of the puzzle goes where, and why)

In addition – each challenge will have an additional step I call the “tweak and critique”, where I will try to optimize and improve on what we’ve covered so far or look at my own examples and see what I  could have done differently, to improve the outcome.

Each piece of the process will come with live examples you can follow.

Because this is an introduction to list building for the purpose of selling something, let’s take a super quick and easy look at how EVERY information marketing business is set up at its core.

There are slight variations of this of course, but at it’s core -  I don’t care if you are a Tony Robbins type making 10 million dollars a year selling infomercial products on TV – or just starting today with your first ebook, digital download or telephone coaching program

The complete end to end “information marketing model” works like this:

  • You Pick Your Niche
  • Then you Write an Outline or Your Niche Knowledge (a data dump I call a “Content Cornerstone”)
  • You Create Content That Demonstrates Your Authority, Experience or Expertise and try to get that content in front of as many people as possible
  • Done Properly – That Content Is Used to Build Your Community (fans, friends, followers, supporters and subscribers – what Seth Godin would call “Your Tribe”)
  • You use follow up Conversation (email & social media marketing) to Build Trust, rapport and Relationship with your community
  • You “Question” Your Community on Their Most Pressing Problem or Biggest Obstacle in living the life they love (or whatever challenges them MOST in your area of expertise)
  • Create or find a “Curriculum” (something you teach or preach) That Allows Them to High Step The Hurdles They Just Told You are holding them back
  • Convert a small percentage of your community into clients, customers and cash flow (2-10% conversion is often all you need for rapid, life changing results)
  • Rinse and Repeat

This is the everybody wins model – ideal for people who have PASSION and purpose, care about contribution as much as cash, and want to build a profitable business around something that they love. 

At it’s core, the one universal truth is – subscribers = sales.

How you generate those subscribers – be it from youtube videos, facebook ads, some sort of twitter tool or technique, article marketing, blog building, PPC ads or ideally, some combination of all of them is completely irrelevant.

This is the reason so many people get stuck for years and make no progress.

 They focus on the magic – rather than momentum. 


 Because even if one of those super duper secret twitter techniques really worked (which they won’t of course) you still need to go right BACK to the fundamentals to turn those subscribers into sales.

Build a squeeze page.

  • -       Write emails.
  • -       Say something interesting.
  • -       Have something to sell.
  • -       Be passionate, entertaining, engaging, illuminating inspiring and informative. And so on.

Everything else is, as Shakespeare famously concluded after years and years of trying to earn a full time living in vain online, is -

“Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

It’s that super simple.

The first 3 step challenge is about building a list, simply because this is the ONE piece of the puzzle that perplexingly…keeps most folks from making progress.

For whatever reason – people will invest hours and hours and hours of time, effort, income, and exasperation, but will spend years online, and never even try to build a list of subscribers to “talk” to, even though we all know in our bones…that relationships, rapport, trust and communication are the lifeblood of all business, online or off.

Ironically – it’s probably the absolute EASIEST part of this puzzle – it’s so simple that once you do it – once you get that first subscriber and write that first email and have that first A-HA MOMENT…you finally start to feel FREE.

So the first 3-step challenge is designed to get you to do this ONE thing.

One thing that can completely transform your business, your focus, your fun, your sense of freedom and your finances as well.


  1.  WRITE ARTICLES FOR A MINIMUM OF 60 MINUTES A DAY – (The more time you have, the faster you’ll see REAL results)














On Monday, I’ll be sending you links to my new articles, my new opt in page, and my new offer to my “new list” so you can watch, compare and contrast my campaign against yours.  


1 – Because I will participating in the challenge as well..:-)

So – you’ll get access to my example articles I’m writing, my opt in page examples and the offer I’m making my new subscribers…built 100% from scratch, using the same 3 steps.

I will be launching my brand new coaching program (called 5 weeks to freedom), and will be building a brand new new community using the same simple process you’ll be doing as well – and within a few hours of publishing my new content – ..I expect to have the beginnings of a new community of friends, fans, followers, and ultimately, new customers and clients as a result.

(and if I do my job right………some of these people will ultimately become some of my best clients down the road)

The same simple process will work wonderfully well for you as well, and if you still have big goals and dreams – I truly hope that you try………and prove it to yourself.

Again – I’ll be doing this 100% part time – 90 minutes or so a day starting today – and most likely, if history is our guide, while watching “Thelma and Louise” for the 6th time this month in the background)

Spoiler Alert:  I never understand why they drive off the cliff at the end.  They still have so much to live for.  Plus it feels like such a painful way to go.  It still bothers me every time I see it, even though I know it’s coming and try to talk them out of it from my laptop in the kitchen.

Remember, if you particpate and start your own campaign,  you will get access to my content – my opt in page (which you will be free to copy for your niche if you like) and my 3 step process flow which will be EXACTLY what I’m recommending you do as well.

This exact system has resulted in almost 4 million unique readers in my personal EZA account alone as of this morning….and double that in projects I’ve worked in with partners and clients.

You have the steps to start.  I not only promise that this WILL work – I guarantee that if you do it, you WILL generate your first subscriber…in under a week.  (And that’s a mighty long time to be safe)

As a matter of fact, if you do the steps exactly as outlined above, and DON’T get find people are signing up for your list – if you post your links on our FB page – I will tell you what to change, fix, modify to improve…for free.

(No private emails please – please only post these on the FB wall if you are stuck…so that others can benefit as well)

What to do NEXT?

-       Register for the First 3 Step Challenge List HERE:   (this will give you access to all email updates)

-       Start creating content in the niche that YOU love or want to work in

-       Prepare for small simple steps…..that lead to powerful(and profitable) progress you’ll love

This is easy, actionable stuff that EVERYONE can do. It’s not magic.  And it’s not about getting rich in 3 days.

It’s about passion – and purpose and PROGRESS – and setting the Universe in motion to move  the magic of momentum in your favor.

If you can write an article, and put a sign up form on plain HTML page and can write a follow up email that says “Hello and Welcome!”…You CAN do this. 

(And pretty much 90% of everything else you need to do to turn your passion into profit)

Thanks again for reading and looking forward to having you join in on the fun..:-)



Sign up for challenge updates HERE

Larry’s Laws

 Be impeccable with your word.  

Lie to everybody.  But do it with a smile.  (they’ll forgive you.)

Don’t take anything personally.

It’s always about me.  WTF is  wrong with me?  It’s all my mom’s fault.

Don’t make assumptions.  

When in doubt, when unsure – just assume. (and whenever possible, assume the worst)

 Always do your best - 

Do as little as possible to get the job done. Someone else will pick up the slack.  (less pain = more gain)


I want to share a funny, pretty illuminating experience I had the other day.

And then I want to invite you to take part in something that not only will hopefully change your business…..but if I’m lucky, will change your life a bit for the better to boot.

The story is short – but it’s pretty funny…and it really made me think about how much  the hidden assumptions we make about the world around us, shape the people we become.

There is a guy who lives down here in the florida keys who is a bit of a local legend.

We’ll call him Larry….mostly because that’s his name.

I have no idea how old he is….but I’m going to guess somewhere in his early to mid 60′s.

According to local lure…..Larry the Legend has been married (and divorced) a half a dozen times, has been a zillionaire (and back) half a dozen more and there is no subject that Larry is not the reigning local expert as well.

I wouldn’t call Larry a friend…….but I’ve met him a bunch of  times at this point, and maybe because it’s because we’re both originally from NJ – maybe it’s our shared cultural heritage – maybe I remind him of one of his kids or something…..But I’m pretty sure Larry likes me.

Not because he would say so of course, (because that ain’t like Larry) but just because he never misses an opportunity to yell, swear, laugh at or lecture me whenever our paths cross.

A little inside scoop…..

I like larry too.  (although he occassionally doesn’t make it easy)

 The first time I met larry I was playing tennis.

Not competitive tennis – just hitting a few balls around with a friend.

Larry was sitting around on the bleachers, outside of the fence area, talking loudly (as he typically does) and starts yelling instructions to both myself, and my friend, about our tennis game.

  1. C’mon that was an easy backhand!
  2. You going to watch the ball or hit it?
  3. See if these guys want to play for money.

And so on

Once I realized my friend didn’t know this guy……

 I’m thinking, uhhh…….WTF??

I can honestly say that in decades of playing tennis……I’ve never been heckled in a public park by a complete and utter…..and seemingly sober stranger.

A few minutes later, while leaving and contemplating what (or if) I should say something smart, or funny, or obnoxious, or angry or whatever…….another guy came over to their small group who I happen to know, and I walked over, smiled said something I hoped was witty………and said hello..

And this was my introduction to Larry.

Since then, I’ve bumped into him 4 or 5 times, mostly out and about, and he’s always loud, always appears angry and agitated about something, but oddly and endearingly…..always talkative and friendly and somewhere deep down a gentle and warm soul.

I typically shake my head in agreement at whatever he is ranting about……and try to crack a joke whenever possible hoping to make larry laugh.

So fast forward to yesterday, August 1.

I was sitting on a little bench on the White Street pier….a beautiful spot in Key West where I love to read and write and sort of sit and think about the disaster that is my life…and here comes Larry with two small dogs, the 3 of them looking like a tornado of tumult, about to upset my easy peasy afternoon…….walking my way.

I had a small version of the “4 AGREEMENTS” by Don Miguel Ruiz a book i had long been familiar with but never really read…..but had watched Pat Riley, the legendary basketball coach and NBA executive recommending just the other day…and figured it was worth finally checking out.

Larry looks at me – looks at the book with it’s new age artwork and asks -

 What the hell are you reading?

 Ah….a just a little self help re-arrange the furniture in the attic sort of stuff – I said.

Larry reaches down and tilts the back cover of the book in his direction, turn his head to the side…seemingly is lost in thought for a moment and then he starts to wave his hands in the air looking seriously distressed and disappointed.

 “C’mon…..tell me you don’t buy that garbage.” 

 “I’ll tell you what he continues…….let me give you some free advice – whatever that book tells you to do – just do the OPPOSITE.  If it tells you to go north – go south.  Better yet – just put it down and run.”

 “How do you know, ” I ask  ” Have you even read it?”

 “I wouldn’t waste my time.  Trust me – do the exact opposite and you’ll be better off – free advice from me to you – no charge.”

And with that….Larry laughs his loud locomotive Larry laugh…….and he and his little  labradoodles were on their way.

So I sat there for a few moments……and at first, to be totally honest, I felt a little bit silly and insecure about my choice of reading material.

So I did something really smart for a change.

I took Larry’s advice.

And created 4 new agreements that Larry would love – Larry’s laws to speak – although I’m pretty sure they won’t be anywhere nearly as popular as the original 4.


 Be impeccable with your word.  

Lie to everybody.  But do it with a smile.  (they’ll forgive you.)

Don’t take anything personally.

It’s always about me.  WTF is  wrong with me?  It’s all my mom’s fault.

Don’t make assumptions.  

When in doubt, when unsure – just assume. (and whenever possible, assume the worst)

 Always do your best - 

Do as little as possible to get the job done. Someone else will pick up the slack.  (less pain = more gain)

The funny thing is -

The older I get, the more experience I accumulate, the more hardships I hurdle, the more obstacles I overcome and the more aware I am of how little I know and how much more I have yet to learn, the more convinced I become that the secret is so simple as well.

 Control what you create.

And even more important -

 To thine own self be true.

And, to quote Wayne Dyer,  another self help guru Larry wouldn’t love…..

 - When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change.

(be it building a bigger and better business,  or simply living a life you love)

 With that in mind……..

I challenge you to change how you perceive some of your challenges in building a list of subscribers, and a community of fans, friends, and followers online.

