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Write Better

To be honest with you, I'm not even sure that title is grammatically correct. And if I had used the Hemingway writing app to create it.......I wouldn't be so insecure about the power of my prose. I've been checking out a whole slew of productivity tools over the last few weeks for a product creation [...]

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12 Types of Content You Can INSTANTLY Use to Infuse Luscious LIFE Into Tired Topics

This list started at 9 in 2010 when when I first posted this on my blog......and I added 2 content types for the 10 Day Content Community Challenge back in September, and as I add these to the new Facebook page today in March of 2012, we're going to retire them at 12...:-) The good [...]

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Is Content Really King? (And the surprising SOURCE of the saying as well)

Is content really king? And who really said that first, anyway?  With so many people parroting the publishers homage to creating killer content.....and in light of all of the major search engines changes over the past few weeks related to QUALITY content, I was noodling around a bit this morning looking for some ideas for [...]

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My Favorite Bum Marketer

I love Jennifer Jolan's articles. I actually read like 142 of them over the last day and a half...and not only are they fun, instructive and completely full of shit, she's very entertaining and a smart writer to boot.

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