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Master the art and science of the power in the pen. (and pixel..:-)

Capture hearts, minds and imaginations easily…. simply through the force of your passion – AND ability to persuade.

Write Better

To be honest with you, I’m not even sure that title is grammatically correct. And if I had used the Hemingway writing app to create it…….I wouldn’t be so insecure …

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My Favorite Bum Marketer

I love Jennifer Jolan’s articles. I actually read like 142 of them over the last day and a half…and not only are they fun, instructive and completely full of shit, she’s very entertaining and a smart writer to boot.

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How to Test Your Landing Page Conversions for FREE

I want to thank everyone who has sent nice emails over the last couple days, especially those who have said the Craigslist stuff has helped them make real money…which I love to hear. I’ve also gotten some great questions about the article marketing examples I’ve posted, including I dare say, a phone call or two with a pretty active SEO who was

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Join US we we BETA launch a brand new community for enlightened entrepreneurs and people of PASSION who want to turn their PASSION into profit. The Mindful Marketplace: Coming in September 2015 an is a brand new marketplace for coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, mentors, mindful marketers, authors, artists, wellness workers, passion professionals and ENLIGHTENED entrepreneurs who want to DO what You love for a living…and wake up the world with Your work.

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