And I want to invite you to participate in the next “Enlightened Entrepreneur”  challenge.

It’s the first of a super simple, 3 step series of challenges I am working on – maximum momentum in minimum time.

Incubation.  Imagination.  And Inspiration.

  • It’s going to be SUPER short.  (Under 5 Days)
  • And simple.  (3 easy steps)
  • We’re going to build a list from scratch.
  • (100% free traffic)
  • It’s also going to be 100% free.
  • (and 200% fun :-)

And if you participate, You will never struggle to understand how to build a list from scratch…….out of thin air……with free content – and your keyboard – ever again.

I will announce the starting date here on  my blog so make sure you are subscribed and checking back - and on the Enlightened Entrepreneur FB page – so if building your first list feels like something you’d like to do this month, i’d love to have you join us.


Free on the Inside

I have ugly feet.

But I’m free on the inside.

When you love what you do…….and you do it every day, at least for a little while, you’re free on the inside.

I was watching a show a few weeks ago on women who committed violent crimes.

Murder. Mayhem. And Madness.

One woman had spent her life on the streets.

Doing Drugs.

Dancing with Danger.

Dodging Demons.

And decades of Desperation.

She sold her body for money.

So she could get her next fix.

She was beaten, battered and spiritually scattered.

One day……she killed her pimp.

Not in a fit of rage. Or in self defense.

But rather….in a methodical, matter of fact way that made sympathy for her plight hard to hold.

In a throwaway world where most don’t notice and the nameless become numbers, she now lives in a paradox box of concrete and contribution.


Yet connected to a community who cares more than the wired world from which she came.

And yet, she looked in the camera…..describing the work she does with abused and drug addled women who will get the second chance she probably won’t – and said – “for the first time in my life, I’m truly free. I’m free on the inside.”

So I wrote that down on a little notepad and thought about it for a while then……and again.

Because when we all do what we truly love and feel connected to some sense of something that is bigger, better and bolder than ourselves…….we are free.

On the inside.

And out.

It’s rare.  It eludes most forever.

It requires a little bit of bravery.

But it’s always there.

I have some strange fascination with synchronicity these days.

That weird way the nutty laws of  nature, or the universe, or whatever it is that holds all of this together by the slenderest of shreds occasionally tickles our feet to remind us who is in charge.

That there is a plan and a purpose and that as cynical and skeptical and dubious as it may sometimes seem, the signposts, and syncronicities are singing…..and smiling for attention.

I’m reading this book yesterday – on the 4th of July – Explorers of the Infinite – about extreme athletes and adventurers- hikers, and mountaineers and big wave surfers and deep sea divers……..and their extraordinary experiences and death defying pursuit of something that I can’t quite understand until the end when one world class mountaineer… trying to describe the rush of ascending some of the highest peaks in the world without a net, or harness or help……describes it as the only time he ever truly feels “free on the inside”

I opened my notebook leafed through 50 pages of scribble…….and smiled.

And this blog post wrote itself.

The truth is, I’d make a horrible hiking companion.

I’m a creature of comfort.

And not really fond of heights.

But I’m a huge fan of freedom.

And in doing work that I love.

And in doing that work, helping others express their identity…… and their art and their IMPRINT, inspiration and ambition……… through the fabric of focus and the pursuit of PASSION.

The truth is, so too can you.

I know it sounds trite.

And tired. And sugary sweet.

And of course, I don’t really know you.

But I know this.

There is SOMETHING that makes you free on the inside.

And you’re probably not doing it nearly enough.

It may be prayer.

OR meditation.

Maybe it’s looking at the smiling, happy faces of your children on a sunny day, lost in a frozen moment of fun.

Or spending lazy days with people that you love.

Or the basking in the beauty of nature.

It may be sharing your gifts.

Or doing work that you love.

Or expressing yourself in ways that motivate, excite or inspire others to action.

I know there are many things I love to do.

All of the above…and much more.

But what makes me feel free is doing exactly this.

I would even do it for free. (and quite often, actually do..:-)

Once in a while, I read some of the emails and promises and promotions that some of my peers in this business put out into the world…..and it makes me mad.

Not sad. But mad.

Even some of the select few people that I know and like personally, I’ll read their stuff and sometimes……silently, I seethe.

But you know what?

Those people are never free.

Not where it counts.

They are tied and tethered.

Bound, bolted and buried.

Always thinking about that avalanche of cold, cruel karma that’s coming down the mountain.

If you believe in anything bigger, better and bolder than yourself……… you know that already.

I do have ugly feet.

And I still can’t draw a good smiley face, even though I’ve been trying for a decade.

But I’m free on the inside.

At least for the rest of tonight.

Tomorrow, I’ll get up and do it again.

New PDF (And “Done For You” Marketing Service Launch)

If you didn’t get this today’s PDF via email…….you can download it HERE :-)

The email that went out to my newsletter list is below:

The attached 100 page PDF has some of the most popular posts on blog, brand and business building strategies I have to offer……and I truly hope that if you aren’t yet where you want to be, and you are open to change – you give it a good read.

I don’t claim to have all of the answers……

But much of what I’ve learned has come through years of hard work,  huge & heroic “hits”, followed up by magnificent and mystifying “misses”.……along with more trial and tribulation than I ever wanted or expected……..and much self reflection, improvement and radical re-invention along the way.

Like you – I am a work in progress, and only hope that whatever experience and expertise I may have, serves to help others avoid or overcome obstacles I’ve learned to high step along the way :-)

PS -
As of July 1st – myself, along with a small group of some of the very best and smartest blog, brand and business builders I know, have a whole suite of  world class “Done for You” style marketing services that I truly believe are amongst the very best….anywhere in the world.
Whether you need content curation, blog building, relationship marketing, email automation and list building, social media strategy, product creation coaching……..or simply need someone to take you by the hand and help you leap frog the learning curve, help is here..:-)
NOTE:  If you are ALREADY a passion professional or business consultant in your local community and need to expand, enhance, augment or improve your offers……..this is an ideal way to implement a spectacular suite of new services without needing to do one lick of extra work.  (We create the content  - you get the credit…….and the CASH..:-)
While I don’t have all of the services published yet on my general blog (they will probably be up later tonight) if you think my methods are a match for YOUR marketing – simply hit “reply” and I’ll fill you in.

Thanks, Ian -

(If you’d prefer not to sign up via email…..and still want to get the free files – stay updated via our Enlightened Entrepreneur 2012 Facebook pagefor all announcements, downloads and July Freebies)


Local Marketing Tips for Business Owners AND Online Agencies

Looking for some simple strategies to enhance, extend or improve your online influence in your local community? 

Or, maybe more important to some of our readers, maybe you are looking for a few more “tricks” to inject into your online marketing arsenal when approaching local business owners as a consultant or online agency?

 The good news is that there are tons of good blogs, and an avalanche of inspiring ideas for enhancing your local exposure…..regardless of which side of the fence you sit on. 

While some of the suggestions below are potentially a bit dated (it’s from 2010 and a few small things have changed since this was written) here are 22 good ideas for online business consultants and online entrepreneurs who want to offer optimization services to local professionals…..AND of course, good ideas for the “do it yourself” business owner as well! 

Enjoy……you can read the whole article at the link following the short excerpt below, and if you have any other ideas to share…….feel free to add them in the community comments below….:-)

# Submit your listing to the major data providers: infoUSA, Localeze and These sites submit to multiple data providers and power many online directories.

# Hand submit to some of the bigger local directories & merchant sites such as Best of the Web Local,, MerchantCircle,,, Superpages and InsiderPages.

These provide added exposure to consumers and serve as a reference-source for major local search engines to verify and link business listings information.

Getting listed in these directories will not only improve your presence in the local market, but will also help you gain more quality backlinks to your website.

# Make sure that your listings are consistent. Always provide the same name, address and phone number to avoid any confusion.

# When listing your business use a full street address, not a PO Box. These are worthless for localized search.# Always list a local phone number. While an 800 number is nice, local number will be more indicative of your location.

# Include photos, videos and throw in a little extra (such as current coupons or specials) – this will make your listing more attractive and help it stand out.

20 Local Marketing Tips For Small Business | BOCO Creative Blog

Build Something

The following post is actually a copy of the “Build Something” PDF that went out to my newsletter list earlier today.….I know a lot of people who stop by and occassionally check out these posts on my blog are NOT signed up for the mailing list….and I thought this was important enough, or hopefully…..HELPFUL enough to reprint here!

So if it sounds a bit disjointed or hard to follow in places, my apologies….as those who received it via email are already a bit more familiar with the process, and got an explanatory email message to go with it!

You can download the entire PDF here as well…:-)


The Business Blueprint For Bloggers, Brand Builders  Aspiring Entrepreneurs and  Online Agencies

Quick Note -

If this is totally new to you, or this is the first PDF in this you are getting in this series, please feel free to download the many short reports available in the TOP navigational bar – or reviewing the many blog posts outlining this idea, and approach -  in far greater detail..:-)  Thanks!

This is the proactive model, where rather than soliciting clients through traditional means, we will be approaching them with EXISTING assets, (a website, blog or online community preferably local to where they live) that is already live, turn key and has been developed generically…….but can be modified quickly to be  specific service to their service or solution – e.g. – personalized for their business)

Here are the basic steps:


IDENTIFY A COMPETITIVE NICHE IN YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY WITH A HIGH TRANSACTIONAL VALUE (e.g. – real estate, finance, credit, legal services, etc – do local searches to identify good niches and candidates)  The more poorly the profession is represented online, the better the opportunity.


- HOST IT AT GODADDY FOR EASE OF TRANSFER LATER (get “developers” hosting  account for as low as 7 bucks a month)




- ADD COMPLIMENTARY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT LIKE TWITTER/TUMBLR AND OTHER “TRANSFERABLE” PROPERTIES (adds value and brand building consistency between your content – your community and extends “ownership” to offsite media)



- BUY OR ADD A FEW MORE .COM’S OR .INFO FOR MORE VALUE (optional but low cost to acquire, high perceived value when presenting to client as a package for purchase)


- BUILD IT! -  3 DAYS MAX ON “CORNERSTONE CONTENT” – 7-10 POSTS IS FINE (don’t obsess, get it done, you can always add or improve later)



- ADVERTISE THE SITE ON CLASSIFIEDS (Craigslist is great for small sales, Backpage.Com can be very effective too – look for smaller online trade publications related to the niche, or the geographical community as well)









Remember – you sell the site to sell your services.  Your REAL profits and growth potential come through the back end services you can stack into the sale, and how you deepen the rapport, and relationship with each new customer and client.

You are NOT trying to oversell the actual site.

You want to stand out, and use this approach as a unique way to demonstrate expertise, deliver value and create a win/win transaction that works for you…..AND impresses, inspires and excites your ideal audience.

Then -

Rinse, Wash and Repeat……….


BUILD Something Bigger, Better and BOLDER..:-)




(If you are getting this PDF by email as part of my general list – the extra section on the following few pages will give you some extra ideas and ways to apply the above that I hope you try!)

Here are some additional thoughts that I hope add some clarity to the above…especially if this is your first time reading some of this material.

Can you do this as a coach?

Absolutely.  This is one of the best profit streams for coaches, consultants, teachers trainers, mentors, marketers and passion professionals.


How many life coaches “coach” people who WANT to become a coach themselves?

A lot.

How many weight loss coaches, or spirituality coaches, or relationship coaches have clients who would love to take what they’ve learned and turn their passion into a profitable business?

Many of them.  By offering turnkey marketing solutions, you are positioning yourself as an expert, authority and provider of opportunity to those that need you most.  (and would otherwise have to look elsewhere to have their needs served)

As an example…..MY ideal clients are often other entrepreneurs who are signing up to learn things they want to teach others.

