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My Favorite Bum Marketer

tv.gifI love Jennifer Jolan’s articles.  I actually read like 142 of them over the last day and a half…and not only are they fun, instructive and completely full of shit, she’s very entertaining and a smart writer to boot. 

I’m actually not entirely SURE they are full of shit either, but coming from a HUGE Jewish family where everyone is a Doctor but me, I’m pretty sure that spinning in circles is NOT the proper andedote for FAST fat loss as appears to be the primary message behind her articles, and landing page. Continue Reading

Pay Per Click Marketing Mistakes: Their Signs Are Good and Their Beds are Soft……..

ppc3.pngBut their pay per click strategy sucks.

Now, first of all, lest anyone think I’m searching for "signs she’s good in bed" because I can’t figure it out myself….shame on you. 

I was brought up to believe a woman who cooks well, and cheers for the Phillies is just about all any man can hope for in this life, and any acrobatic skills she may ( or may not) have in other areas are irrelevant.  

Plus I’m a heavy drinker, so I can never really remember what happened anyway, so it’s sort of 6 in one hand, half a dozen in the other regardless. Continue Reading

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How To Make More Money With Your Pay Per Click Ads (Without Your Wasting Time, Energy or Income)

isponage.pngI’m not a big PPC advertiser – ( I actually do very little anymore as I prefer FREE traffic whenever possible..:-) but have experimented over the years with a bunch of the keyword spying tools that are on the market, mostly without a ton of success.

I started using Spyfu WAY back before it became popular – and when it was in it’s beta, sort of underground phase I thought it would turn out to be a revolutionary tool for stealing PPC intelligence, and push button, elegant and effortless PPC optimization. ( along being a boon for organic competitive intelligence to boot)

I remember doing client work a year plus ago - where having this data was like being a kid in a candy store - you literally felt like having a push button, birds eye view of the competitive landscape was a little bit like playing god – as you could quickly, easily and effortlessly glean buckets of info about ANY of your clients comptitiors campaigns in an afternoon – and modify/optimize and philosophize that info into a real advantage. Continue Reading

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