  • My ideal client isn’t someone who is clueless about list building, or blog building or email marketing  -
  • My ideal client is actually someone who is SELLING those services  him (or her) self already….

I recently got involved with a unique coaching community …..that teaches a very unique set of negotiating skills that I’m interested in exploring.

My ulterior motive for participating?

I noticed that the #1 thing the other people in the class were struggling with was marketing themselves, building their  business and applying what they learned in a way that could cultivate clients, build their communities, and create content that converted into cash.

They have passion and lots of knowledge about helping others master this specific set of life skills……

But don’t know how to market their message to the masses who need them

I want to share with you a few additional, and practical reasons why I love this business model – why it’s 100% “non – google – or guru dependent” – and why it’s truly something that’s IDEAL for those of you who are struggling to earn anything at all online.

Here is a quick story about when I was just starting in this business years ago….having ZERO success, feeling like a big fat failure and being dangerously close to giving up.

I read a blog post by Steve Pavalina (who I’ve since decided is a total raving loon, and probably clinically insane – by the way) on creating value.

But loonliness aside – the basic message of the blog post he wrote was great and really impacted me  -  his daily mantra – everyday,  was – “as long as I create value – the rest will follow”.

And it literally hit me like a ton of bricks.

Not because it’s not super obvious advice.

Because it is.

But he was churning out copious amounts of content on a daily basis that was bringing insight, inspiration and illumination to hundreds of thousands of people – and whether or not I thought his wacky words were adding to a growing body of evidence that he probably should be locked in a windowless room with soft white styro foam padding for walls, my opinion was clearly in the minority.

And he was (and I’m sure still is) making a killing  creating a community of people who share a passion for personal growth  – while offering those people an enviornment to interact with his ideas…….

And I, on the other hand…….was trying to sell clickbank ebooks on picking up blondes in bars and teaching your petulant pet to sit, stay and roll over on command.

I was so focused on my finances……….that I was flailing, flailing and falling all over myself with frustration.

So loony or not – that PAVALINA post kicked me in the pants, and I knew it was time to try something new.

So my breakthrough  moment was – a big YES to value.

I was super psyched and ready to start.

My next problem was I didn’t know what kind of value to create.

After all  – what is really valuable anyway?

it’s a subjective thing, right?

Like beauty – and porn – and a good sense of humor -  value if often is hard to define in words -  yet, you know it when you see it and how it makes you feel inside when you’re home alone.


It becomes an easy and ambiguous word to toss around……….because it sounds good when offering advice on a blog – but really, simultaneously – says nothing SPECIFIC you can really use.

Which is why so many bloggers, and PDF’s like this one – talk about adding value.:-)

So not knowing exactly what I wanted to offer – I simplified my mantra.


Not sell something.

Not learn something.

Not buy something.

BUILD something.

And build I did.

The first thing I “built” was a cosmetic dentistry blog for the hyper competitive, Beverly Hills marketplace.

Other than having a really friendly smile myself, I knew nothing about the niche.

But -

I knew the Google adsense ads paid very well at the time – and that it was super competitive niche with high transactional values – and that the doctors were paying lots of money to advertise (as the per click payouts were super high as above)  – and everyone knows having nice white teeth is important if you want to get to heaven.

So I spent a weekend building the site.

I used a premium template.  (Semiologic – which at the time was the best, and most expensive WordPress theme on the market)

It looked atrociously bad anyway.

I advertised the site on a bunch of online classified sites, wrote a few articles and even promoted it with a free press release.

Every day I’d “curate” a little bit more content than the day before. (this was a bit before “content curation” was even a term I’d ever heard)

After about a week of advertising on Craigslist – the gods began to smile (no pun intended :-)…..and I started to get random emails asking how much I wanted for it.

I really wasn’t sure.

I said 2k.

One dentist called me – negotiated what sort of follow up services I’d be willing to offer for that sort of cash (which at the time, I would have said yes to anything) – agreed to the price – pay-paled me a thousand bucks as a deposit and agreed to the other 50% in 30 days.

I couldn’t believe it.

Build something.

It worked.

Thank you Steve Pavalina you crazy eyed,  loony, probably a little bit dangerous…….Genius!

So easy.

Who knew?

Of course……….

It wasn’t all peaches and rainbows thereafter………

The dentist turned out to be a nightmare of a client.

After about a week, he’d call me at all times of the day and night, asking in broken English – “When I be #1 on Google? Why I no #1 on Google now?”

I occasionally fantasized about flying to Los Angeles and stealing his phone, or his family.

But I had learned something so incredibly simple – so incredibly powerful – and thanks to Steve the bodcacious blogger, and Mohammed the dysfunctional dentist – something I remind myself today whenever my focus, my thoughts and my ideas take me elsewhere and I find myself flailing and failing all over again.

When you’re lost, frustrated and feel like you’re spinning your wheels…….


And Build something.

Create value for others.  Because that’s the secret for enduring success.
And the opportunities to do it are everywhere.

One more quick thought that I hope gives you a bit of an idea as to how easy the actual opportunities out there are to spot….once you start looking for them.

About a week ago I walked outside to see that there was a little door hanger thingy on my front door.

It was for a cleaning service.

Ordinarily, I’d find that sort of annoying and probably mention it to my court ordered anger management therapist who I see on Tuesdays.

But – as luck would have it – being a surprisingly big slob for my age – and getting ready to head back up to NJ for the summer…….I desperately need someone to clean my rental house, especially because a good friend owns it, who would be mortified to see how much much my house hygiene has suffered since we’d hung out together last.

So I called the number and scheduled an appointment with Andre – the foriegn accent on the other side of the phone – to come by and give me an estimate – which he promptly did an hour later.

We met briefly – agreed on his hourly rate and he returned yesterday to do the work.

As we started to talk, I learned that Andre is from the Ukraine – probably about 23 or 24 or so, and he told me that starting a business is impossible in his country due to the corruption and organized crime…even for something like providing a house cleaning service, so he’s really excited to be working in the US (and of course, in Key West of all places……doesn’t suck either…:-)

He told me he was doing well…….and that after only a few months, he was able to do 1 or two houses per day in season, more when he had help – but that he had no idea how to market himself and attract newer clients, especially during the slower, steamier hurricane summer season. (e.g. – right NOW..:-)

As a matter of fact, other than the door hangers and car flyers, he had no real marketing plan at all….and wasn’t even sure what was (or wasn’t) working.

1. He didn’t know if his door hangers were working or annoying people.
2. He didn’t know if his flyers were generating business or not.
3. He didn’t know if his phone was ringing because of referrals, or not.  (he said – American’s don’t tell you where they hear about you, they just call :-)

So I started to give him some suggestions.

- Start tracking everything
- Offer a 50% off “coupon” for every satisfied client who refers you to 3 friends at the end of a service.
- Start aggressively posting on Craigslist and every day.  (rather than once per week as he had been doing)
- Write an editorial in the local paper on some of the dangers of dust/pollen/ or the other household contaminants (something he wasn’t shy about telling me was in every corner of my house)
- Offer a free report on how a deep cleaning before summer can dramatically diminish your pest extermination costs ( a big issue here due to the tropical climate, as many people leave for the hot hurricane season and come back in the fall with a houseful of hidden critters and creatures)
- Build a blog and tell your personal story….
- Try an inexpensive direct mail and/or postcard creative campaign that builds on the above

And rather than looking at ALL of this as a chore -

Create a bit of a character in the community with your signage, statement and sales message, enjoy yourself, and make your content creative, entertaining, informative and most importantly – FUN!

At a certain point….he got up and got a pen and paper and started writing down my gibberish which made me feel like I was being of help……even though they were super simple, super rudimentary suggestions.

And then – when I asked him about his local online presence – he said sheepishly- “very little.  I really need a website.”

I agreed – we laughed a little bit….and a few minutes later, as he was packing up and I asked him how much I owed him – he said, “I’m going to take you up on your advice and give you a discount and hope you’ll refer me to your friends.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell him I have very few friends,  and I only leave the house when absolutely necessary – preferably under the cloak of darkness.

After he left – knowing I would be sending the outline of this PDF  to my coaching list today – I kept on thinking of how many people tell me they have been working online for xyz amount of weeks, months or even YEARS….and have never made ANY money at all.

A few months ago, when I asked a portion of my list for their biggest “challenge”…..MANY people admitted to spending quite literally, YEARS online…..without really having made any money at all.

Smart people who mean well, work hard and quite often, have had at least some success in the “real” world already.

It’s really NOT your fault.

It’s not your brain that’s broken – it’s the “marketing map” we’re all force fed and follow that has no real clear destination in mind.

This weird, perverse idea that “controlling the masses” or “push button profits” or “set it and forget it” is a legitimate business model that really works.

It doesn’t.

I challenge you to build something instead.

The truth is – if you are trying to sell ebooks and affiliate products,  the deck is perpetually stacked against you.

If you are trying gimmicks, or listening to “gurus” who quite honestly, in my personal working experience……CAN’T make a single solitary cent OUTSIDE of the “teach others how to succeed” marketplace…….the deck is stacked against you.

But BUILD something and the deck is back in your favor.

If Andre was willing to “give” me 40 bucks or so as a discount for 15 minutes of caffeinated conversation – what would a “done for you” blog, a landing page, an opt in form, some creative content, and a growing group of fans, friends and followers in our local community all spreading the word about his blog and business be worth to him?

If you were Andre, what would it be worth to you?

The funny thing is, in the online “guru” landscape in 2012,  the “new” trend is teaching people how to  become local business consultants for the ever growing group of folks who need to migrate their offline marketing, ONLINE. (or to accentuate and integrate their existing efforts into a more symbiotic strategy)

And usually – while most of that crowds recommendations are silly, self serving and ultimately doomed to disappoint,  and while you certainly shouldn’t buy a home study course to do it……it’s an idea I wholeheartedly recommend.

Build something.

And let that which you build, sell itself instead.

Here is a short list (there are MANY more possible permutations and combinations you can create) of 13 simple service oriented offers that will all pay you handsomely for your time and effort.

1. Email Marketing (creating follow up messages)
2. List building (building a newsletter list)
3. Video Marketing
4. Direct mail/offline advertising
5. SEO (the most popular with professionals and super simple to sell)
6. Article Marketing (writing articles like this one for OFF-SITE syndication)
7. Content Marketing (info-graphics, PDF’s, free reports and more)
8. Blog Building (updating blogs for clients)
9. Content Curation (clipping, snipping and collecting related resources in a niche or industry)
10. Social Media Management (brand building and social awareness campaigns)
11. Facebook Pages (super simple and VERY lucrative)
12. Web design (an old standby that every business needs)
13. Straight Strategy Consulting (strategy/structure/sequence)

The truth is, obviously lots of these can be combined, put together and turned into a whole marketing menu or suite of services you can offer in your local community to build fans, friends and followers who will help spread the word about YOU… and your business. If you have ever wanted to be a real GURU and passion professional who people really turn to in the evolving online landscape, the profitable path above is one you really ought to pursue.

Remember, you can literally BUILD something, give it away for free…..and simply build in the back end services above into the actual offer, turning what may have paid you $400 for a simple “site sale” -  into something that could earn you $4000 in residual services and continuity – and quite often, marketing money that your clients are already investing in other places for substandard returns.

Lastly – I have spent the last few months investing a good amount of money buying up tons and tons of hyper local domain names in hyper competitive markets that I KNOW there are practicing PROFITABLE professionals who will bid on what I’ve built.

We are creating community sites, local news sites, political sites, authority sites, buddy press & social sites…..all designed to be “flipped” or transfered – turn key -  to passion professionals who already practicing in those places and want a competitive edge….OR to augment what they already have – OR a first mover advantage of their closest competition who has nothing now.  (or a combination of some or all of the above)

Lawyers, doctors, realtors, lenders, credit counselors, web designers, SEO professionals and marketing mavens… doesn’t make a difference.

As search moves progressively LOCAL and a premium is placed on being SOCIAL and creating content that is community focused, interactive and engaging……… the sky is the limit, and creative people of PASSION who want to make a difference in the their local communities will truly be the online gurus of the next generation.  (and hopefully set a much better example than those who came before them:-)

By the way………

I share all of this with you NOT because I want you to be my competition.

I want you to become my clients.

And the more you have to sell, the greater the number of opportunities, options and ideas open up to you – the more inspired you become – and the more confidence you cultivate in your ability to create value and build for others in a way that honors and shines a bright light on your greatest gifts – the more i hope you consider what I have to offer to help you get there.




Empowering People Through Service, Information & Opportunity

PS -

For those of you who are building your own local consulting service and need help servicing your clients……...Tons of “Done for You” style services being added for July of 2012 - content creation and curation, blog and list building, email marketing support, product creation coaching and lots more……… even full OUTSOURCED support – you get the clients - we do the work – YOU get the credit, the kudos….and the cash!  ..:-)

Drop us a note at – for more – or say hi on Facebook HERE!

How to Curate Content Like a PRO

Content curation is all the rage these days…….right?

I hate to be  the guy who says – “yes, but….I’ve been talking about content curation for just about 5 years” BUT, I’ve been talking about (and practicing) content curation for the past 5 years..:-)

The truth is of course, with all of the nefarious nonsense and silly small minded mental marketing midgetry being pushed, promoted and passed off as smart by those that prey on people who don’t have much experience……you DON’T need to buy expensive “push button” tools to curate content like a pro, and you DON’T need to steal, scrape, lift or leach off of the work of others to do it really well.  

NOTE:  I’m not 100% sure if I spelled leach right there, either.  It may be leech…..but in honor of the Stanley Cup and all time Flyer great Reggie Leach and hockey hair fashionistas around the globe,  I’m going to leave it without even double checking.

I wrote the short article below earlier today for EzineArticles – and decided it was fit to print here as well…:-)

If you have more questions on the in’s and outs of content curation and want some greater depth and detail, check out the Content Community Continuum PDF’s in the nav bar above….or simply do a site search in the sidebar for “Flock”.  (my favorite clip, snip and curation tool in the world……even though, and unfortunately, it’s no longer being developed)



Who else is interested in learning how how to curate content the RIGHT way?  Do you crave more content……but don’t have the time, energy or ability to crank out new articles or updates on the hour?  Do you watch with envy as other “authority” sites generate an avalanche of traffic, and earn BIG money through content curation and DON’T seem to write any more original stuff than you do?  In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at how to curate content the RIGHT way, and some of the biggest lessons I’ve personally learned in multiple niches using this exact model for content CREATION as well.  Curious to know more?  Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

 Let’s start with 2 BIG Rules:

1 – Content curation is NOT about copying content.  What I do, quite simply is “clip” a 100 or 200 word piece of an article (never more than 20%) and add my own parenthetical thoughts about what the author I’m citing has stated.  Whether I agree, disagree or otherwise with the tone or tenor of the “curated” content, I always make sure that my own thoughts are LONGER than that which I’ve snipped or clipped.

2 – A 70/30 mix of curated, versus original content is FINE and totally cool and has worked wonderfully well for me.  This means, for every 10 pieces of content I write, I try to clip, snip, cull, collect and curate 7 of those stories that I think would be of interest or will inspire my readership.

The other 3 are articles I’ve written specifically with my audience in mind.  (and quite often, are based on the community comments that have been generated from the curated content)

Make sense?

A real content curation site is NOT about scraping RSS, or stealing other peoples articles.  It’s about providing a place that serves as a hub of information in your niche, or area of expertise.

It can also simply be a great resource of tools, tips and techniques…and a launching pad, or place where passionate people who are your ideal audience come FIRST, simply because they know you’ve got the best stories covered.  For example, while not technically “curated” content in the way it’s mostly described…..some of the sites I visit everyday are almost exclusively resources that are copied and compiled by the site owner…who publishes them all in one place, which makes my life easier.

An example?  A site that publishes all of the new premium WordPress themes on a daily basis, as they come on to the market.  ( is just one example, there are many)

Rather than spending an hour searching a whole bunch of social sites, or even visiting the original authors pages myself, or having to check my RSS reader, I simply go to the one place I know the “curation” (or this case COMPILATION) has been done for me.  He gets my traffic……my attention and quite often, my income if I buy something from following a link to a WP theme, plugin or template I need for my business.

Back to traditional curation for a moment……..

Want another great idea I use for my own blogs….that not 1 in 100 curators do for themselves? or their clients?

I often clip, snip and curate my OWN content as well! 

In other words, an article like this one, which live on an article directory, is often the BEST type of content for me to clip.


Because it helps create continuity between my onsite content (a blog, for example…or a Face book page) and my OFFSITE content (content published in other places) and extends and enhances the appearance of influence I have in my own community.

(and of course, also gives me more free content for my blog, builds a link to the published article and all sorts of other cool benefits we won’t cover here….this can even be used in affiliate markets where  you publish in a pen name, as you are building links to the articles you’ve published in pen names, adding quality content to your blog, and it all ultimately serves the same master of more exposure for your “story” :-)

The biggest benefit you should see right away?

You’ll see how easily it is to create copious amounts of creative content for your community, without working any harder.  I can add 10 of these style curated posts to ANY blog in 2 hours, while providing real value…..and not only does my site stickiness go up each time I do, my traffic (and trust) do as well.

The Secret to Happiness

This is one of my favorite TED talks ever.

Dan Gilbert, on the secret (or the synthesizing) of happiness.

I’ve probably watched and/or listened to it 24 times or more over the last 2 or 3 years  - and it’s still enlightens (and inspires) me with each new push on play.

I’m not even sure why.

To be honest……I don’t even believe that some of what he argues is true. (and in some ways, I HOPE it’s not, too :-)

But it’s very entertaining, and quite enlightening to remember how much control we have over how happy (or not) we are in every moment, regardless of external circumstances.  Enjoy!  (no pun intended..:-)

The Perfect Niche

What would you do with your days if money wasn’t an object?

What would you do if you won the lottery?

What inspires your imagination?

What would you consider so much fun, so rewarding & so inspiring that you’d do it for FREE?

That is 92% of the battle.

Let me tell you what I did yesterday.

I spent 10 hours watching Celebrity Ghost Stories. 

Including the one with Chaka Khan like twice. (which I found highly suspicious due to a lack of trustworthy witnesses)

The one from the lead singer of Poison was much better, even though I find it tough to trust a 45 year old man who wears a bandana 24 hours a day.

At a certain point of the day…..sitting by myself, coffee, listening to one weird, wild, wacky story after the next………

I said, out loud and 100% out of the blue – “I would love to do this for a living”

I actually surprised myself.

But I really would.

And I’d do it for free.

Just go to creepy places, get some night vision goggles and yell -

Did anyone else hear that?” a few times a night.

I don’t know why – I don’t have a lot of friends who agree – and I don’t even talk about it much.

But for some reason I’m a closet ghost geek.

I can still remember years and years ago when my Grandfather died…..and sitting around his condo with a bunch of 80 year old Grandmothers (including my own) and talking about all sorts of “new age” stuff – ghosts, apparitions, near death experiences, psychics and all sorts of crazy experiences they had…mostly growing up and living in Europe as children and young adults.

It was great – I loved it – and if I could have superglued their polyester pants to the sofa to keep the stories coming all day, I would have.

I remember my cousins looking over at me sympathetically…and rolling their eyes…..thinking i was suffering through the worst day imaginable.

I played along….but secretly, I was having a blast.

(and kept bringing bagels back so that no would would leave our little paranormal powwow)

At some point of my life…..I will do that.

And I will write about it.

And it will be fun, fulfilling and financially rewarding as well.

I don’t know why…….

But I just have a Passion for exploring the edges of the impossible inspiring.

The funny thing is – while I’ve never made it a full time business….as some of the people in my “challenges” know – one of the niches I’ve used to demonstrate from an affiliate standpoint is the psychic and paranormal market.

Sometimes I wonder……..why not just do that now?

Screw the rest of the stuff that feels like heavy lifting.

Life is short.

I’m not getting any younger.

It makes me happy……AND I’d do it for free ….AND based on the little bit of success I’ve already had in the niche…….I already know I don’t have to.


  • Find what you’d do for free……and find a way to make money with it.
  • Don’t live someone else’s standard of what success looks like.
  • Dance on the dangerous edge of faith & fun…..and then FOCUS.

I want to tell you a quick funny story -

About 4 months ago there was a project I really wanted to do in a personal level in the personal development marketplace, basically trying to inspire, entertain and “enlighten” people in an area I have a little bit of expertise. (not a ton…..but enough and I was excited to learn more)

I was pitching this to 3 partners in a business whose help I really needed to scale this up.

At first they were really excited.

And then one person said – “okay…but we do have “Evidence of Success”

  • How do we split test this?
  • And how do we measure that?
  • And what do we do here?
  • And what about……….

I said – FUCK “Evidence for Success” :

I know I can do this because I care, and am sincere – and want to truly impact the lives of other people and I have supreme self confidence that if I stay true to that, it’s going to work.

But once it became about math…..and metrics…..rather than meaning…….

Invariably, it never happened.

And that’s where most of us drop the ball.

Because passion can become poisoned by a push for profit…….. rather than pure.

Not that I blame them, of course……..

It’s just that i I would have done that for free!

And NOT because I don’t need, or want the money. …….

It’s just that I guess, I believe, in my bones….if you’re smart, and start from there, you’ll never have to.

It’s funny – last night I started reading an ebook at 3 am on my iphone, lying in bed, after one drink and one ghost story too many called:

“Love Yourself”

it’s 99 cents….i don’t know the author other than I saw it recommended on another blog and and while I was reading it I felt a mixture of compassion, connection and passion for what is pure.

And then I started to get jealous.

Pure unadulterated envy.

Not because I think he’s made a fortune with the ebook. (it’s only a buck and he probably hasn’t sold enough to buy a months worth of Starkbucks Grande’s just yet…or at least, not in the quantity I drink them)

But because he’s not only done something he loves……but he’s done it well, and touched many lives in the process.

And to me, that’s the definition of success.

  1. - Find something you love.
  2. - And then share it with the world in a way that’s meaningful and matters.

All of us can do that.

Right now.

There is no blueprint, no guidebook, no gimmick and no guru who can give that to you.

As a matter of fact…….

By it’s very nature it’s yours to discover for yourself.

Let other people worry about keyword tools, and KEI and push button profits.

Those things never lead to happiness. (or much money, either)

You worry about living the life you love.

Because that will.

Thanks for reading.

I’d love for you to join our FB page here. (because if this resonates with you, there are updates coming you don’t want to miss :-)



Mom Bloggers Who Rock

This is a great, short but inspiring post from Grasshopper.Com featuring some of the “Mommy Bloggers” who are kicking butt and taking names….and presumably not only the little ones that live in their own homes.

It’s a a great post for a few different reasons, but to  me……most notably the detail they divulge about DOOCE.COM, a prominent blog maintained by “Recovering Mormon Mom” Heather Armstrong.

According to to the numbers revealed in the post, not only does her blog generate 100 thousand visitors a day….she is earning 30 to 50 thousand dollars a month per month in ad revenue alone. 

(her blog is pretty ad heavy……a bit too heavy for my taste, but clearly, when you’re generating 50k a month in revenue from the power of your prose alone… can afford to lose a few visitors who are off put by the amount of advertising you’ve got cramming up against your content ….something Ezine Articles.Com has been teaching us for years on FAR bigger numbers than that)

The funny thing is….while her writing is GOOD…..and she’s pretty funny, too……and I enjoyed what I’ve read of hers in the past……’s not OVERWHELMINGLY or unusually good, or riotously funny.

As a matter of fact…….

I can think of 3 or 4 “mom bloggers” on my list right now whose content I’ve peeked at over the last few months from a Facebook link, or a comment they’ve left here, who to ME……are more talented….and whose content is either better written, funnier, more inspiring or more entertaining but that are struggling in relative oblivion and anonymity and probably always will.


Mostly because they don’t really have a STRATEGY, or structure, or a sense of how to incorporate their ART into income and parlay PASSION into profit.

Alternatively……..Heather Armstrong is being written about in the New York Times as both a content creator and an income producer and an influencer and ultimately…….an entrepreneur most work at home moms want to emulate.

The difference?

Other than a little bit of luck and some good fortune thrown in for good measure……she’s most likely a woman with a grand PLAN.

I’m sure it didn’t start out that way, but…….

What she’s done so well, in my view… create a pretty good working example of the “Content Community Continuum” marketing model, even though of course, she’s not calling it that.

She has –

  • Content
  • Character
  • Community
  • Conversation
  • Curriculum
  • Conversion
  1. She started, like most of us who start a blog……with an idea, and some content.
  2. And then infused that content with a character and a unique personality (or public persona) that cultivated a community.
  3. And then opened up that community to conversation around common concerns.
  4. And her curriculum….or monetization model appears to be the easiest one there is for a high volume, general interest blog.  (a site smothered with contexual and affiliate ads and then ultimately, hard goods branded arounded the site)
  5. Her community is comprised of LOTS of user generated content (both comments and community Q and A, groups, member profiles, etc)
  6.  She has her blog linking to a community forum.
  7. And her community forum featuring Q and A created by her community.
  8. And her community creates continuity between her onsite content….and her OFFSITE content.  (Her Amazon books that appear to be complied DIRECTLY from the blog posts themselves….which means her “real world” published content is really curated from her own blog content, too…:-)

The truth is, you don’t need to have 100 thousand visitors a day to make this model work.


I’ve been doing this stuff full time for years…….and having a lot of fun…..and living in a perpetual state of year round beachy bliss……. and THIS blog has never gotten 100 thousand visitors in a whole MONTH..:-) 

(although it’s not a main source attention…..or  income, either)

Anyone can do this.  Yes…there is a little bit of the luck of the draw involved.

Not every talented writer is going to get 5 million visitors a year to read their thoughts on diapers, depression and dog doo.

But you don’t need that to build your blog, your brand, your business and your bank account.

You need a strategy.

And a structure.

And a sequence.  And most importantly…the stick-tuit-iveness to, well…..stick with it :-)

You can literally install Buddy Press for FREE and add a Q and A plugin from WPMU for FREE and have the exact same setup in 90 minutes flat… mess, no stress, no muss and no fuss.

A really good investment if you have a spare 3 bucks lying around – I highly recommend “amatuer” novelist John Locke’s ebook on how he sold 1 million ebooks in 5 months, using a marketing model VERY similar to the one above.

And to be honest with you, if you read his ebook (it’s something you can read in a few hours…and if you have a message you want to get out to the masses, it’s pretty inspiring, too) the one thing HE really struggled with was building an “opt in list”….which for us, as internet marketers, is probably the easiest and most natural part of the process there is.  (he talks about one day having a list of 10,000 people to “talk” to via email…..a figure that’s NOT hard to hit using techniques we talk about often on here and in some niches……in a month or two as well)

(and why I truly believe if you apply the Content Community Continuum system as I outline in the free PDF’s you can grab from the navigation bar above, you can actually put together some of the pieces of the puzzle far faster than those who find list building and newsletters and email sequence follow ups a foriegn concept.

Anyway – regardless of whether you are a Mommy blogger or a daddy blogger or just a burnt out blogger like me, check out the link below and take a good hard look at some of the creative ways real people just like you are pursuing their passions with a furious focus…having tons of fun and creating a real contribution in the communities they care about most.

Enjoy :-)

More than 10 years ago, Heather Armstrong launched a blog to joke about pop culture, her job, and life as a single woman. As the years passed, she got married, had kids, suffered from extreme postpartum depression, dealt with broken washing machines, decorated her home, cleaned spit-up, changed diapers, and wrote about it all. Over time, all that blogging landed her book deals, media appearances, and $30,000 to $50,000 per month in ad revenue alone.“She is one of the few bloggers who wield that kind of clout,” New York Times’ Lisa Belkin wrote. “Typically, there are 100,000 visitors daily to her site…where she writes about her kids, her husband, her pets, her treatment for depression and her life as a liberal ex-Mormon living in Utah

Parenthood Redefined: The Enterprise of Mom Blogging | | Grasshopper BlogGrasshopper Blog

Is Article Marketing Still Worth It?

How effective is article marketing in 2012? 

Is it still worth it, or should you move on to greener pastures and lighter lifting when it comes to generating free traffic that converts like crazy?

The truth is, even right now (Memorial Day Weekend of 2012) I still write articles for about an hour…..JUST about every day.  For me, in my own specific process and sequence of steps I like to follow (as outlined in the Content Community Continuum links in the nav bar above) creating content in a new niche on a daily basis is a critical component to the whole marketing “map” I like to use.

That said – anyone who tells you that the articles themselves are going to get the same amount of love from the Google God’s is NOT telling you the truth. 

I have thousands and thousands of published articles (6500 of my own as of today and thousands more through businesses I’m involved in) in a panapoly of pen names promoting a myriad of products and this past month (April15th to May 15th 2012) has been one of the worst in terms of traffic emanating from the search engines themselves.

BUT – on the flip side, the social and viral elements of article marketing are better today than I have ever seen…as people share, tweet and spread your content throughout their own sphere of influence, which brings more organic traffic back to my articles – and of course, if those people share the interests of their friends on the social networks (which is very common in the online marketing spaces where I do most of my publishing today) those new visitors, by default…..are pretty targetted as well.  (as if someone shares an IM or entrepreneurial article on their FB page…and one of their Facebook friends visits my article as a result, the liklihood of them clicking through and signing up for my community after consuming the content are far higher than through people stopping by through serendipitous search)

Is that a hard and fast rule or easy to prove?

Probably not, no…..but i’m definitely getting that vibe from the last 30 days of optin’s that emanate from my article marketing efforts, and I’m still confident that the natural search priority will pick back up in the future as well. 

Agree?  Disagree?  Had a different experience and given up on article marketing altogether?  Share your thoughts on our Facebook community page here and let me know :-)

Just getting started with article marketing and not sure what any of it really means?  Check out the short article I submitted yesterday for some of the basics…and what you need to know BEFORE you begin to boot..:-) 

You can read the whole thing at the link following the short excerpt below.

What is the advantage of submitting articles to someone else’s site… rather than my own?Another good question! (and one that is asked with increasing frequency these days as well) The answer is, it depends a bit on what your ultimate goal is, and how developed your existing site is.

For me, the reason I still like to submit content to off site article directories first, is that you can leverage the millions of readers these sites get on a regular basis and get YOUR content in front of these potential clients, customers or subscribers right away.

This is especially effective in the higher volume categories or niches, where an article may quite literally be exposed to 10 or 20 thousand new readers over the course of a few hours, whereas on your own site, it may take days, weeks or even months to generate enough search engine trust to get a fraction of that viewership… on the very same content.

What Is Article Marketing? (and the HIDDEN Cost That All Content Creators Must Face)

Want to Sell Your Website? The Best Places to Buy (or Sell) Your Blog or Website

Here is a great list of some of the very best places to buy (or sell) a blog or website, along with some pretty detailed information on how active each directory is, how well they rank and what type of prices many of the current listings are commanding.  (or at least, like all other types of real estate….. what they are asking for..;-)

I’ve been focusing my own business building efforts on creating online assets that have REAL value over the last 6 months or so….specifically using a community oriented model using Q and A, BuddyPress & socially active sites in highly “emotive” and even hyper local niches……and if you’ve worked with me over this time, you already know, that BUILDING websites for re-sale value, if done strategically and with a profitable process map (like the Content Community Continuum) can be an extremely lucrative model for both buyers…..and sellers alike.

Thanks to the nice folks below for compiling this list – it’s a good one, and a great area to explore if you have something you’d like to sell, but don’t know where to go first.  Check out the whole list at the link following the short excerpt below.  Enjoy..:-)

At the last Internet Investment Summit we provided a detailed list of the best places to buy and sell websites. Here is the latest version of that list. If you have additional places to buy websites or places to sell websites please place a comment below for us to consider adding it.

Best Places to Buy and Sell Websites

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Does Paying for Advertising on Facebook Work?

Apparently, General Motors says NO…:-)

With so many businesses seemingly foregoing traditional blogs and focusing so much time, energy, effort (and income!) on Facebook brand and business building instead……..I sense this is going to be just the first major advertiser to pull back their premium FB budget and focus instead, on more organic, traditional relationship building efforts instead.  (through the more basic free FB toolset which undeniably is a big boon for all brands and business)

Interesting reading (and timing, in light of the upcoming IPO) none the less.  Check out the full story at the link following the short excerpt below..:-)

GM marketing executives apparently started reviewing the company’s Facebook strategy earlier this year, and eventually determined that it wasn’t getting much mileage out of paid ads, unnamed individuals told the WSJ. The automaker, however, will continue to expand its use of free marketing on Facebook.Marketing chief Joel Ewanick told the newspaper that GM “is definitely reassessing our advertising on Facebook, although the content is effective and important.” In this sense, “content” refers to GM’s company page on Facebook and similar promotional initiatives that Facebook permits at no cost to companies.The automaker’s move is probably the last thing Facebook wants to hear right now. The social network is expected to begin trading its shares Friday at a price that could value the entire company at as much as $104 billion. Earlier today, Facebook officially boosted the price range for its offered shares by almost 15 percent, a sure sign of strong initial demand

GM to yank $10M in Facebook ads, saying they don’t work | Internet & Media – CNET News

Panda’s, Penguins and PANIC: How to Get 999% more Google Traffic Overnight (100% Free and No Guru’s Required)

SEO is a scam.

It really is.

The more I read the silly, specious, self serving, strategies from professional SEO’s who wouldn’t know killer content if it bit them on the corner of their keister……the more convinced i become that I should have never quit my job at PayLess shoes in 1995.

It was more honorable work and in all liklihood, I’d probably have worked my way up to a cameo on one of those Undercover Boss Episodes by now as well.

But this post isn’t about where my life went awry.

It’s about traffic.

Easy traffic.

And I want to show you a simple strategy I used to generate 999% more Google traffic on an “abandoned” affiliate site that was, for all intents and purposes…… “dead” as of last week.

But first – I want you to promise me you’ll read this post.

What Dr. Seuss taught me about SEO

It’s a year or two old…….

But still works like magic as you’ll see below.

It’s NOT a gimmick.

Or some goofy guru gadget.

Instead – it works on 2 simple principles that haven’t changed for as long as I’ve been paying attention.

  1. Google likes sites that like other sites google likes
  2. Google likes sites that like other sites

Now, the recent PENGUIN update may have changed the game a bit for the 2nd rule to REINFORCE the first.

In other words, they might NOT like all sites that like other sites, but they CERTAINLY like sites that like other sites that Google likes.

In other words, linking to random sites that are NOT trustworthy in the eyes of the Google Gods MAY get you penalized.

But linking to sites they LIKE, will only get you liked MORE..:-)

Make sense?

If it doesn’t…….here is what I want you to do.

Read this post.   

Then apply the outlined approach yourself.

Follow the very simple, very specific set of recommendations because they work.

Curate content to become an INSTANT authority.

AND by linking to sites that Google likes.

Because they’ll like you too.


Think about it.

Because it makes perfect sense.

It’s not SEO.

It’s human nature.

Birds of a feather, flock together.

Play nice with your niche neighbors and you’ll appear to be an important part of the neighborhood.

If Google thinks a site is relevant for a specific keyword to rank on the first page -

And you CLIP, snip, curate the content and LINK to that same site…..and you repeat this across multiple keywords and multiple sites that Google likes…….

You must be pretty relevant too.

After all, quality neighborhoods usually breed good citizens.

And good citzens get credit that questionable characters don’t.

It’s not what you know….it’s WHO you know.

It makes sense, right?

No secret SEO skills required.

Birds of a feather, flock together

If you are updating your blog with relevant content in a niche – and pointing your readers to go elsewhere to get more information – you are CURATING content the right way.

  1. You are topical. (relevant in your niche)
  2. And temporal. (updating your quality content often)

2 qualities that good content ALWAYS should have……no sneaky SEO silliness needed.


This is not new…..

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time I’ve been  writing about this stuff for YEARS.

And I’m NOT an “SEO”

Sometimes I read some of these pointless, pontificating posts from the “search”professionals…and I barely understand what they’re saying.

You know what Shakespeare said about SEO?

Full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.

And that was in 1612.

WAY before Stompernet closed.

All I know is this.

There are 2 types of content.

  • Contrived content.
  • Creative content.

Creative content crushes your competition.

Contrived content is always on the clock.

Tick tock.

You never know when all that hard work is going to come crumbling down.

Worried about Google “Smacks”?


Creative content never gets spanked, smacked, punched, or has it’s hair pulled.


Because people like it – they share it – they talk about it – and they link to it.

That’s the goal.

There is also CURATED content….which I love to use.

Because if you do it RIGHT, it’s not only EASY…….it works wonderfully well, and FAST, too!  (see below)

You can curate content creatively.

Or you can curate content in a contrived way instead.

Creative means – find a resource, add an opinion or perspective and share the love.

Contrived means – buy a plugin – or some secret tool or buy some sneaky strategy that from some guy who looks like he’s watched the Flobie commercial one time too many.

If that doesn’t make sense….

A totally DEAD, “thin” affiliate site that got NO google love at all.

Forgotten.  Forsaken.  And NOT worth writing about at all.

Yet -

One day of work…totalling about 90 minutes of keyword research, and creative content curation……

The result?

Quite literally…as you see below, a 999% increase in quality keyword traffic from Google in UNDER 24 hours.  ( honestly – overnight)

All I did was take one highly desirable keyword phrase.

I clipped, snipped and CURATED popular content around the web for my keyword phrase of choice.

And by linking to 7 or 8 other authority sites that Google already said were relevant for that keyword phrase….they decided they liked me enought too, in under 24 hours….to send me 1000% MORE traffic the very next day.


Because Google likes sites that like other sites that Google likes.

Like all nursery rhymes, it sounds good.

And it works.

And you don’t need to buy any silly stuff to find out for yourself.

I hope you try it.

  1. Find current events in YOUR niche.
  2. Find news in your niche.
  3. Target keywords you want to own.
  4. Use those keywords in your post titles.
  5. Link to quality resources.
  6. Rinse and Repeat (It’s not the 24 hour bump you care about…’s the 30/60/90 day explosive growth that comes with consistently applying this approach)

And watch your traffic triple so fast it will make your head spin :-)

(or better)

No “gurus”  required..:-)



Screen Shot #1 (May 5th 2012)

Screen Shot #2 (May 5th 2012)


Screen Shot #1 (May 6th 2012)

Screen Shot #2 (May 6th 2012)

Screen Shot #3 (May 6th 2012)

How to Sell High End Products and Services for BIG Profits Online

Here is a short article (actually….a “longish” article by my standards :-) that we submitted to one of the offsite directories earlier on Friday that’s outlines some of what I’m now referring to as the “Builders Blueprint“, or a series of PDF’s that will be coming out this month outlining a super simple, super effective and VERY profitable system for building online assets…..and selling high end services behind them.

In a sense, it’s the most proactive, and aggressive strategy I’ve developed for selling high dollar offers to real world professionals who are willing, ABLE (very important…and often overlooked!) and ready to invest anywhere from $500 to $5000 with online entrepreneurs who are implementing this approach.

I’ll be sharing more of this in the coming weeks with a small subset of my list…..and while I haven’t worked all the kinks out just yet, this is EXACTLY where I’m focusing my own business building efforts for the remainder of 2012…and well beyond.

I’ve re-printed the article below..:-)  

Who else thinks earning amazing money doing everything that you love and nothing that you don’t sounds too good to be true? 

Does the idea that you can turn it ALL around right now…….no matter how much you’ve struggled, how much you’ve stumbled and how much you’ve fumbled in the past sound like the kind of promise you have to be gullible or desperate to believe?

If you’ve been working online for weeks, months or even years with NO results to speak of, I’m sure you’re skeptical, cynical and VERY weary of anything that promises BIG profits doing “work” that doesn’t feel like WORK..:-)

And I don’t blame you.

If you’ve invested your time, effort, energy and income in any product launch or profit formula that did NOT live up to the hype, and made you POORER rather than profitable, you have every right to roll your eyes.

The truth is, so many of us are so inundated with online marketing “systems” that end up being big scams and as a community, we’ve grown distrustful of ANYTHING that sounds like it may really work.

That said, I want to quickly show you how you can use that experience to your benefit, and turn your investment in online marketing education into a simple, profitable business that you can literally launch today. (no gimmicks, no gurus and NO real investment necessary)

Parlay Your Passion into PROFIT

If you are still reading this, I’m going to assume you have a PASSION for internet marketing. Maybe you love writing articles, building blogs, managing social media marketing campaigns or doing killer SEO for yourself, or for others.

The truth is, there is a MUCH bigger marketplace out there of real people, in the REAL world, who need these types of services than you possibly know…and most of them, have a budget allocated for it to boot.

The secret is…It’s more about MINDSET, than marketing.

Know your strengths. Go with your gifts.
And then find people who are willing, ABLE and ready to pay you what you are worth for those special skills.

Where most folks fail?

Thinking that eBooks, affiliate products, gimmicks, gadgets and gurus are required to succeed.

They’re not.

Selling AFFILIATE products is hard work.

Selling REAL services is super simple, especially if you know who you want to be your clients before you begin.

Because we’re talking about $300 a day…let me give you another EASY tip that I hope you’ll appreciate.

It’s MUCH easier to get to $9000 a month, than it is to try to earn $300 a day. Why? Because looking at your business through the prism of a daily tally will ALWAYS leave you chasing your tail. It makes you feel like you are always in defensive mode.

And this is REALLY important, it makes you feel like MONEY is all that matters. (because it’s on your daily radar, and you’ll always measure you day monetarily as a result)

Instead, I challenge you to set monthly goals, and work backwards.

Say to yourself – I need to earn 9K this month. It’s the same as the daily goal financially…but from a mindset standpoint, it’s incredibly liberating.

Now, here is the fastest way to get there possible, without a big investment or risk.

1. Identify your ideal client or customer.
2. Register one domain and build 1 turnkey site per week in your ideal market or niche that you KNOW appeals to your ideal client.
3. Make a list of 10 power players in your marketplace that you know need to enhance their online presence
4. Call or contact them via email and offer them the domain for a deep discount (let’s call it $997…which is still a great deal for a premium domain and a turn key blog installed with all the bells and whistles)

If you can sell 4 of these a month, which you should be able to do with ease, you then offer a back end suite of high end services like I outlined above that at least half of your new clients will take.

* 4 Site sales at $997 gives you 4K.
* If 2 of those clients take a full package of blog building, SEO, article marketing, social media management, etc…and you offer that at $125 a week, you are already in the 6000 a month range, and you well UNDER industry averages for price.

3 months of this? If you are consistent, deliver value and keep it up so that your client continuity remains strong, you’ll break $10,000.00 a month in revenue without breaking a sweat!

Is the above overly simplistic?


Will things happen that will derail some of the above and put obstacles in your path?

Absolutely as well.

But it really IS that easy, and while you will hit kinks in the road, you will have nice surprises as well.

The truth is, if you want to build a hyper profitable online business, you need to build an actual business. Selling affiliate products is not a real business with a future.
Creating real relationships with professional people and building killer assets that help THEM further their goals is…and if you don’t think you can do it, I challenge you to try anyway. (because you can and will if you set your mind to making it happen!)

If Not NOW – When?

This can be The best business in the world.

Or the worst waste of time under the sun.

And the amazing thing is, where you end up is RARELY about talent.

Or even how hard you are willing to work.

The truth is, it can often be a simple matter of where you decide to FOCUS, that determines whether you run with the BULLS, or swim with the fishes.

Let me give you a quick example. (and in some ways, a personal epiphany that opened my eyes to something REALLY obvious I was overlooking in my own business)

About a month ago, someone relatively new to my list signed up for the most expensive annual coaching offer I have.

To protect her anonymity a bit (even though I know she’s expecting this and some of those in my current coaching group know her) we’ll call her Ellen :-)

To be honest…….

  • I was pretty surprised………as usually before someone pays that large of an amount, there is a back and forth email or two, or they’ve been on my list a long while, or most commonly, has participated in something I’ve offered in the past, like one of the “CHALLENGES” many of you have participated in.
  • In this case…….Ellen had done none of those things, which I found curious. (but of course, wasn’t going to complain..:-)
  • Even more curious, once we did our initial email introduction, I discovered that not only is Ellen very new to my list, (which I knew) she’s also very new to working online overall (less than 6 months of experience)……..and had recently quit her day job to pursue this work full time.

Other than these few factoids……Ellen remained pretty much a mystery.

Our first phone call was VERY enlightening.

And I truly hope that she got as much out of it as I…:-)

Because what I learned about HER business, opened my eyes to OBVIOUS opportunities I’m missing in my own.

Nothing “top secret”.

And nothing too good to be true.

Just the simple, straightforward stuff that is SO glaringly obvious ….that most of us are too busy to pay attention to at all.

Quite honestly, the stuff I’ve been teaching, preaching and pushing to everyone else……but simply have been too much of a knucklehead to focus on myself.

Here is why:

Ellen is fun, smart, outgoing and AGGRESSIVE. She knows what she wants, puts a singular strategy in her sights, and goes for it.

But at the same time, she really is an online marketing “newbie”. Some of the SUPER simple things that most of you take for granted (writing and submitting articles to EZA for example) were totally foreign concepts to her.

But, and here is the part that really opened my eyes…….

Not only is she already making good money – she is actually charging her clients more for a week or her time…..than I was charging HER for a month of mine..:-)


All she really did was learn ONE highly valuable skill (email marketing) and identify a very specific vertical that she had her offline experience in, (medical) …….learn a very simple set of tasks that MOST online marketing newbies already understand (how to create a newsletter list, put it on a website, and create a short auto-responder sequence)…….. and then started approach high end professionals in this niche (being a medical one, is pretty much all of them) and offering a direct response newsletter creation service with monthly continuity.



And at $300 an hour with an $1800 commitment for all new clients……

Genius as well.

She WILL make excellent money this year doing something she loves, and she certainly didn’t need my help to get there. (as a matter of fact, she needs less help from me in GETTING clients, than actually doing the work in a way that keeps them coming back)

And there is probably nobody reading this right now that can’t do the same thing.

If you’ve spent the last year learning the “how to’s” of building an online business without any success, the GOOD NEWS is -

You know more than enough, right now, to parlay that passion into PROFIT.

NOT by selling affiliate products.
NOT by building Google Adsense sites or selling ebooks on how to get rich from home.

Instead – sell YOU.

Real services to real people who really NEED your help. (and can afford to pay what your worth, which is RARE in the serendipitous SEO and online marketing universe)

The SECRET is…..

Stop worrying about tools, tips, tricks and techniques.

Give up on the gadgets, gimmicks and gurus.

That stuff doesn’t work.

(as 99% of us learn the hard way)

Instead -

Create an agency (and offer) of one

(and grow and build and EXPAND from there)


Start by going into your local marketplace, find professionals who can truly benefit from what you have learned and sell REAL services to people who will benefit from your weeks, months or even years of “study” in the internet marketing landscape.

If you’ve got a blog, or an auto responder account, or know how to write and submit articles or whatever is is you DO now everyday…… are light years ahead of the BIGGEST and most under-served audience of entrepreneurs there is.

Business people!

(You know….those people who brush their hair in the morning, put on fancy clothes and go to REAL offices with other real people and don’t have the time or interest to troll blogs looking for online marketing advice…..which is just about ALL of them :-)

Me? I’ve got bedhead, am still wearing my Aquaman Underoos and it’s pushing 4pm :-)


There are MILLIONS of local professionals who are already successful in their chosen field…..but are desperate to amp UP their marketing MOJO in the ever important (and ever more competitive) online space and KNOW the clock is ticking.

Not being ready is NOT an excuse.

For YOU, or for your them.

The time is NOW.

The chances are, 98% of the people reading this right now are good enough, right now, to do this today.

Remember… DON’T need to be an expert, or a rock star…..or a GURU to offer incredible value to a local dentist or a lawyer, or contractor or designer.

You simply need to understand this “stuff” better than they do, and offer real world services that help them succeed.

Someone I shared this with a week ago said….yes, but I don’t feel like I’m a professional enough yet to sell “me”.

I said -

1. Can you write articles?
2. Can you install a blog?
3. Can you build a facebook page?
4. Can you write a follow up sequence?
5. Can you speak about SEO in a way that makes sense?

These are already things you are already doing everyday, right?

You are ready.

If not now, when?

You don’t have to be a world class super star to help people who need what you DO know, improve.

You don’t need to have won The Tour De France to teach your kids how to ride a bike.

You’ve just got know enough to ride safely, and teach them what to do and when, and give them the opportunity to fly.

The problem is NEVER not knowing enough to succeed.

It’s thinking you need to know it all.

I challenge you to simply think differently.

And think about your gifts…..what you would love to do every day if you could, and identify ONE group of professional people who you’d love to help.

And then start.

I don’t care where you are in the continuum of all of this marketing “stuff” right now – struggling to make your first sale, making just enough to get by or doing really, really well already.

If you pursue this path with fierce and ferocious focus, a fun, fabulous and financially rewarding future awaits.

  • Do what you love.
  • Charge what you’re worth.
  • Create real value for everyone you touch.
  • Think BIG. (But look close)
  • Build relationships that matter.
  • Make people better.
  • If not NOW – when?

This is EXACTLY what I am building today for “me”, from the ground UP……and it’s exactly what I want to help You, do……too:-)

(I will be posting this on our Facebook Enlightened Entrepreneur Challenge Page, feel free to share your thoughts with the group..:-)

Want to be an Online Marketing Rock-star? An Unusual Strategy That REALLY Works (No Bull)

Are you sick and tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to building your business?  Do you shudder to actually add up what you’ve REALLY earned online…..relative to how much time y you’ve spent to make it happen?

Here is a quick confession………

There was a point a number of years ago where I realized, in one weird and scary and self reflectively honest moment, that I was averaging about 1.10 an hour….and often working 10 or 12 hours a day to earn that stupendous salary.

And yet, because I always thought I was some slender discovery away from hitting it big…..I rationalized that it was okay.

Sound familiar?

The truth is, there are so many online marketing gurus, gimmicks and gadgets out there that finding something to believe in often feels like a lost cause.

There IS a better way.

And I’m going to briefly describe it for you below…..and all that it requires is that you SHIFT your strategy from an ambiguous one, to a hyper focused approach, as below.

First, understand THIS:  (because for most of you, it’s true)

You know enough, right now… make a full time living online, without needing to learn another new technique, or buy a new tool.  Period.

You don’t need to be a guru to be looked at as an “online marketing rockstar”

You simply need to find people who have a REAL need for marketing help, and know alot LESS than you.

For example…..

You don’t need to be Lance Armstrong to teach your child how to ride a bike, right?  It would sound silly to even use “not being a professional rider” as an excuse for not teaching your son or daughter how to pedal properly…….simply because you know enough, exactly as you are, to be a bike riding rock star to your kids, right?

The same is true in your LOCAL community.

I’m not talking about starting a blog and trying to attract people from around the globe to follow you, friend you and listen to your advice.  (the thing most “gurus” try to teach)

Instead, I’m talking about targeting local professionals who have a desperate need for a blog, or how to write and submit articles, or how to do keyword research, or set up a facebook page or write a follow up sequence for their newsletter.  THIS is the sort of stuff every REAL business needs…..and this is the most glaring hole in the online marketing space.

For some odd reason……

The “powers that be” have convinced everyone that selling $2000 home study courses that regurgitate the same recycled information you can find online for FREE is the way to get rich online.

It’s not.

Helping OTHER people succeed……and specifically, other people who are already IN business and making money, is the key.  (because they need you, and don’t look at all of this as a hobby or pipe dream)

I worked with someone a few weeks ago who is making almost $400 an hour teaching local doctors how to create a newsletter….and an email follow up and newsletter for their online practice.  She’s basically just writing a few messages, and slapping a little bit of code onto their blog or website and making it look a lot more complex than it is.

She bills each doctor an average for 7-10 hours of support.  That’s CRAZY money for doing something that just about everyone reading this can do with just a few hours of training.  (or already know how to do right now)

Think differently.  Act differently.  Go after NEW clients and customers and your brand, business and bank account will thank you, I promise!

12 Types of Content You Can INSTANTLY Use to Infuse Luscious LIFE Into Tired Topics

This list started at 9 in 2010 when when I first posted this on my blog……and I added 2 content types for the 10 Day Content Community Challenge back in September, and as I add these to the new Facebook page today in March of 2012, we’re going to retire them at 12…:-)

The good news?

You can literally take ANY topic, any niche, any market and any industry and apply interesting angles that WILL make your content unique, your community notice and more importantly……your extended niche notice as well.  Some of these are very effective for obvious reasons at attracting BIG names to pay attention to what you are saying…..and it could be complimentary OR confrontational, contrarian……or charitable, and still pack a powerful punch.

The secret?  Pick a few of these ideas and apply them to YOUR area of expertise, or a product you have PASSION for, and see what sort of ideas come up.  Some of my best and most imaginative content creation ideas come purely out of playing with some of these angles and approaches in my head for a few days, or even a few weeks on end….and eventually coming up with a new spin on an old idea, and saying something in a new way that I hadn’t thought of before.  So explore and experiment and do what’s most comfortable for you.  If controversial or confrontational content isn’t comfortable for you – go with complimentary or charitable instead…:-)

1. Confrontation
2. Compilation
3. Complimentary
4. Collaboration
5. Comedy
6. Contrarian
7. Charity
8. Controversial
9. Creative
10. Confession
11. Current Event

CONFRONTATION -  3 Online “Gurus’ Who Are ROBBING You Blind (And laughing all the way to the bank to boot!)

COMPILATION – 17 Health Blogs That You MUST Be Reading if Your Kids Have Food Allergies

(*you’d just make a list here and share with your readers…..this is very easy and often a GREAT viral content strategy as well*)

CONTRARIAN – Think Your Home Values Have Hit Rock Bottom?  4 Reasons Why I Believe The Market is Going to TANK in 2013

CONFESSION – “I was once broke, homeless and didn’t change my socks for a year.  And those were the good years.  Here is What I did To get it all back”

Complimentary – “The life coach who saved my life in 2009.  (and she has no idea who I am……until TODAY)

All of this make sense?

You can really experiment with EACH of the above 12 content types with every keyword group, niche or topic, and have a never ending stream of evergreen content to create until your brain literally insists on a Caribbean vacation.

Remember…..if you are bold and audacious and are willing to step up and out of the shallow sea of sameness where most of us swim and SPEAK OUT about what MOVES you, motivates you and makes you feel alive…….. you can literally use social media to get explosive attention using these content types, especially when using confrontation, complimentary content and controversy.
After all – we’re all human.  And if it works for TMZ, it will work for credit, cooking and kung fu, too..:-)

An interesting end note:  My recent post “Believe in Something BIG”  was a quasi confessional style post that I really thought would resonate with my community.

For whatever reason……(maybe a few extra curse words) I had MORE unsubscribes on this post than I had on the prior 5 emails I sent combined.

I even had some long time readers unsubscribe, which sort of surprised me, too.

BUT, it’s important to keep in mind that sometimes you can alienate your audience when you take a big chance with content they aren’t open to absorbing.

(and I guess that’s all part of the fun of learning on the job..:-)

IF you need some good example ideas for your niche,  I’m happy to help.  (stop by our new FACEBOOK PAGE and say hi..:-)

Believe in Something Big

“This is Totally and Utterly Pointless. A Complete waste of time”

I knew the words weren’t nice ones…..but they fit how I felt.

Having just missed a 3rd open layup in 10 minutes, I was running my third lap around Joel Abramson’s over sized back yard as self imposed punishment for my ineptitude on the court.

As 2 undersized Jewish kids from the suburbs, we realized our only real chance of making it to the NBA relied on a self imposed carrot and the stick discipline – big baskets were rewarded with enthusiastic high fives and missed 5 footers were punished by the brisk jog of shame around the Abramson’s carefully coiffed pool and 1/2 acre back yard.

We had been doing this for going on a full week, and both of us were convinced it was our ticket to top shelf pre-pubescent fitness and a lucrative career as professional point guards for the philadelphia 76ers.

Somewhere in that 3rd lap I had an epiphany.

In one bright and frightful moment, I realized I was never going to play professional basketball.

I would never hear my name screamed by the roar of the crowd.

I would never trade knowing nods with Dr. J before a big playoff game.

I would never hear Magic Johnson talk about the difficulty of guarding me one on one with the game on the line.

Having been a kid who wore bright red NBA style wrist bands to all but the most solemn occasions - everything BIG I believed in up to that point in my life was taken from me….in one white hot bolt of terrible truth.

I began to run faster.

I was in the midst of my first existential crisis.

I was 9 years old, and had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my life.

Maybe like you, I’ve spent most of the years since looking for something big to believe in.

Something meaningful.

Something that matters.

My own pursuit of passion – both personally and professionally alike – has lead me on many odd, unusual and even ominous paths.

And every time I’ve felt (or found) myself beat up, busted and broken……one thing has always redeemed me.

Believing in something big.

Serving something bigger, bolder and more important than myself.

And trusting that there was a wisdom in betting BIG on that something to show me the way.

I’m not talking about religion per se.

Or dogma, ritual or blind faith.

(although that’s certainly ok if that’s what motivates You)

Instead -

I want to share 3 quick stories with you.

They are a bit revealing in ways that I don’t typically share – but I hope that they help you connect to your sense of what that big thing is.

If there is a point in any of these stories that it seems like I’m sounding like a saint – or someone who goes out of his way to do good for the world – trust me - while I’d love to believe that was true – it’s not.  (or even remotely close)

The first story happened when I was 18. Read More »

Article Marketing FAQ – Quick and Easy Answers To Some Common Article Marketing Questions

Is article marketing the same thing as content marketing? 

Is carefully selecting the proper anchor text for my resource box important…..or should I only care about using “call to action” words that CONVERT into clicks?

Can I really write ONE article a day and earn a full time living online?  Is duplicate content a big deal…..and if not, WHY not?

Article marketing remains one of the most controversial (and in my view, misunderstood) strategies for building a “community” that there is….with seemingly MORE opinions on what works (and why) than actual people who are using it and reaping the rewards.

One of the things that I’ve always tried to do (and teach and preach on here) is the idea that you can easily avoid duplicate content penalities by clipping, snipping and excerpting your OWN content around the web, on the primary properties you publish.

And while I typically don’t like publishing the same content on my blog as I do on the article directories themselves, (especially in the entrepreneurial niches where the audience is a bit more “bonded” to your brand or personality, where a directory reader is usually only being introducted to your content for the very first time) you can EASILY clip your directory content and excerpt it on your blog with a unique introduction, exactly like I’m doing here.

(and have done a few other times in the last 10 days to both demonstrate the technique and of course, add content to my blog while building a link to my article and giving my readers HERE an opportunity to learn more by visiting an article I’ve published elsewhere as well……which gives the impression that I’m working hard, busy and getting things done – even though I haven’t taken a shower today and am wearing the same clothes I had on all day yesterday as well….including my “Haters Made Me Famous” T- Shirt, which I don’t even really understand, yet makes me feel like a Superstar every time I wear it in public anyway)

Want some more personal insights to some common article marketing questions?  Check out the full article at the link following the short excerpt below!

Are article and content marketing the same thing? If not…what’s the difference?Another good question! While they are often used interchangeably, and they’re both only really “labels” anyway…there are some significant differences to me. (and most professionals) Article marketing is content like THIS. (what you are reading right now) Content that is created specifically for the purposes of syndication through leveraging high trust directories, and blogs and websites that will re-publish your writing as well.Content marketing is really a more generic term to refer to ANY kind of content that is used to draw attention to your product, site, service or offer. An INFO GRAPHIC, for example… would be considered content marketing. So too would a white paper or webinar.A good rule of thumb is, ALL articles are examples of content marketing… YET, not all content marketing campaigns use articles!

Article Marketing Strategy: Common Questions (and Honest Answers) About Content That Converts

6 Types of Online Content That Will Make Your Blog POP (Fun, Fast and Totally Free!)

Here is an article I submitted earlier today to EzineArticles on quick and easy content creation ideas.  We’ve been covering lots of super simple content marketing strategies over the last week or so, and while the article below is a lot more concise than I’d typically post here, I thought it was worth sharing, anyway..:-)

Who else is struggling when it comes to creating copious amounts of killer content for your blog? 

Do you suffer from the ignominious irritation of experiencing writers block at ALL the wrong times? 

Are you finally feeling some momentum in your marketing…and then suddenly, all of the ideas seem to dry up and go away?

If you said YES, the good news is, you are certainly not alone.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the biggest reason so many people give up on the “online dream” is that we hit a wall when it comes to creating enough content to draw a community of fans, friends and followers in our niche of choice.

With that said, I’m going to give you a few simple types of content ideas that will not only make your blog POP with pride, it will make the actual content you create far more compelling to boot.  Curious to know more?  Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Controversial Content

The easiest way to create an audience out of thin air?  Be controversial.  Say something that shakes up the status quo.  (The good news is, most markets need it, too!)

Confrontational Content

Pick an issue that irks you and TACKLE it head on.  Name names.  Point fingers.  Cry FOUL into the wind…and watch your community come together and comment!  (either for your position or against….it really doesn’t matter)

Curated Content

Make a list and check it twice!  Providing a compilation, or a list of great articles or blog posts around the web is a great way to get lots of attention, to make your blog an authority, and of course, to engender the appreciation of other publishers in your niche.  (who will of course send THEIR traffic, or simply CITE your site to check out where you highlighted what they had to say)

Comedic Content

Lighten up and be funny!  Everybody likes to laugh and keeping people giggling is a great way to get tons of traffic, and to stand out a bit in the sea of seriousness that most marketers, and their content offer

Charitable Content

Do it for a GOOD cause.  Find something worthy to support every month in your marketplace or community and create content around it.  The truth is, there are lots of folks who do good in just about every niche under the sun, and finding people to praise is a good way to play well with others as well.  (something my therapist wants me to do more of, too!)

Complimentary Content

When all other ideas dry up….simply find a big fish in your niche and COVER them with complimentary “kisses”.  Everyone wants to feel appreciated, significant and noticed, and when you pay people compliments, not only will they appreciate it, they’ll often tell their readers to check YOUR content out to learn how much THEY rock!  (sneaky but effective and it actually FEELS good, too!)

Why Content Marketing is NOT King

Is content marketing really KING, or is it just a silly catch phrase that online marketers and social media mavens throw around to sound smart, strategic and cutting edge?

The truth is, in my view at least…..content is NOT king at all.

Conversation is. 

And in 2012, it’s conversational marketers who cultivate a community of fans, friends and followers who share a passion for a given niche, topic or area of interest who are going to succeed in the long haul…..PERIOD.

I’m betting my entire business on 2 very simple ideas going forward:

  1. Creating robust social communities  in hyper emotive, meaningful markets using easy to implement (and often free) tools like WordPress, Buddypress and other simple plugins that facilitate interactivity between members and encourage user generated content.
  2. Initiating that relationship where possible through a traditional list building tool (like an opt in form… that I can control the ebb and flow of the conversation with my community in a way that is most conducive to conversion.  (and for CONVINIENCE to them, as I can share the strategies and point them to the places that I believe are most informative, engaging and entertaining,  and that others have found most helpful straight away)

I truly believe that for those of you on my list who are trying to implement the Enlightened Entrepreneur idea in your OWN business, that this is the smartest strategy on the planet for building your brand, while sharing your gifts and contributing a unique voice to a community you care about.

Content is obviously REALLY, really important!

But anyone can create a list of “7 Ways to do THIS”……or “3 ways to do that”. 

It’s easy…..and it doesn’t take a lot of talent, or passion or purpose to be prolific.

That’s content……but it AIN’T conversation. 

And most importantly, it’s not going to compel, cajole or convert your community into clients and customers.

I read an article the other day that cited that something like 50% of the BIG businesses that advertised during the Super Bowl used their FACEBOOK page for the “call to action” in the campaign.

The reason isn’t because they are “content marketing”.

It’s because they want to have a continuing conversation they can CONTROL with a community of friends, fans and followers who are always in the loop whenever they have something new to say.

The implications for that are really HUGE.

A subtle but signficant shift is underway in how almost ALL businesses will “talk” to their customers, clients and ideal audience in the future.

You and I can do the very same thing and that’s very exciting.

I really believe that the Enlightened Entrepreneur Blueprint PDF and sequence of steps I’ve covered here WILL work for you.

It’s not magic.  It does require work.  It is a lot of fun…..and if you feel a higher calling about your content and your conversation and your community and any other word that begins with a “C” that I’ve missed above…….THIS SYSTEM WILL WORK FOR YOU TOO..:-)

Please apply it – it’s FREE, it’s fun and it works.

For more opinions on content marketing from around the web….check out the short article from Entrepreneur Magazine below :-)

So what exactly is content marketing? It’s the creation and publication of original content — including blog posts, case studies, white papers, videos and photos — for the purpose of generating leads, enhancing a brand’s visibility, and putting the company’s subject matter expertise on display. HiveFire’s researchers found that an impressive 82 percent of B2B marketers now employ content marketing as a strategy in their marketing programs. Coming in at a distant second place is search engine marketing at 70 percent, followed by events at 68 percent, public relations at 64 percent and print/TV/radio advertising at 32 percent.Seventy-eight percent of respondents said driving sales and leads was the top marketing goal of their organization, followed by boosting brand awareness and establishing or maintaining thought leadership (both at 35 percent). Another 28 percent said their primary goal was to increase web traffic and 24 percent said it was to improve search results.

Why Content Marketing Is King |

12 Content Marketing Templates That You Can IMMEDIATELY Use to Kill it With Your Copy

I shared these a while back with my list and it got a really great response….and again, like the power words post a few days ago, this is the sort of PRACTICAL, easy to implement stuff you can immediately use, and doesn’t rely on conjecture or theory to see if it works or not.

Use them wherever you are creating content….and watch your “conversations” and conversions instantly improve.

Unauthorized Information

  • EXPOSED:  The Shocking Report About Organic Food the Natural Health Companies Don’t Want You To See
  • Rated X:  The Unauthorized Inside Story On How The Giants STOLE Super Bowl XLVI

Ways to Do Things

  • 7 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Almost Instantly
  • The Top 2 Ways To Burn Belly Fat Like Magic

How to Do Things

  • How to Raise Your Credit Score 100 Points in 90 Days WITHOUT Breaking the Law
  • How to Melt Belly Fat on a Diet So DELICIOUS it Almost Feels Like You’re Always Eating Dessert


  • 3 Secrets to Super Fast Fat Loss They WON’T Tell You on TV
  • 5 Article Marketing Secrets it Took Me 9672 Hours to Learn (You Can Have Them All right NOW)

Tell a Story

  • The Real untold Story Behind The Rise (and Fall) of Enron

Tell a Conspiratorial Story (or the An Unusual Alliance of Enemies approach)

  • The Secret story of how Barak Obama, Fidel Castro and Jessica Alba Destroyed Mitt Romney in 2012

Personal Opinion

  • 3 Credit Repair Techniques I highly Recommend if your FICO is UNDER 620
  • My 3 Favorite Work at Home Opportunities for Newbies


  • 3 Costly Mistakes People Make When Refinancing Their Mortgage
  • 7 Mistakes All Men Make in Bed

(Note: I actually didn’t realize I was making 4 of these until I actually wrote this article)


  • 3 Myths About Low Calorie Diets That Can Actually Cause You to Gain Weight

Lies, More Lies and Damn Lies

  • 5 Lies About Weight Loss Your Doctor Wants you to Believe
  • 3 Lies About Income Taxes The IRS Hopes You’ll Never Discover

(Note:  This works well for tearing down authority figures, and pitting “Us Vs Them” style scenarios which are very effective….as well as creating CONTFRONTATIONAL content which is a great way to solidfy your corner of a community)

Do This Without Doing That

  • Lose lots of Weight (Without Any Exercises)
  • Burns Belly Fat Almost Like Magic (Without Starving Yourself or Going Hungry)

(This works very well for big benefit – common objection or fear compare and contrasts)

Shock & Awe

  • The Startling Truth About Mike Filsame’s belly button you can no longer afford to ignore
  • Attn. Spring Breakers: The Shocking Truth About Bed Bugs Your Hotel Will Never Tell you
  • The One Alarming Trend in Weight Loss That Puts Many Heavy People at Risk For Dying Young

(note:  Shock and Awe is great for content marketing, but not so good for War)


  • Do THIS once a day for more energy (but don’t OVERDO it!)
  • THIS common household cleaner may cause massive internal bleeding (and 97% of housewives use it everyday)

Of course there are tons and tons more……but these are really all you need to start and get an instant “bump” in the amount of ideas you come up….and the creative ways you express yourself through your content, to your community.

The best part is, you can combine these with the 51 power words we covered in the last post…..and have so many potential powerful permutations for headlines, blog titles, article submissions, tweets and social media submissions……truly, you are only limited by your imagination!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these……and if you have, please help me spread my message of peace, love and Lenny Kravitz.  (and share with those YOU think would benefit in YOUR online community as well..:-)

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